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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JiggaMaNigga

Multi-Crit Blitzcrank

JiggaMaNigga Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Multi-Crit Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is by far one of the most versatile champions in the game. High HP and Mana output makes Blitz and ideal tank. With the Overdrive ability, he is easily capable of branching into DPS. His Rocket Grab, Power Fist and Static Field abilities makes him an excellent disabler. However, with all these abilities given to Blitzcrank, I still find that he is not a great finisher. Soloing is rather difficult, and he is more of a support rather than a pure tank. With this build, I figure to remove Blitzcrank's inability to finish off champions by putting his Power Fist to maximum potential: Multicrit.

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Pro's / Con's

-Extremely high damage output
-Very maneuverable
-Good support
-Switchable build
-Tower destroyer

-Low Armor and Magic resistance
-Stuns and disables will greatly bring down Blitzcranks capabilities
-Expensive itemset

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Breakdown on the Power Fist and the Multicrit

When Power Fist is activated, it allows Blitzcranks next normal attack to deal 2x the amount of damage of his total normal attack and also pop his target up in the air. Other terms, his next attack will always be a critical. (this is before the Infinity Edge 250% passive is applied) Applying Sheen's passive to Power Fist allows Blitzcranks next attack to have another bonus of his total normal attack, making his next punch 3x.
So far, this is what every Blitzcrank player knows and so far, Blitzcrank currently Multicrits 3x. The 4x Multicrit comes in when Blitzcrank itself can naturally crit (Critical Chance %age). Having a high Crit Chance gives option for Blitzcrank to possibly go past the 3x and move into the 4x zone of damage. I still consider these Multicrits since the damage is additive over the same number.

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The Item Build

The great thing about Blitzcrank is that Blitz can switch to a different build in-game and risk having to sell items and buying a completely different set. I think that it is best for all Blitzcrank players to start off with the key core components that nearly ALL Blitzcrank builds have, and that is the Boots and the Triforce.

1) Start the game as usual, begin with Sapphire Crystal and one Mana and Hp pot.

2a) With that, build the Sapphire Crystal to Sheen and be ready to get the Boots of Swiftness.

2b) I choose the Boots of Swiftness because late game, you will be using Overdrive to get everywhere so Berserker Greaves are obsolete in this build in my opinion.

The moment you have Sheen, this is where you begin to Multi-Crit. Now all you need to do is build up damage and Crit Chance.

3a) Your next item you should look into is Manamune.

3b) Manamune and Sheen are interchangeable and you may get Manamune before Sheen. It is all up to you when you play. However, be sure that you have Manamune, Boots of Swiftness, and Sheen as your first three core items.

4a) Your next item should be either Triforce or Atma's Impaler (Once again, these items are interchangeable and you may choose which one to build first). With these built, your attack damage output should be in the 200 zone on regular hits. (A successful Multi-Crit 4x will allow you to hit around 800 in one Power-Sheen-Crit combo)

5) Finish off with Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge as you last game-ending items.

5a) You may choose to replace Phantom Dancer with the Rod of Ages to further boost your base damage due to the passives of Manamune and the Atma's Impaler to bring your total base damage output to around the high 300's (With pots and Baron you may begin to start Power-Sheen-Crit in the areas of 1600 [try on golem camp to test the power])

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Skill Sequence

I feel that this Skill Sequence should be used not only for this build, but also for ALL Blitzcrank builds.

Power Grab
-This ability is what makes Blitzcrank so deadly in the game. Being able to pull enemy champions to you can easily turn a 5v5 to a 1v5. Maxing this ability out is of highest priority.

-This should be your secondary focus. Although Blitzcranks Power Grab ability is very useful, it can become very difficult for the player to land one since it can be avoided very easily. Having high movement speed on a Blitzcrank gives Blitz small windows of opportunity to catch the enemy players off-guard and to make his pulls that much more accurate.

"A fast Blitz is a good Blitz."

Power Fist
-Although the Multi-Crit is based off the Power Fist, you should only get this at level 2 and leave it like that until you have maxed out all your other abilities. Only cooldown is reduced as you level this ability up so I find leveling this skill before others is rather a waste of a skillpoint early game.

Static Field
-Great finisher and also a good disable. Many people find that the 0.5s silence to be a bit useless, but in fact it can be the thing that saves your life. Take the 0.5s silence to your advantage and use it on champions whose ultimates/abilities are channels.

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Summoner Spells

-I find Ghost and Flash to be interchangeable summoner spells. However, since Blitzcrank can no longer to the infamous Flash-Hook combo, I find Ghost to be that much more effective. Plus, you can't even put the mastery point into Flash, might as well take advantage of the Ghost while you still can. Also, putting Ghost with Overdrive gives great chasing/escaping ability for Blitz (Some games, you may actually be capable of outrunning a Yi in Highlander).

-Also used for escaping and chasing. Early game, I find that Blitzcranks are best when played by their turret. If you manage to pull an enemy champion to your turret, Exhaust will almost ensure that your team will have a kill.

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Emphasis on the Triforce and Infinity Edge

With Triforce and Infinity Edge on Blitzcrank, one Power-Sheen-Crit may reach 475% damage on one hit. With Triforce's 150% bonus damage passive, you're practically stacking an IE 250% crit.

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Right now I am experimenting with full CrC runes giving Blitzcrank a headstart in the Multi-Crit build (You'll have around 20% in the beginning of the game.) I may begin to put in Armor Pen runes in so I will be updating this build often.

2) I've also realized that the Manamune and Atma's Impaler unique passive bonuses are not being displayed on the information on top. Blitzcrank's base damage should be in the vicinity of 350, applying Baron buff and Red potion would bring his damage to around 410 giving him a Total damage output of around 1600 damage per combo.

3) I will also be constantly updating this build to find the optimal items for Blitzcrank. Right now I am experimenting with Youmouu Ghostblade to see whether it is more effective in the long-run than Atma's.

Please comment and rate!!! Thanks!!! :D