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Kennen Build Guide by R3negadeX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author R3negadeX

My Kennen build

R3negadeX Last updated on October 9, 2011
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Hello all League of Legend players.

This is my first and hopefully not the last build I make. I wanted to make my first build here for Kennen as he is one of my main AP champions in game. Hopefully you will try this build out and then leave me a comment. I have to admit that some of the build has taken from some builds here but as you can see, I have personalized it a little.

So lets start.

Early game

I love to start with gank at bot or top just to get easy kill at start but it only works when your teammates are ready for it. Always aim for the champion who don't have flash or if they both have, then go for the easy target ( the one you know dies faster ).

After that go mid and start farming. Meanwhile you farm try to make some hits on enemy with your Q + W skill, but do it so you wouldn't get hit by yourself. For that I just like to stand behind my minions and hold down Q button and aim at enemy champion as long as I am able to hit him. But don't forget farming also, normal hits are doing fine also. Go shoping after lvl 6 and then go for ganks.

Mid game

Kill - Kill - Kill. Try to gank and get as many kills as possible. Push towers and farm also, try to run around in the jungle and find easy targets cause you should be able to 1 on 1 any ad or ap champ when you start fight first. But you must make sure you don't lose you mejay stacks.

Late game

So late game is usually baron and big teamfight times. So when you are with your team and there is expected teamfight coming, stay behind other just to make sure you won't get silenced, stunned and focused. Your job in teamfight is to hit every enemy champ with your E and R skill, then do your W and then find ( usually lowest hp or ad range ) enemy champ to hit your Q. This must be devastating for enemy team if you have good build with nice AP ( you should have minimum 550ap at that time ).

When you do baron with your team, I suggest to stay behind baron to be sure you won't get focused when enemy team "surprises" you. If you see them coming, just wait for your W and E to be cooldowned and then just hit them hard with your combo. It should be nice enough to kill them.

Belive me, when you play Kennen correctly you will win the game just because you are too OP late game. But days are not brothers, so are not every game perfect. Don't worry when you don't get you mejay stacks up or you fail mid and lose game - **** happens :) .

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Ranked gaming

Well playing in Ranked is not so simple cause usually you will face Brand, Annie, Malza or Veigar in mid. I really suggest to play defensive and just farm + wait for jungler to gank and harash. But in ranked, there is no difference in gameplay, build, runes, items and masterys. The only thing is that don't use Exhaust summoner spell in ranked, use flash instead.

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For the runes I go for Magic penetration and Ability power just because for good start. I belive that having massive damage at start helps you to scare your opponent and let you last hit minions easily without anyone interrupting you.

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Now this is where I different from most of the builds around here. As usual I will start with Doran's shield just to have nice HP and armor at start + HP reg. My first shoping comes after I have got lvl 6 or sometimes when I get harashed I go there sooner. Usually I should be able to get Sorcerer's Boots.

Now there is important thing to remember - You must get Mejay's Soulsteeler as fast as possible after the boots. Sometimes I even get that item before lvl2 boots when I see I can easily get kills on some noob players. After Mejay you should try to make many ganks and kills as possible cause you need to get stacks up!

After that you go for Rylay's scepter and the Rabadon's Deathcap. Belive me, after that item you should be like lvl 13-14 and you should have 400+ AP. With Mejay stack it can be over 500 ap already but this is only when you have played well and correctly. You actually don't need any more items but still, continue with the item purchase order like I showed up at build.

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For masteries I go for 9 / 21 / 0 but it used to be opposite ( 21 / 9 / 0 ) but after I tryed some different combination I found that this is the best pick ( At least for me )

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Skill Sequence

Well I do not lvl up Q as fast as possible like you can see in most builds around here. I like to lvl up all the skills together so I would make dmg with all my skills. I mean, for teamfights you can't hit everyone with your Q skill but you can hit everyone with your W and E skill, also with ultimate.

I try to explain a little - I usually go mid like most AP carrys do. I start doing ganks after I have have gained lvl 6. So if I go bottom, I make sure I can hit both champion with my E skill and at the same time I activate my ultimate. After I have hitted both ( well you won't hit both champs all the time ) enemys with E, I will actvate my E skill and then I shoot shuriken that is my Q skill, at lower hp champion + I also but ignite on him just to be sure to kill him.

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Summoner Spells

I used to take Ignite and Exhaust for my summoner spells just to make sure I will crush middle but recently I started to use Flash instead of Exhaust. Reason is simple - tho I don't like to escape I still find that flash really helps you to get away with low hp not having to die. After you use flash your E skill is ready to use usually and you are safe.

But using Ignite and Exhaust is also okey, I do it when I play normal games.

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Well, as this is my first build it might not look very professionaly done but I still tryed my best. Kennen is just very good AP player for mid and also for lane. Just go for ability power and you can't fail. Try this build out and leave some comments, I really appreciate that.

Btw - if you want to have 1100 AP with Kennen, while playing normal just buy Mejay Soulsteeler and 4x Rabadon's Deathcaps but it works only when u get feeded :D