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Kayle Build Guide by unicorn central

Murdurous rampaging kayle

Murdurous rampaging kayle

Updated on June 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author unicorn central Build Guide By unicorn central 4,700 Views 0 Comments
4,700 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author unicorn central Kayle Build Guide By unicorn central Updated on June 29, 2011
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Hello all, Kayle is ranged tanky dps carry who, not only carries the team, but keeps it alive as well. I have had many great games with this build I'm surprised there are no other like it on this wonderful MOBAfire website. I hope this build works as great for all who read it as well as it has worked for me.
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I go for a 21/0/9. This is so I can have steady damage output through the entire game until i start to nuke with my hextex gunblades. I take an in proved smite to help me lane better but you don't need to if you would rather take the crit chance. I take both armor penetration and magic penetration mastries to make sure I can still damage tanks. I also take only 2 in alacrity because I already have enough attack speed in my runes.
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You want all attack speed marks and seals so you can make the most use of your righteous fury early game until you get your stinger/nashor's tooth. I take cooldown reduction glyphs so I can keep the cooldown a little lower on my righteous fury so I can use it to harass and farm as much as I need it. I take movement speed quints to make up for not buying boots. i feel like Kayle doesn't need boots. Because of her movement speed increase with her heal she is an escape master even without boots and you can end up having an entire team chase you around the map. I even caught up to a Nidalee once.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take Smite and Ghost. I take ghost because it is an all around useful spell, especially late game when everybody else has boots. Even early game it is a great escape and chasing tool. I also take an improved smite so I can lane wonderfully and get gold as fast as I can. Even if you have a difficult lane where other characters would be down and out with no creep score you can keep up with your improved smite and never fall behind!
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Skill Sequence

Level Righteous Fury whenever you have the chance followed by your heal. Righteous Fury will serve as your main way of farming and harassing so it is important you level it first! Level your heal second so you can stay in lane longer or keep your teammate in lane if either of you are having a difficult time. Level reckoning last because it is only useful for its slow mechanic and levels in this would be much better spent in Righteous Fury or Divine Blessing. Don't get your ult until level 7 because you shouldn't be in teamfights yet and that is all you need your ult for. Ult yourself whenever you get into a sticky situation in teamfights so you can keep nuking the entire enemy team while being immune to all crowd control and damage!
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For items I like to start with a regrowth pendant and a health pot. This way you can stay in lane until team fights erupt. If you are not going mid or soloing a lane you still never have to leave and can constantly keep your partner alive making you one of the best laners in game. Build the rejuvenation bead into an early Philosophers stone so you can reap its benefits all game long. combined with improved smite and the greed mastery you should be getting your items before everyone else. Don't buy boots because Kayle could use the gold elsewhere. Next build a tear of the goddess because Kayle has early game mana problems. After that build your Nashor's Tooth. It gives attack speed and cooldown reduction! Two things Kayle needs to make full use of Righteous Fury. By now it should be mid game and you will need to start Nuking hard so stack hextex gunblades every time you have the gold. Don't forget to use its unique passive it is very useful. If you have enough money you should start selling your Philosopher's Stone and Tear of the Goddess so you can stack more hextex gunblades. Late game you should'nt be having any mana problems.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author unicorn central
unicorn central Kayle Guide
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Murdurous rampaging kayle

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