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League of Legends Build Guide Author flamementality

my kennen

flamementality Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hi guys, i use mobafire so much i thought it only right i put something into it, my 1st build so don't be too negative and like I've seen so much, this is what works for me.

i use 9/21/0 masteries because the extra defense has led me to being called a lucker so many times when i get away on less than 30 health and i don't really need to go down any further in offense with the kind of power kennen can through out.

ghost and cleanse are my personal favorites, i have never had a game where i didn't need cleanse or regret not taking it, ghost and lightning rush (with cleanse if need be) are just such good chase and escape tools.

speaking of lightning rush i max out shuriken 1st, (taking ulti as it becomes available each time), for the obvious reason its his big hitter and an awesome skill shot with stun potential, i can easily get it up to 500+ damage, taking a point in electrical surge gives u 2 marks of the storm for 1 skill which will just set up your stun beautifully if u can save its passive 4th attack mark for an enemy champ, (for those that don't know, mark of the storm is kennens passive, each skill gives 1 mark, and 3 marks is a stun, good fun with someone else that stuns), a point in lightning rush is great to have for escape and chase, being able to run through units and partial energy refund when hitting an enemy unit, with a mark on each you run through, follow up with an electrical surge and late game its just minion hate, and 1 mark off a stun ain't to bad.

the runes i use are mostly to provide that extra bit of cover as i don't think kennen is lacking in damage, with the AP glyphs just to edge a bit each level, the dodge seals with the evasion mastery is great for that extra help when trying to get away from someone like tryn, which is in my opinion is where a squishy like kennen falls short.

i go for Amp tome and health pot 1st, shooting minions and shuriken on enemy champs when i can, which is quite often with the decent range on them, i dont really have much need to pop the pot until level 5 or later, unless I'm laning against a nasty combo with stuns, exhaust etc, or in mid against a ranged champ like caitlyn or someone else with a ranged spam skill... the spell vamp on the revolver gives me the heal needed to sustain lane long enough to farm for my boots, and get an extra edge in a pvp fight, rabadons deathcap is obvious, massive AP boost, rylai's is for slow, AP, but mostly for me the health bonus it gives, zhonya's has always been kennen's best friend, slicing maelstrom and then invulnerable for 2 seconds, stuns and major damage is just fun, upgrading revover into will of the ancients gives me more AP, more spell vamp and bonus to my allies, the void staff is debatable, great against tanky characters, but if your against a team of squishies, with 1 tank, more AP could be useful, if they ain't to tanky i like guinsoo's rageblade, the bonus attack speed helps with electrical surge's passive and more AP with each attack... win :)

i tend to stay back a bit at the start of the game and jump in when my lane mate goes in, cleanse and ghost gets me out of some pretty nasty stuff if things go bad, i really like lightning rush through all minions and electrical surge to weaken or kill them, minion control is so good for early tower push and when their minions are gone, nothing to stop your shurikens from hitting the other team. i use slicing maelstrom in several ways, early game its to put damage and stun on (likewise for most reasons i use it) which really helps early game ganks etc, mid game i do need to use it to stun my pursuers when i over extend or get caught out solo and if my teammates can pick up some kills from it the all the better, late game i find it really good fun to lightning runs into the fray, put my ulti on and zhonya's, then just sit for 2 seconds and watch the fun, if i don't need zhonya's right away I'll say it for if i need it, i also use kennens ulti in combo with ghost and lightning rush to chase down, stun and rip off health when they try and escape, and don't forget if things go bad i have cleanse almost ready every time thanks to the reduced cool-down mastery.

kennen is such good fun to play, by far my favorite champion.
i personally hesitate to engage someone like xin zhao and over high damage dealers until i have zhonya's to stall until help arrives if i cant handle it, suppression is also a pain in the arse, as is rammus, but we all know why that is......

so thats my kennen build, hope you will find it usefull, i usually end up with at least 10 kills and only 2/3 deaths tops, bad games do happen and some times i only have 20 or more assists to show for my troubles but thats just how it goes sometimes.

comments welcome, i would like to hear what people would do differently or if there is any ways in which i could play better, don't be harsh, this build wont work for everyone but its a build I'd like to share

sorry it was so long :s