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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SC2Raptor

Ms. "AshYi" Fortune

SC2Raptor Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

Hey guys, this is my first build so be nice to me :)

-Update- 12/14/10. I hate some of the updates... I would have liked MF's cone to be buffed but w/e. So! Now that you get no attack speed from last whisper, get a Zeal, it helps with speed and it's nice to have the crit and movement. Very good item to throw in! Give it a go, also, F- the new elixers. -Update-

-Update- 12/25/10. Okay! So I've been just...going through several different builds. The Zeal is now MF's favorite weapon. Why? Well, I changed the runes to armour pen. At the start just with the MARKS you have 21 armour pen. Vs annie with 18 armour def lol, you basically kill her in 6-7 hits. You need to be overly aggressive (care). The reason Zeal now outweighs the IE and LW as well, is because LW gives you damage plus the armour pen. If you had 25 armour pen, plus 40% armour pen, OMFG? Then get Infinity edge, get some more damage or even Phantom Dancer, and you rick roll. Why are people getting Archaic knowledge? You're high. MF is Attack damage man, do you get Archaic knowledge on Ashe? Well yes, for her Ulti and W really. But how about for YI? Yi, not really that I know of. I'd rather have the armour pen and attack speed. This build is better than before: Because you can survive 1v1's. Before, you were worthless on your own becaue you attack too slowly to take advantage of the life steal. I've been seeing more MF's get ghost/flash, that's because it's Correct. I'm so happy, it keeps me from raging! Anyways, good luck, it's much better this way. If you're team is getting CC'd by anivia (OP), get that banshees vail/second life. Also, I changed the boots, you don't need the attack speed because of the rune change. So basically from now on always get mercury treads. It's just the right way to go. GL HF GGL DD

-Update- 1/6/11. Wow that Caitlyn is OP. I've realized that MF has half-way decent survivability with her armour vs carries and high damage/crit/speed. This is why I'm changing her to ghost Exhaust. Next... GET THAT PHANTOM DANCER! OMG BUFF! 55% Attack speed. If you have the runeset I do, you'll see that 31 armour pen at lvl 1-10 is very effective. Get some crit, attack speed, holy hell do you do DAMAGE BABY! GL HF GGL DD

Please read everything first: the thoughts, ideas, and advice given here is more important than the build order, runes, or even summoner spells (J/K on the last one -wink). I've done MF (giggity) using the Manumune build, or however it's spelt, where you spam abilities and max out its attack damage. It simply doesn't work! Too much effort/time is put into spamming than last hitting. Sure, it can be good, but try to go with the solid builds that always work. Yes, this build looks like Ashe practically, and why Ashe over MF? Well, Ashe won't always be there. Ashe doesn't have a sexy W or a delectable passive. Her stun is awesome, given, but MF is more damage orientated. And if you trade off the stun for more damage output, it's pretty decent. However, because of her Ulti redox, I must say she'd be better off with a stun/crowd control rather than damage because her basic attack does just fine! I really like this character, she's the right girl for the job of carry and isn't OP (cough Morde is OP cough(I know he isn't a carry, shh)). Anyways... Thanks for taking the time to read through this; if you did, and GL HF GGL DD!


High damage output
Good mobility
W-key Owns
Ashe with flavor
Can mid or solo top, great lane partner!


If you're bad, she's bad
If hit her mobility goes down the drain
Player must know how to last hit

--Miss fortune is my Master Yi and Ashe mix'd character. She may seem very weak and squishy, and tbh she is... But with some lifesteal, maybe a red buff, and a half-*** team these con's are easily overlooked.

Summoner spells

--This is such a sexy combo! In team fights MF slows down too much, and you can't just throw swift boots on her (what a waste!). I find ghosting in a fight that you're team is winning (and of course, if you're losing!), she can kite like a Marauder. She can reach the casters in the back, and dart away from udyr/akali/assassin characters. If chasing is needed (with ghost ON I advise), flash can get you in OR out! Don't settle with summoner spells that won't help you carry your team to victory, we're here to kill some sh--.


Good for all the reasons teleport is good, and bad for all the reasons it's bad. Think about the mobility you gain and lose with Teleport compared to flash. If ghost is down, teleport won't get you out of a jam!


Strut (Passive)

Miss fortune gains a speed boost after 7 seconds of being out of not being hit. It increases every second to a maximum of +80 speed.

-- I've seen better passives to be honest. However, if you like to get just the pair of normal boots then get some attack damage it's not a bad idea! A pickax instead of berserker greaves can make a difference in those team fights considering your Q hits like a truck!

Double Up

Hits your target enemy and an enemy behind the target.

-- Her Q got nerf'd, but what can ya do. I'm sure most people HATE M.F. for this ability, but to be honest, it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, spamming a characters best ability is fun, but often times her Q is best for picking up the boss minion AND THEN doing damage to the enemy champion. Remember, keep her gold up, she may not be a pirate, but what women doesn't need lots of cash to support her shopping habits, Huh!?

Impure Shots

Increases attack speed and lowers the enemies healing by 50% when hit.

