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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Timado

My card makes penta kills AD tf

Timado Last updated on May 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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When i bought Twisted fate i tought he suck but then i practice with him because i got boring of play Shaco.while practicing Twisted I realized that fate was not a simple hero. I realized that it was very weak but at the end of the game could do penta kills. So i began to stop to play Shaco and i start playing Twisted fare. so I warn that Twisted fate is not easy so if you want to learn to play with. never give up.pliz belive that my Twisted fate build is the best of the world because i have a lot of experience with Ad heros: ashe, Shaco,Twisted fate,Tryndamere,Caitlyn, and another 2 heros( i dont remeber they names) so pliz before vote read all the guide and if you think something is wrong comment it

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The runes are not very important except for Armor penetration. Attack speed is not as important as I said that anyway ess Twisted fate rather slow attack but is not a problem at the end of the game:)
I choose
Greater mark of desolationGreater Glyph of AlacrityGreater Seal of AlacrityGreater Quintessnce of Desolation

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The masteries are super helpful in general but twisted fate of the 30 points only 15 are useful. as pierce bonus or critical chance, attack speed etc. try to put all in Offensive Because Twisted fate is very weak so do not help the defense. Neither serves the Utility masteries that my guide is not for a Twisted fate of AP. Twisted Fate is for an AD.

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Well Twisted fate without life steal is useless because is very weak as I always say. they would kill him in a second without life steal, that's why I love this item Bloodthirster

'''''. Twisted fate is also slow to move as any DPS so I love make him''Phantom dancer''because it gives me speed and Attack speed and Critical Move chance. Sell Dorans blade Because it is useless at the end of the game and I bought an Infinity Edge. that with my two Phantom dancer and my infinity edge reached 87% chance of critical damage Bloodthirster more I get to make 600 of critical damage. plus the bonus of the third magic of Twisted Fate get to 710.

If the opposing team has several tanks worth buying a Madrid Madred and not buy 2 Bloodthirster. and style of game changes completely. for example can be more aggressive. but always beware of being aggressive

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Skill Sequence

I think Wild cards are useless for DPS Twisted fate.
Stacked Deck and Pick a card are the best combination I've seen. what you can do is wait until you stack 3 attacks then hide. Then pick the yellow card and hit him. you make like 300 damage "in 1 second.
Also Who doesn't love a bonus of 70 damage very 3 attack. Dorans blade + Pick a dog card let you in the lane all day Because you pick the Blue card you attack and you win 20 of Mana to health Because you have life steal blade Dorans bonus.

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Pros and Cons

1-Good at late game
2-A good teammate
3-Early damage.
4-Easy farm

6-A good carry hero
7-Cool skins
8-Cool form to attack.

1-Weak at early game
2-Low move speed.
3-Slow attack speed
4-Easy to kill.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a good escape or for a gank. X
Ignitie helps you at the start because if you fight with a mage and he runs with low life you can cast him Ignite.X
Exahust is a good skill for teamwork so if you have a good amount of Tanks in your team is a good choice.X but if you dont have tanks is useless.X
Smite is useless because Twisted fate is not a jungle hero. X
Revive:Useless X
Teleport is very optionial.
Ghost: a good choice for an agressive game. X
Fortify: useless. X
Rallly: useless X
Heal: a good choice if its your firts time with Twisted fate. X
Clairvoyance: X -.-
Cleanse: X

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Early game Blue team

Twisted fate But is good killing units but is pretty weak. versus mages you dont care about die because if he attacks you he dies. versus Katarina is horrible because she never dies
when you get below 300 hp go to the base because if you dont you are going to die the same thing with Tryndamere, Lee sin, Veigar, akali etc.

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Top early game. Blue team

Top is pretty danger if there is jungler in the enemie team because there is a bush for a super gank and a big way to pass and gank. Specialy be careful with Warwick because his ult is a super good disable. Try to be always in the bush because when you attack 3 times and your Stacked deck has 3 stacks nobody see you.

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Mid early game. Blue team

Mid is easy peasy you can farm all the day without and dont stop moving because your enemie always trys to be agressive and make first blood. if he(she) is going to hit you attack him fast with any card you have, People says that Twisted fate is really good at mid but its not true because really depends of the enemie because of he is Katarina or Vladimir dont be agressive, But Karthus or Ashe are more easy so you can be more agressive.

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Bot early game. Blue team

At bot you have more chance to make First blood because is 2v2 and with Igniti you can 90% chance to make first blood but always depends of your enemies because if they are Kat and Malphite you are dead. but if they are Urgot and Singed you can make a double kill so always pay attetion of who are your enemies.

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Top mid game. Blue team

At mid game nobody is at bot or top normally so you can farm all you want for that i love flash because if they gank you, you can flash and escape and teleport to other place and kept farming.
is very important see the map because you can die.

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Bot mid game.Blue team

At mid game nobody is at bot or top normally so you can farm all you want for that i love flash because if they gank you, you can flash and escape and teleport to other place and kept farming.
is very important see the map because you can die.

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1- My BUILD IS still in construction. :)
2-Pros and cons added
3- i change masteries
4-i added 2 chapters more
5- i added optional items

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Mid mid game.Blue team

Thats are really important place. because at mid game people start doing 5v5 fights and thats the most important part of the game because doesnt dies 1 enemies dies 5 enemies that means a lot of money and a lot of exp.
1-Try to go at the final.
2-Try to disable with Gold card the dangerous enemie.
3-Never enter first because you die in 1 sec.
4-If your tank dies run.
5-When you win the battle and 2 enemies are running use your ult because you are not going to waste it.

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Mid (Top or Bot) late game

Just farm and push and dont lose towers because the towers are super important at late game.Get some wards because at that moment the enemie team is going to fight 5v5. so becareful, i like the teleport and the Destiny because you can escape when you see the enemies comin to kill. so the order is.
2-Teleport to the lane.
3-Active red card.
4-Put a ward in a danger zone.
5-When the enemie comes use the teleport or run.

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Optional items


Its a really good item so if you think you need more health or armor or anything buy this item.

Sword of divine

i think is not so good but the armor penetration and the attack speed are really good and when you active it you can miss your hits its really optional.

Frozen mallet

Its a good item becauese gives you Slow per attack, Health and Damage but Twisted fate has a slow, so its not a good item for Twisted fate but is optional.

Madred Razor

Just buy it the tank is getting feed because this item is an anti-tank.

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Chapter 18

Good luck with ¡Tf AND REMEMBEr Tf is really Fun :)
If you dont belive that my build rocks add me my nick is Blackblow
or if you want to play add me