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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mrobinson587

Mrobinson587's Take on Pantheon

Mrobinson587 Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi! My name is Matt and you will find me under the name Mrobinson587 in league of Legends. This is the first of many guides that I'm am going to be writing. These are my takes on how I play characters. At the time of writing I have a top Ranked ELO of 1425 in solo que. I have 811 wins 722 losses in normal. I have my own style of play and I want to record how I play certain characters.

This guide will be for Pantheon. I admit I played him when he was considered OP. I then didn't play him for the entire time when his Heartseeker was his most damaging skill.

So with out further ado, here is Mrobinson587's Take on Pantheon.

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I have used 1 and 1 rune page only for Pantheon and it's the same one I use for Ashe

Red - Armor Pen
Yellow - Mana Regen Per Level
Blue - Mana Regen Per Level
Quints - Armor Pen

I have 1 other variant I might consider but I can't see anything else being as effective on Panties especially the way I play and build him.

Red - Armor Pen
Yellow - Mana Regen Per Level
Blue - Magic Resist Per Level
Quints - Movement Speed

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These masteries give you what you need as Pantheon and make the most of the masteries bonus for Pantheon. To go anything else is a waste IMO. You get crit, armor pen, CD, Mana regen, EXP+, Movement Speed and reduced time on the summoner spells you use.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash and Teleport. You have great map control with Teleport and your ult. Flash is the next best spell because this build includes a built in ghost.

Ignite is overrated unless you know you are going against uber heals team. Ghost is ok, but is kind of redundant and is inferior to the strengths that teleport gives.

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Skill Sequence

Almost always want to go spear first. In a level one fight it will provide more than your stun. Spear shot is very good for early game last hitting, zoning, and damage in general.

HS is good but I don't like it as much as spear shot because you are locking youself into a single location while you cast. Notice I still level it next

It goes without saying that you take your ultimate when you can. Usually you want to use teleport for lane control and your ult for ganking but you can reverse the roles of each if need be.

Stun is good but is at a point where you only take 1 point early now and level it last. I want to point out that with a frozen mallet auto attack after you leap stun, you can get MORE HS damage then just the stun alone.

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This is where my take on it may differ from others. I like how it turns his early game strenth into a mid and late game initiator, though ideally you shouldn't be the first to jump into battle unless its with your ult.

Dorans shield. This is your insurance item against not having early game strength. With this and spear shot you should be able to outlane just about any solo lane. It should go without saying that for a side lane you would get a Dorans shield.

After that the build should be about the same for every game, but the order might differ.

Order should never change- Dorans Boots of Speed- Brutalizer Merc Treads (Swiftness against low cc)

Next comes
Avarice Blade
Ruby Crystal
[Complete Ghostblade when you start consistantly having full 5v5 fights or are solo pushing the 2nd row of tower]
(Against heavy Magic Damage teams)

If not going against heavy Magic Damage teams get the mallet before Banshees and Atmas. Then proceed with the rest of the items.

Your 6th item should be...
-Sword of the Occult? Snowballs can be okay but its super risky and that is not my take. It generally just leads to the opposing team wising up and focus firing and since you are not a tank that is not what you want them to do. Remember you want to be a good player and not just a PUG stomper.
-Last Whisperer - Choose this for people that are stacking armor
-Bloodthirster - Another item if you need more PURE damage!
-Hexdrinker - Sure Banshees + Fronzen Mallet is good but some of the team I find my self facing are so slanted towards magic damage that you need every drop of MR you can get. This is also the only AD+MR item
-GA - For those long *** games where 1 teamfight can turn the entire thing around. This is my least favorite option since you should already be tanky.

Those 4(5) options should cover every type of situation and everything else is not as good. The only other option I would consider is Black Cleaver but you don't scale with it as well as the others.

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You are 1.Early game laning strength 2.Mid game ganker and 3.Mid-late game initiator and damage dealer. I don't feel Pantheon has the skillset to be the full carry against good opponents but he can do those 3 things very nicely with a 4th lesser job of map control.

Keep that in mind as your role and you will do great!