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Build Guide by JerekShai

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JerekShai

My First Poppy

JerekShai Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build on this website, I don't claim to be a master I am only new, however I have played Poppy a fair bit and I enjoy her quite a lot, I hope you find my guide easy to understand and I hope you can play Poppy and find her as enjoyable and thrilling as I do, Using this build you should find you will always have a positive Kill - Death ratio, I tend to finish a game with 16 kills 4 deaths, As I said I am only new.

Item Build

I have chose this Item build to compliment Poppy's ability. Now you may be wondering why I have chosen Doran's Ring, The main reason for this choice is because we all know poppy is fairly squishy early game, The extra health gives her a boost early game, feel free to trade it in for something else mid game. I have chosen Sheen for early-Mid game simply because of its 100% increase to next attack after casting a spell. It is also good for early game so you can look into getting Tri force earlier than normal. Starks fervor has been chosen to help poppy keep her health up as much as she can whilst helping her team mates gank and in team fights. Phantom Dancer has been chosen for the increase in attack speed, Everyone know's to watch out for fast moving midgets.. Haha. I hope you guy's enjoy this is my first guide please leave feedback on where I can improve.

Skill Build

I have chosen to go for a fairly steady build with poppy, Starting off with Heroic charge. This is good for surviving the early game period as well as helping a team mate escape from certain death, I have then gone from Heroic Charge to devastating blow to give poppy extra damage early game. This compliments her extended health in the item build with Doran's shield nicely as nobody early game wants to face a heavy hitter with a tonne of health. Keep going from Heroic charge to devastating blow up until level 6 which is when you spend your first point in diplomatic immunity, from here go to paragon of Demacia to give her that extra damage capability as well as an escape mechanism if things get a bit too hot under the collar.

Play Style

Now I'm not one for explaining how to play because I am kinda new myself however I will give it a go. We all know poppy as a mace wielding midget, who in time can become a force to be reckoned with.

Poppy was not designed for head on contact like a lot of other heroes, She was designed for strategic placement and ganking. Her Heroic charge ability gives her a great capability of slamming her opponents into walls and dealing damage with her Devastating Blow straight away, Poppy lanes fairly well with singed as he can flick opponents into turrets and Poppy can slam her opponents into a wall allowing the turret to do the dirty work.
Poppy works well against channel champions, Such as Nunu with his ult, she is great with interrupting spell casts making her an invaluable asset when fighting channel champions.


In conclusion I find poppy a very easy champion to play and would recommend her to anyone, If you use my build I hope that you will find her as interesting and fun as what I have. I hope you guy's enjoy this is my first guide please leave feedback on where I can improve.

Kind Regards, JerekShai