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Kennen Build Guide by Syarsor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Syarsor

My little Squirrel

Syarsor Last updated on October 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction & Pros / Cons

A new build for our little friend.
This guide is solely based on Dominion.

-Kennen has immense dmg output
-Kennen is fast, which is needed in Dominion
-You can stun a whole team without any effort giving Kennen the best cc in LOL (if you know how to use it anyway)
-You are a goldmine. On every teamfight you have at least all ppl as an assist and probably one or two kills. This gives you a lot of cash every fight and getting your items isn't hard.

-Although you have 2.5k health still a little squishy due to no defensive items/masteries. Mind yourself though, that Lightning Rush gives a sh*tload of def/magic resist to compensate this.
-Not easy to master in a way that you don't die a lot
-Takes a bit practise also to understand and perform the combo
-Takes a lot of practise before you 100% hit your TS on the target you want ;)

(This guide is based on imo common knowledge of the game. do not read under lvl 10 ;) )

As for Seal runes, check rune page. The site isn't updated, so can't add them...

Feel free to ask questions or comment below.

Enjoy my guide!

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Runes quite standard.
15 AP start from quintessence
Glyphs: 28 AP on lvl 18. Yes this is better than 9 flat AP @ lvl 1, because after 5,88 lvl your AP/lvl runes made the 9 AP aswell. In other words, after 6lvls your AP boost is 10 already and given the fact that you get exp without doing anything and start at lvl 3 with dominion it's obvious that AP/lvl glyphs are the best here.)
Marks: Magic Pen ~9. always nice ;)

Seals with Energy Regen Per LVL!
Gives you so much more potential on lvl 10+ ~ that I cannot imagine a Kennen without it. Since I took them the gameplay completely changed. You can now spam as much as you want. (Especially in 5v5 with blue buff, sadly we don't have this in dominion :p)

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Masteries & Summoner Spells

I go with the 9/0/21. Yes, Kennen is squishy then, but has more dmg output. Besides if you learn to play kennen well and kill ppl through walls/houses/bushes/anything you dont have to be close. And when you are in a teamfight the health provided by my chosen items will secure you from dieing. Also you stun everyone ;)

Why 21 in Utility? (crycry)
Because we can!
No, seriously, because there's a lot of good stuff in there actually.
Kennen thrives on CTR, which is given. Also it lowers the time of your flash. 1 gold per 10 sec isn't the best obviously, but better than nothing. The 2 points in the buff are awesome simply because the buff in Dominion is so epicly strong. 10% less deathtime is quite okay aswell, 'cause you need to be everywhere ASAP in order to capture/defend your turrets.
The rest of the Utility masteries are selfexplanatory imo.

I take Flash to initiate fights or to use for a quick get-away. Ignite is for burst dmg or picking off enemies while targeting others. (this in teamfights only! don't waste ignite on someone that won't die from it)

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Skill Sequence & Kennen Ultra Combo

TS=Thundering Shuriken
ES=Electrical Surge
LR=Lightning Rush
SM=Slicing Maelstorm

I max Thundering Shuriken first, because it has the best dmg for Kennen and you can steal a lot with it once you have the Will of Ancients. You won't have to find the heal spots all the time and u can trully defend like a boss.

Secondly I max Electrical Surge, simply because it is so easy to hit. Once you mark someone, whether this is with TS or with normal attack + ES's passive you just run to them or use LR and you can hit them from a safe distance.

Well besides SM only Lightning Rush is left and I finish this last. It's a good skill tho, with nice dmg output aswell as a good security in teamfights because it gives you so much def/magic resist.

Oke here's the Golden Squirrel Combo!!
In general it works like this: someone initiates a teamfight and right when he does this you do:

LR > Flash (into the group)
Now u rush through the enemies for 1~ sec so that you hit them all. They won't be able to focus you because you are too fast and you are in lightning rush. Maybe you'll get one AoE skill on you, but that's okay since you have enough health from items and defence/magic resist from LR.

After this second you activate SM and hit ES. Now almost all will be stunned.
1st Mark: LR on all ppl
2nd Mark: Either ES or SM
3rd Mark: Either ES or SM

Now you do TS on the person closest to you, so he wont be hitting you, but running.
If someone is on very low health you use ignite on him to pick him off.
Focus one guy at the time.
I usually focus their strongest with a good stun ánd ignite + TS.
If he's dieing already u use the ignite on someone else like stated above.

