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Wukong Build Guide by Candul

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Candul

my monkey king offtanking build

Candul Last updated on July 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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yo. This is my first guide and as a result I shall accept all flaming with humility. That being said, this guide is directed toward making a balanced build and to be nearly unkillable with the tanky gear, amazing movement speed, and the w that will never fail to make them rage. One of the main reasons i choose to build wukong this way is because without the tankiness you can be hardcountered by an oracles. Most games with this build I end up getting few kills, few deaths, and tons of assists.

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Ranked Play and Role

Normally when i use this build in ranked I solo and serve a roll similar to someone like jarvan. I try to keep in mind that wukong's real strength lies in skirmishing. Use your e and q to harass and slip away with your w. Let the gold per 5 items do their work. Once you have your ult your only real barrier is mana. between your w, ghost, flash, your passive, your ult, and ghostblade active you should have no problem engaging as many people as you would like and slipping away.

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Alternative items

Thornmail- Situational of course. This is how you punish the ashe/yi/xin for their inosolence.

Quicksilver sash- solid magic resist and a cleanse? Good against those malzahars, annies, nunus... the list goes on.

Warmogs+atmas-If you get one you might as well get the other. I played around with these items early on but ended up deciding id let the real tanks do their jobs. Still, these items can make you formidable with a good farm on your mogs.

Black Cleaver- The amount of time you have after your e-q combo is just long enough to get the black cleaver stacks you need. This item is something i get if ive somehow gotten fed.

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Works well with....

As a beefy dps, i find the most important part of playing wu in this way is to have certain tanks to synergize with.

Singed- The one i have most experience playing. both you and singed will escape from MANY situations that the other team will start to hate you a little bit. This comp fully punishes those who chase.

Leona- her double stuns give the team ample opportunity to get the carry early but often leona's can sponge up the dmg enough in a long team fight. Wukong can help in this area. Double stun to a properly timed wukong ult to disrupt the focus is the key to this comp.

Amumu- Who doesn't work well with amumu? His ult gives you time to get into play to most fully optimize your ult.

Shen- I know many shens like to have a solid initiater that they can ult so they may set up for taunting the entire team. Wukong can be that guy.

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You can use your w and your e to aoe the same group of minions and use q to last hit the tank minions. You really don't have to farm that hard, you can just let your amigo get creep kills while your gp5 items kick ***.

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Champions to watch out for

I have found champions with silence to a particular nuisance.

Kassadin- Kinda squishy, so if you play smart it may not be that big of a deal. Still, he can be dangerous with his silence and teleport.

Fiddle- Fiddle always makes me blow my flash when he trys to gank me out of the jungle. without it, i see little hope for victory in the face of crowstorm, drain, and the silence. A quicksilver sash can save you from this hoe.

Cho-Can always find ways to safely harass you. Keep moving and use your superior movement speed to get inside as the knockup is used. Still,

Garen- Early game, can kind of bully you out of your position. Take over your bushes and what not. Also, his ult silences, making him difficult to punish with your ult.

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Don't bash it till you try it.