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Sona Build Guide by sowelu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sowelu

must be aggresive to ap sona (my bottom build)

sowelu Last updated on November 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Being a support means

It doesnt just mean, heal, shield, ward. it also means being a threat to your enemy by being extremely disruptive, you must have well understanding of surroundings of whos coming, giving advice, notice/warnings to your teamate through out the game.

p.s not much grammar check, as long as you get the point.

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I choose magic penetraition for its obvious reason. i pick defence seals against the ad at bot but mana replanish is also good choice. i choose ap for glyphs and quients. with mastery's ap and the runes, together you would start wtih 30 ap. Its a good chunck of dmg/sec at early game.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is nessisary to chase and escape. examples: teleport through wall, escape from aoe spells, as well turret dive, OR flash in and stun with ulti.

Between heal and exaughst.

great for saving your teamate from last hit, as well as heal group in team fight. countless time i saved people with this skill, works better if someone else use it too. i also love using it when i turret dive with flash.

great for allowing ur teammate to chase down a target, saving ur self or your teammate. flash in, ulti the tank and exaughst the squishy adc. if teamates are smart enough theyd engage on the squishy. or stun the adc slow down the incoming who ever. which ever helps you control your enemies.

try stun more then 1 target. time it right, dont just stun who ever your team mate pins unless you feel for sure you or your teamate can kill it. If you stun when they pin and your teamate cant even catch up even if they are close by or just doesnt pay attension, then its just a waste. soemitme you might want your teammate to take a hit or 2 then stun to secure. other wise save it to save soemone, or use it on someone thats very high threat, try stun a group or those thats stupidly greedy trying to turret dive.

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Pros / Cons

Hits like truck with combination of passive power cord + ulti + q
Good lane control preventing ur enemies from engaging or farming.
Good chunck of healing for team to endure in team fights

Extreme slow movement speed at early game
Easy squishy target

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The first 2 item you should get is ward and meki. ward the obvious reason to control lane and watch out for gankers. meki, the reason i pick this item is because i find my self burning mp fast and need this item to help maintain my spell spam. i press q when ever i get a chance at the enemy, i love haressing them forcing them to be passive, hugging turret and spam w for when ever our teamate gets hit.

Next item i try to get is sheen for the extra dmg my basic attacks perfrom. OR consider getting grail asap because i need the cool down reduction, mana regain to spam more. after that i finish my boots for full 40% cool down.

by the time you finish building lich bane, you should find your team already winning the game. If not then continue with the hour glass. If u become the focus, this buys you time to let ur team kill whos ever targetting you. you can finish off with rylai's or void staff depending on if they are magic resist heavy. Grab void staff before lich been if you find them magic resist heavy in mid game.

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Team Work

as ap sona you can either take the kill or let your partner have it, as long as one of you is fed. regardless how hard you hit, your partner has to be just as harresive as you. its also important to inform the adc to buy wards. every one in game should get 1. people that claim "support the only one buy ward" people like this can really screw you over. imagine a situation where the ad go back to base, where your full hp and mp holding bot, your lane is out of wards and the ad refuse to buy it, forces you to go back taking away ur exp and farming time, additionaly you havent been farming because your letting ur adc taking the farm. AND when ur entire team dont buy wards making you run all over the map. with team like this you should just rage quit. if every lane buy wards and the jungler buy wards+oracles as he runs all over the map, itd make game alot easyer and have most essitals areas supervised.

In teamfight most likely you wanna stay not in front nor behined but in mid of the group. or hidden. hidden not nessisarly in bush but enough distance where you see people try to gank your teamate from the back, go in and sandwhich them.

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in early game i like to place my ward at enemy's bush, its esstienal because it will force them out of bush when you harass them with q which allows you to take over. around lv 3-4 id go back and get 2 wards for the river and bush when needed. as soon as you ward the river start forcing them to hug turret to prevent them from farming, i often like to hit minions with out last hitting. back up when ever ganker coming. if they have oracles then play safe, but at least keep control of your own bush. request your jungler to counter jungle/ get oracles. avoid destroying the turret if none of the other ally is fed so you can farm longer in your lane. however if top, or mid is feeding too much, then do need to finish bot and help another lane or hunt down their jungler.

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Dealing with classes

for those who feel like itd be trouble against tankier champs. i have trouble against them only if my partner not doing any dmg out put or suck at dodging. in bot lane more then likely your dishing out more dmg then the adc. constantly putting pressure on them regardless of being tanky or w.e will force them to be passive, against class that causes status affect, 1 tip:learn to dodge. if you feel classes like blitz and leona is gonna be a problem, pretty sure no matter what class you pick if you get stuned and grabbed in early lane game, its just as good as gg.