1 vs 1??
Still easy! :D
LR > Flash in him (he can't hit you because you stand in him)
cast SM and step 1 step aside, if he didn't already.
Now hit ES and he's stunned. Easy = Easy right?
So in if he's a health bomb or high-end hp% stealer (smth like xin zao) then you ignite him when u cast SM.
Now you hit him with TS and he'll have almost no health left.
The rest is auto attack and TS/ES when you can. Don't wait for another LR, UNLESS he is a lot faster than you ánd running away.

Oke.. Calculate with me. For 2 direct stuns you need 6 Marks!
1: LR
2: SM
3: ES
4: SM
5: TS
6: SM

With this combo you have a succesful stun 2 times! guaranteed.
In combination with your ignite you must be a complete zero not to kill your opponent ;)

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Last, but certainly not least: the itemps! D:

Well.. Here's what you do and why.

Start with the hextech gun because it gives 40AP and vamp to stay alive. Also a health pot for the starting fight. I start every game with 61 AP, and this is quite good. Your damage is nice and you steal about ~30hp per TS. Around ~25 per ES.

After this you'd want some boots for speed. We can argue about Magic Pen boots / Magic resist boots / Boots of Swiftness.
The latter my personal favourite here.
This is why:
Magic Pen is awesome, but you get it also from: Masteries, Runes and Haunting Guise. Besides if you'd like more you can buy Void Staff or Abbysal Scepter before or right after Rabadon's Deathcap.
Magic resist is recommended, but I don't see why you need this... You get magic resist from LR and if you wish to have more there's still Abbysal Scepter. As for dodge/def boots I state the same: you don't need it and you can get Zhonya's Hourglass later on.
I actually always take boots of swiftness, because this means you can easily chase people, be at a teamfight in time, and capture bases with easy. (Another good option would be boots of mobility)

Well.. after your boots you take the Will of Ancients for more AP and more hp steal. You should live quite easy now.

Next you take Giant's Belt for more HP and after this Haunting Guise for more HP/AP and some magic pen.

Now you finish the Relai's Scepter. At this point you'll have over 200AP, over 2300 hp and good survivability due to hp steal.

The next thing is to build something you really need. This can be anything but my personal favours are:

Rabadon's Deathcap: Gives superduper AP and usually makes the game. As soon as I have this no teamfight is lost. Your SM makes ultimate dmg and with the right combo you have a 100% stun on all opponents. By now your team in combination with your SM will have killed the enemies very easy. If they happen to have a lot of health or magic resist then you still have your TS to fire their ***es back to hell or simply wait for your homies to pick them off while you relax at a safe spot.

If you have 4/5 AD opponents, or one/two is/are really feeded you take a Thornmail, because this will grant you invincibility against them. They bash away at you while damaging themselves. Meanwhile you have all the time to stun them and simply finish with something like ignite or, if they are really stonr throw in a SM and; good fight, byebye opponent ;)

If your getting pwned by some magic based champ you obviously buy the Abbysal Scepter for extra magic resist and more dmg to try to overpower him. This is also the best choice if you want more Magic Pen. Although Void staff is quite good aswell. (Imo only take void staff AFTER Rabadon's Deathcap, because this magic boost is way better than the % Magic Pen from Void Staff)

If you feel too squishy there's still one choice left, which is Zhonya's Hourglass. This gives a nice 100DEF! and it's passive is holy. Simply go in SM and use ZH's passive and by the time the 2 seconds of immunity are over all opponents around you are stunned and you can make a safe get-away, or kill them with TS/ES/LR/Ignite.

For more suggestions feel free to post below.

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Team Work

Dominion is all about capturing/seizing and then defending(!) three or more turrets.

At the start are two tactics. All above relate to the first tactic, but I will explain a quite interesting and succesful alternative below.

First (usual) Tactic: One of your team captures bot, one mid and 3 rush top, while the person from mid follows to help the first teamfight.
Kennen is quite strong in this fight, but VERY squishy also. (481 health!) Stay on the back and keep hitting opponents with TS, because your dmg is rly good. Use ES when you can and think twice before using LR, since this uses a lot of Energy. (Yes you get some back when you rush through someone, so that you can use ES whatever happens. BUT, if you don't kill him with this ES he will come after you and without boots nor energy you stand no chance to run.)

