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Varus Build Guide by Why S0 Vicios

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Why S0 Vicios

My guide on how to build/Play varus for Nathan/ new players

Why S0 Vicios Last updated on July 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Things you need to remember

when you are fighting you should try move back or forward in between attacks so you dont get caught out as easy or let people get away

stay at the back of team fights but try to focus the carries on the other team at the same time
if you cant focus the carries and the enemy team has good crow control ( stuns silences snares etc) then just focus anyone you can while staying as far back as possible

DO NOT CHASE ANYONE DURING TEAMFIGHTS!!! if you chase people during teamfights chances are you will either get caught or just leave your team to die and alot of the time people dont kill the people they are chasing

try to get the red buff whenenver it is possible

Baron is an amazing buff which if you did calculations it would be worth around 5k if it was an item due to the stat boosts it gives you and it gives 300 gold to each member on your team which is a 1.5k gold difference which can really help you catch up / get a larger lead in the game and just increase your chances of winning
also the buff you get from dragon can make a huge difference in team fights and turn a game around really quickly which is why some people may give their life to steal a baron

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Ok always start out dorans ring or boots and 3 health potions (i personaly prefer dorans ring due to its amazing early game stats) but i usualy build depending on how well i am doing but on an average game i would go dorans ring - boots- zeal- b.f sword then bloodthirster- lv 2 boots if not already bought - turn zeal into a phantom dancer - infinity edge - second phantom dancer and you will crit almost every hit which is a huge buff to your damage - last item would be a last whisper due to the armour pen - in this case i chose a black cleaver because it reduces 15 armour per hit (stacking 3 times or -45 armour total) because it suites your play style more - if the enemy team has little to no armour i would just get another bloodthrister due to the 100 bonus ad if fully stacked+ life steal and at this point you should have 0 problems killing most champions unless they are really tanky like mundo or have really high armour but the last whisper should deal with those just fine

if you feel you need a tanky item you could replace your last item with a guardian angel or something like a warmogs / thornmal or banshees veil which should deal with your problems

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Leveling skills

I personaly dont play varus often and i shall be testing him for several games to try and find the best skill sequence for you to use but at the moment i would stick to getting all 3 skills by lv 3 and maxing either piercing arrow or blighted quiver first i may have misplaced a skill or 2 in skill sequence but you should be able to tell which ones are mistakes and easily fix them yourself
but i would prioritize the blighted quiver because it will be used most and a good source of damage if you use it correctly

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the Pros are :
you deal large ammounts of damage
ad carries are simple to play for new players
you will farm fairly well after you get a bf sword

the cons are :
you are extremly squishy which means you die very easily because you will have no tanky stats unless you chose to buy some tanky items which still wont give you alot of survivability
the enemy team will focus you and you will die fairly easily unless you position yourself properly

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Laning phase

in laning phase 90% of your focus should be on last hitting minions which basicly means letting your minions deal 90% of the damage to the enemy minions and then you hit it for its last few health points ( at first last hitting can be difficult and an effective way to practice is to play in a custom games alone vs no bots and just practice untill you get fairly decent at it and maybe add 1 bot to apply a little pressure or practice vs similar skilled friends who have the same problem)
while last hitting the enemy team will try kite you which basicly means keep you away from their minions so you lose gold and or xp which will give them a boost which will build up slowly and give them a larger advantage the more you let them do it
they will kite you by doing things such as harrassing you with spells or basic attacks and trying to get you to low health and make you tower hug or recall
things you can do to avoid this are :
dodge skillshots ( some champions deal large ammounts of their damage with skillshots such as nidalee who has 1 main source of damage and that is her spear which can deal up to 250% damage if she hits you at max range with it and for carries like varus that is a large chunk of your health and can quickly turn fights around unless you dodge it
another way to avoid enemy teams harrasing you is to hit them back with your spells and basic attacks and try out damage them in trades ( small fights which usualy leave 1 player losing 10% and another losing 20% which evantualy builds up and gives 1 player a chance to kill the other unless they recall which will let you get a gold and xp lead so you can keep outdamaging them in future trades
the laning phase ends when most players go to a single lane or start trying to take objectives such a dragon and baron which is not something you need to worry about just yet

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Your role and how you should position yourself in team fights

ok so for varus you are an attack damage carry which means you will be squishy and easy to kill (the main focus from the enemy team) so you will want to stay back in fights behind the rest of your team and pick everyone off 1 by 1 fairly easily if you are left alone due to your extremely high ammount of damage
if you are against a team who has heavy crow control abilities such as an amumu malphite combo which will stun you and keep you rooted in place for several seconds giving the enemy team plenty of time to kill you
you should stay really far back in team fights vs teams like this due to their ability to shut you down extremely fast

if your team has a combo like this then you should have no problem killing most of the enemy team before they can react which will turn the fights in your favour extremely fast

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for your runes i have chosen 10 armour penatration which is 6 marks and is only 10 because i prefer to have some attack damage which will make last hitting easier and your armour pen scales well with items such a brutalizer which is only needed during early game if you are against 2 tanks in lane stacking armour
for your other 3 marks i belive flat attack damage is best because it makes things like last hitting easier and it works well with your attack damage quints
for quintessences i have chosen 3 flat attack damage quints which will add up to 9.6 attack damage with your 3 marks which will give you 10 armour pen and 10 ad if you round them both off which is better for new players because they will only have 1 or 2 rune pages and it lets you spend your money on champions for the time being
for seals and glyphs i have chosen flat armour and magic resist so you will take less damage in lane and makes you a little tankier early game to surive certain situations

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for masteries i have decided to put 24/30 points into offense because varus is a carry and carries are the main damage dealers on a team so getting points in utility and defense would just weaken your damage and let the enemy carries outdamage you early game and gain a large lead over you potentialy making you useless later on during the game
the other few points i have put into improved flash which reduces the flash cooldown by 15 seconds which is a huge ammount if you think about it
and the rest in a little tanky stats which are not really important ( you could put these points anywhere)

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Basic guide

this is just a simple guide on how to do basic things in the game
if i have missed anything please let me know and i will try to fix it asap

if you would like more in depth guides on how to do things please let me know in the comments

i made this guide for a friend who has just recently hit lv 30 and i wanted to make it so he can read this guide while playing varus and not need to ask me questions every 2 seconds and hopefully he can pick stuff up from the guide which i have tried to explain the best i can
also please leave suggestions in the comments on ways i can improve such as images / videos etc

Guide Top

Please leave comments if anyone would like a more in depth guide

i will make more in depth guides if anyone would like them
this is my first guide so i have not included any images or videos because its just for a friend who is new and hopefully this will help him
if you would like me to make a guide for a specific champion i will try my best to make one but i maye not know a large ammount of information about the champion i will still know basics about them for new players needing to know what their role is playing their specific champions

if you would like guides about positioning or kiting i will try to make some in the near future

please comment on how good/bad this guide is and i will check as often as possible
thanks for looking at my first guide and i hope to make more