-- I like this ability, a LOT. Late game when you 2-hit minions, you see 20 minions near a tower all full health. Boom baby, cut that time in half with a W and ding-ding-ding, cash sky-rockets. Also! It cuts healing by 50%. Ever see a Vlad dominate mid? If you by chance got ignite because you prefer it, trust me, you can kill Vlad. Around level 3/4 is prime I've noticed. With your life steal and soft tower hugging you can stay FULL HP, stop his healing with W, Q him off a minion (maybe..), and right click. Use your cannon-ball drop (W) to slow, hit him with an ignite and combo this with ghost if you have to. It will make your enemy rage. This is what I essentially base my build around.

Make it Rain

Deals damage to all enemies in the target area and slows them.

-- This isn't so much for catching up to people. I know I said it helps..but that's with ghost. Sure MF speeds up over time, but have you truly ever seen her E someone and get the kill when they had 35% HP? No! You were lied to, son. People believe this is to destroy lives, on the contrary, it's to Save Lives! You can do it around a bush, near a tower, in a plane, in a car, here or there Sam I am I do not want you to kill my green eggs and ham; so I E it.

Bullet Time

Deals large amounts of damage per second to enemies in a cone

If you thought I was done complaining, you were wrong. Her Ulti-Cone got NERF'd, with a capital Holy-F in the middle. It's sexy for good positioning, but honestly because of how long it takes to cast/actually do damage, you're better off right-clicking late game. Around levels 6-12 this Ulti does damage, otherwise stick to the Q-W combo to kill champions.

Item Build


Other Optional Items

--Hey, listen to me... Every Match IS Different. I've had games where my MF dominates early game 5/0/3, then late game comes around, she gets 2-hit by a Veigar, and you end up 7/13/6. It happens, you have to focus on what their armor is, the items they get, Are They Targeting you; everything matters! The composition of their team, is there a jungler, are they squishy, are they tanky? I'll explain more below, just always remember that this game has variables and to always take them into consideration before you double click your next item.


--Against, let's say, a Master Yi, Warwick Jungler, Lux, Morgana, Evelyn, what do you buy? The build listed above is the wrong way to go. Lux and Morgana and Eve and WW hold you in place. So chances are, you won't get your ulti off, I mean, shoot, at 1.3 attack speed you may get off 4-shots at times. However they won't have very much armor, right? So consider getting TWO Doran's blades, Berserkers Geaves, Zeal, then Last Whisper, THEN get damage items.

--Next game you go against: The mummy with a sexy skin (because let's face it, that's how you know someone is skilled in this game, right?! (sarcasm!)), Pantheon, Mor****iser, Corki, and Morgana. Holy sh-- that's a scary team when you're MF! Pantheon can needle you/stun you for basically a 2-hit KO. Morgana holds you in place so Corki can 3-hit you with cannon shots. Mordie? Who enjoys playing against a Morde... And the Mummy pops your face, spins, and Ulti's owning you and your team. I know all these things seem 2v1 and not team-fight orientated, but like I said before: when MF is hit she is open for target-firing. Often times you'll find you're the only one on your team doing damage!!! In this case, I suggest getting madreds much earlier. Then infinity edge, and if you're Owning, Zeal then second life (Of course this is all done WHILE getting elixers for HP). Also, start off with 2 doran's blades. Treat MF like Ashe. When she needs HP, get dorans, when she needs damage, get that infinity edge, when she needs to do damage fast, get last whisper. Just think about it!

Early game

--Last hit minions. Not much to say, right? Heal up often by hitting boss minions, you have increased life because of your runes and you'll find yourself sitting on 200 mana very often with 90% HP versus a champion with maybe 80-100% HP, but with no mana. Good luck, watch for the ganks because people Love ganking MF, she's probably the easiest to be honest... No stuns, a single slow, and she gets slowed herself once hit. Honestly, it blows.

Mid Game

--All is going well, why? Because you have 73 minion kills and the other guy mid has 62. You rock, you're the king. Save up for that 1850! You have your boots, attack speed from zerkers, and either 1/2 doran's blades. You have HP! Save the mana, listen for calls, and keep last hitting oh my GOSH is that important! Get that B.F. sword and you'll realize how much stronger you've become; just because you Last Hit.

End Game

--You used your life savings on an infinities edge, way to go. A last whisper and berserkers greaves, maybe even an elixer. Holy hell you're sexy. Now you feel strong, you 1v1 champ's like a boss. Your team is even afraid to initiate unless you're with them (or with Red Buff, Get it before it's nerf'd!). When I say this, don't think it's for kill-stealing: Conserve your Ulti! You'll see a pantheon, or an akali, or Olaf running after some spell caster on your team, then their tank is getting pounded and you see the enemies two casters step forward to help deal damage/cast Ulti's. This is when you ulti. Hopefully they're slowed by Nunu's Ulti, Galio's Ulti, or stunned by Amumu, that's when you drop casters HP 40-65%. Now Q it, W it and just click. Pop ghost, flash in to save allies, catch up to that running Morgana who escaped your Ulti, piece her in 2-hits with sequential criticals for 600+ each. She's dead, TANK the tower, win.

Good luck and have fun!