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League of Legends Build Guide Author morrkevi

Morrkevi's Guide Review Shop

morrkevi Last updated on December 17, 2012
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I have made a few guides, 2 of which I have retired. I tried and failed twice, then I made one guide that seemed to work. So not only do I know what works, I know what doesn't work.

I specialize in the support area, but I am willing to review a guide for any position. Just keep in mind that I may be looking at them from a certain point of view.

The purpose of this shop is two-fold. One I hope to learn more about other champions by taking the time to fully read guides. Two, I hope that in reading the guide I will be helping my fellow summoners by giving a nice review.

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How to Request

Guide name: (this should be a link to your guide)
Mobafire name:
Summoner name:
Specific things you want me to look at:
Do you want me to write a review:
(otherwise I will just vote)


Guide name: Sona the Accomplished Etwahlist
Mobafire name: morrkevi
Summoner name: morrkevi
Server: NA
Champion: Sona
Position: Support
Specific things you want me to look at: vs ADC section
Do you want me to write a review: Yes

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How you will be reviewed

Your review will be out of 100.


20 points
Here I will ask a number of questions:
  • How does your guide look from a glance?
  • How does your cheat-sheet look?
  • Does it make me want to read more?
  • (goes without saying) Are there spelling/grammatical errors?
  • Is it too long?


30 points
  • Is there something in the guide that I didn't think about?
  • Are there original pictures or art?
  • Is your build order different from the average build order?
  • Did you do something interesting in your Masteries or runes?

Neatness and good use of coding

20 points
  • This is simple, did you make good use of coding.


30 points
  • This is very simple, whether or not I think the guide is viable.

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