Okay so you are the one that takes mid. LR out of base and capture mid. LR to the speed buff and you'll get a first lvl up. Here u take TS for extra dmg in this first teamfight (that already started btw)
Run as fast as you can to the teamfight and start killing them nubs!

Well from here it's simply trying to get 3 turrets and defend them.
A little trick: people think quite easily that you are squishy, and who are we to prove them wrong? But the good side here is that they towerdive you a lot ;)
Therefore make sure you always hit people nearing your turret once with TS so that they have a mark.
When they decide to take you down go in LR for def/magic resist, rush through them and hit ES. This will stun them and they are near your tower, making it very very easy to kill them. They can't move. The tower will have at least 2 hits on them before they can run. (unless they use flash, but still then 1 hit from tower) If they decide to fight on, they are mostly hard dmged already and using TS and another ES you usually take them down.

When capturing points use TS a lot too, it hits through towers so u can hit your opponent when you are out of range of the turrets. Another nice thing about this is when you have the def/dmg buff from mid you can hit them from distance and the buff will make an extra hit.

Oh about this mid buff. Try to get it always. You are squishy and this helps you live, besides the damage output of you will go up by like 30-40% so killing whole groups solo is possible now. (need some practise with TS for this tho, cause 1 vs 3 with missed skillshots is good fight for you)

More tips 'n tricks:

TS can hit through anything! Including buildings and broad walls. You can hit people at Windmill (top) from behind the house that shields it at the lower side. This can be really useful for stunning fast when teammembers come to capture the turret.

When you try to run away from someone with LR dont just make way, but rush through them first. This will add a mark. YOU CAN HIT TS FROM WITHIN LR. This means: that when he has 1 mark and you are still running away in LR u can run ÁND hit TS at the same time. So run and hit TS on him. He will have 2 Marks now and still chase you. When you have energy for ES (which is usually always even after these 2 skills) you make the last mark. and.. bam! stunned. Now you have time enough to make a safe get-away really easy.

So now the alternative way to play Dominion.
One goes bot to take bot turret. One goes mid for mid turret.
3 people rush top.. ... .... .. or do they!?
Untill now it was the same, but oh no! what is this?!

Once the 3 persons going to top pass the mid base they go to the opponent's bottom tower. The enemies will have spotted the 3 persons running to top, because they passed the mid tower, but really they take bottom with the bot person. 4 vs 1, can't go wrong.

Like this you have both bot and mid, meaning 3 points. When the opponents finally understand what you did at least one or two will go bot to help there. While u have 4 bot and 1 defending mid, it is quite fcked up for your mid to be alone against 1~3 opponents coming from top. Therefore once you took the 2nd bottom turret make sure one rly fast person goes back to mid to defend there. Now you have 3 bot and 2 mid. You can send one person to defend ur own bot, and therefore you'll have:

2 on opponent's bot
1 on own's bot
2 on own's mid

When the opponents decide to get back their bottom base they'll have to come with 2 or 3 persons. Likely is that they'll use 3. This means somewhere else one person is gone. They will have either:
1 top, 1 mid, 3 bot or 2 top, 0 mid and 3 bot.
Either way is your chance to get top. If the enemies succeed in taking bot base you will have top again! meaning 3 turrets = winning.
If they don't your even better off, having 4 turrets! Ultrawin :D

Caution! This method needs cooperative play and I don't suggest to use it unless you have a premade of at least 3 people of which at least 2 go to the fake top and instead rush bot.

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I think Kennen is a really strong champion, especially here in dominion.
He has a lot of pros and a lil less cons. At least when u practise playing him;)

Rushing around like a madman, Kennen is really fast.
His dmg output is outrageous! Combined with the mid buff even quite overpowered (shhh ;))
Getting gold is no problem
You'll defend like a boss with stun in tower.
Your CC is fckn awesome to say the least!
And on lvl 18 with 2500 health ~500 AP and lightning rush as your defense your a strong, strong champion. (500 AP only if u have 1 more AP item after rabadons. For instance Zhonya's Hourglass. But even without ~400AP is good :D)
Another small fact: You'll steal ~100-120 hp per TS and ~90-110 hp per ES on end. And I usually also get about ~35hp per hit from SM. (it hits 3x per sec so 100hp/sec is quite nice)

Thanks for reading my guide