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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eliteemil

My Jarvan mid Build

Eliteemil Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Welcome to my Jarvan mid build (damage build)

Jarvan in mid is better then lines becuase his get very stronge with farming and really easy feed in mid.

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Mark - Greater Mark of Desolation For the damage in tank and on all

Seal - Greater Seal of Clarity, you will never go oom (out of mana)

Glyph - Greater Glyph of Clarity, never get oom

Quintessence - Greater Quintessence of Desolation. for the best damage

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Summoner spells

Clairvoyance - Support spell this is a damage build.

Exhaoust - Good if u need too flee or just shase anybodey

ghost - Good for shase people or run too a team fight.

Smite - Only for junglers not a jungler build.

Clarity - You never have a mana problem leav this to casters or suports

Flash - Good for suprice people with ur ultimate or GTFO from a teamfight

Heal - you wont die so no need of this leav too suports

rally - not good and never been good

teleport - Good if you have problem with ur mana or ganking but for this hero its just good for ganking and i think ghost is better then.

Cleanse - Great for beginers hard too get killed!

Fortify - Leav too the tanks.

Ingnite - awesome spell for first blood or finish people.

Revive - I told you onece and tell you again you wont die no need for this.

Recomanded summoner spells!

Exhoust/ghost Good for Escape, Run or Burst people I used this alot before and worked well.

Ghost/flash Good If your afraid of ganks and for suprice people with falsh/ultimate.

Ingnite/flash I always use this Flash for my ultimate and ingite if he flash away will ingite totally kill him thats why i use ingite isnteed of exhoust He flash in tower exhoust wont kill him.

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Early game-Mid game-late game

How to kill, Attack ur enemy with ur Dragon strike as much you can witout takeing any damage ur self. when his on 50% health use ur Demacian standard and carge him with dragon strike for waste his flash or ghost (if he dosent have any of does skills, try kill him) after ur enemy flashed away and make this mistake "Go a bit to ur minon for a last hit or stannding a bit outside his own turret you" so do you as fast as you can flash and ulti him/ingite.

Rotaion (Flash-Ulti-Denacian standard-Dragon strike)


All about early game you need to know is : start grab dorans shield and when u got 1600 gold you push to the enemys tower or kill ur enemy and go back too buy a wriggles lanterand if you killed ur enemy before you got back go get red as fast you if not go back too mid. Attack ur enemy with ur Dragon strike as much you can witout takeing any damage ur self. (Only last hit minons) you dont want to push so much) <-(you faster you push the harder it gets to hit him with your spells)


In late game never leav your team and be carefull with start teamfights.


In mid game when the team fight soon start: you using a damage build but that dosent mean that you cant start a team fight, I aften start a team fight with my ultimate, if its a easy target that easy die justUlti him burst him down in 2 sec and flash out, and when this happen will ur team attack too so its often 4v5 in team fight thats is good for your team!

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I start with dorans doran's shield for the great stats. <-- best start item for you in the start.

wriggle's lantern Becuase of its high life steal when you one hit minons and for get red very easy/ ward for junglers.

If your team got many CC or much AP champs build Banshies vail insteed of ghost blade

Why ghostblade? If you dont have ghost so does you still have a momment boost and for kick tower very fast with hel of Demacian standard.

And if its just many AP champas at all like 4 AP and one AD then buy Quiq silver slahs insteed of blood thirster.

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Chapter 6

Please comment and rate and i really hope you guys understood my bad english! try this build and good luck in the field of justice!