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Miss Fortune Build Guide by CyrusAurum

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CyrusAurum

Murking with MF

CyrusAurum Last updated on August 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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This guide was made strongly due to the lack of good miss fortune builds and guides that I've seen, too often i see people rushing to build frozen mallet or manamune on her when it cripples your damage and overall usefulness to the team.

Miss Fortune should be played as a mid or top lane solo AD carry that focuses on farming heavily, harassing, zoning, and getting early tower and player kills, leading to a strong mid-late game.

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Strong laning phase
Good harrass + range
Good mobility from passive
High damage+ good aoe slow
Great ult for teamfights/finishing kills
Slow base movespeed
No real escape ability
Ult can get wasted sometimes

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Runes and masteries

For runes, there are a lot of options as far as Seals and Glyphs go, my personal page is

Armor-pen Marks (essential)
Mana-regen/lvl Seals (can be replaced by either flat armor or dodge chance)
CDR/lvl Glyphs (can be replaced by AP or flat MR)
2 Armor-pen, 1 move-speed Quintessence (due to her lower base move-speed it can also be useful to take 3 MS quints)

Masteries can be done a couple ways, the most common and what i generally use is the 21/0/9 offensive masteries, sometimes it is necessary to take 9/0/21 for utility if you need to solo/1v2 top

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Summoner spells

I personally useandbecause flash is essential for escapes and occasionally closing the gap on a kill, ignite is more of a preference for me getting kills, especially earlygame,,or, are also acceptable choices

Rally, Smite, Heal, Clarity, and Cleanse are not really ever necessary to take, as her main role is to deal damage and these wouldn't really benefit you towards that.

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Skill Sequence

Skill order, for maximum damage and harass:

Skill breakdown:
Strut (passive)
Very nice passive, synergizes well with boots of mobility, great for positioning and ganking
-note: due to miss fortunes slow base move speed, you will often have to stop taking damage for a while in order to outrun someone in a chase

Double up
Your main damage dealer,along with your auto attack you can put out a nice two-hit combo

in lane you should be using this to harass by using it on the minion their standing in front of to zone them, MAX THIS FIRST
Impure shots
Not much to say here, the attack speed and the heal reduction from the active is nice and the extra magic damage from the passive can help seal a kill
Make it rain
A good slow ability, very nice for chasing, try to place this far enough ahead of your target so that they have to walk through it long enough for you to catch further up, you want to max this second since you will have to use it often to chase, and you dont want it to just be a no damage slow.
Bullet time
A very nice ultimate, the range on this is amazing, try to stay back when using this because the enemy will often times try to interrupt you channeling this, works very well with aoe slows and stuns (galio, amumu, nunu, etc)

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Core build:
Berserker greaves/mercury treads
Wriggles lantern (often replaced at the end by a bloodthirster, do not always take if having bad laning phase)
Infinity edge
Guardian angel/Banshees veil/Atma's impaler
Phantom dancer

This item selection is built to do the maximum amount of damage through critical hits and still alow for moderate tankiness and lifesteal sustainability

Alternative tanky build:
Mercury treads
Warmog's armor
Atma's impaler
Frozen mallet
Phantom dancer/wits end/hexdrinker

This build is generally only if you've already locked in and your teammates refuse to tank, it should not be used often or as a dps or carry build although it does have a moderate amount of damage and slow from the atma's and frozen mallet

For this guide we'll focus on the standard dps+survivability build, Start off with a Doran's Blade for the much needed attack dmg and HP, back at either at 760 gold to get boots 1 and long sword which will later turn to wriggles/madreds or at 1225 for boots+ pickaxe which will turn into your infinity edge, by about 15 minutes you will want to have purchased a wriggles lantern,this is an amazingly underestimated item, allowing for long lane sustainability, pushing and ward control and ability to solo any buffs or even dragon at level 5.

by around 20 minutes you will want to have wriggles, completed boots (usually berserkers greaves or mercury treads, sometimes mobility can be handy for ganking and positioning) and if you've had a good laning phase, a BF sword or pickaxe. after completing your IE build a zeal, then switch to creating a guardian angel, and turn your zeal into a phantom dancer.

from there you have plenty of options to chose from including bloodthirster to replace your wriggles, banshees veil, or a second phantom dancer, which can often times replace your initial boots.

Other good situational items:
Atmas impaler
Frozen mallet
Madreds bloodrazor (only for tank busting)
Wits end
Black cleaver

I cannot say it enough, but the usage of the wriggles built in ward alone on their blue buff or dragon nets me 3-4 kills per game, it is essential to keep dragon, and preferably blue golem and red lizard warded.

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General teamplay

Miss Fortune's main role in a team is ranged AD carry, generally in a solo lane middle or top, but can also work fairly well in a duo lane with a strong tanky or support partner

In the lane you should play offensively, trying to force your opponent(s) to stay back, which will allow you to farm much easier by using your Q to harass, generally by targeting the the minion directly in front of your enemy and allowing it to bounce to the enemy behind it.

Shortly after reaching level 6 you should have atleast purchased your level one boots, giving you mobility to gank, which you should be doing often.

The first thing you want to do is see what escape abilities they have, and ask your allies if theyve used them yet.
upon reaching a side lane (assuming you're mid), you want to go wide around the target, making a sandwich between them and your friendly laners, forcing them to move towards the lane brush, assuming they havent tried pushing right past you, they should quickly reach the bush, often times they will try to flash earlier in a panic to get out, leaving them too far from their tower, so save your slow until theyve gotten about half way, quickly move towards the brush so you're close enough to do lots of damage even if they do flash, you will usually want to lead with your Q, then as they get past you, drop your E, then finish with your ult, landing you or your allies some kills

In team fights you must always stay in the back as you will be focused, quickly slowing anyone rushing to close towards you, try to use your Q on those in the front, allowing them to bounce back and do more damage.

Often times before you use your ult it is a good idea to drop your slow first to hold them down through the duration, it also works well with many other aoe skills and ults, specifically those with slows or stuns (galio, amumu, nunu ults, veigar, swain, and kennen also have the ability to hold down crowds for you)

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Closing statements

Thanks for reading, please rate and share any ideas or comments for me, I appreciate any feedback to improve the guide

Heres a couple matches from when this guide was made