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Morgana Build Guide by Saphinara

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saphinara

My Morgana Build

Saphinara Last updated on November 7, 2011
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Morgana or more appropiately "Moremana"

Morgana is a brilliant AP champ, especially for 3v3 ranked but she is also ok in 5v5, she has her own spell vamp so generally spell vamp items aren't required however mana is crucial because lets be fair, she has high damage ratios and even bigger mana cost. The most important thing about this champion is YOU MUST be able to land skill shots, precisely and quickly. Dark Binding is one of the best moves in the game to both aid in Teamfights by trapping that squishy enemy or stopping the hardest hitting enemy from slaughtering your teammates. It's also brilliant to set up yourself for your ultimate or just tormented soil to get your health back. Or just plain if you want to escape from a chasing enemy.

Your tormented soil is your bread and butter farming move it is also the best move for slapping down in your team fight to reduce your opponents magic resist, it's also brilliant for regaining life back from your passive spell vamp and if you use a crystal scepter it also slows the enemy as they walk through it.

Black shield is a brilliant supporting spell, it is by far the best shielding spell in the game as it blocks unfriendly abilities and stuns and fears etc. Try to cast it on the most likely team mate to receive all the brunt of the stuns etc like your squishiest teammate or yourself if your alone. Remember holding alt and pressing the key to cast it will instant cast it on yourself if the ability is able to be cast on ones-self.

Now here's the interesting part, your ultimate, yes it requires you to be in close proximity to your enemy in order to cast it however this can also be a big bonus. In a team fight you can be the one to cast the most damage to all your enemies around you by using this and tormented soil as it both does damage not once but TWICE if they stay within it's range AND it stuns them if they stay within the range too, which is pretty easy because dark binding will prevent at least one from escaping you.

Most people I see with morgana try to slap dark binding on the enemy then slap tormented soil down, yes this means if you get a bind you are guaranteed to damage them with soil however this mitigates some of the damage because A) You wasted the first 1.5 seconds of dark binding to cast tormented soil on them and B) Tormented soil reduces magic resist so therefore if you manage to slap down tormented soil and THEN bind them on top of it you maximize the damage.

You should be looking to spam tormented soil as much as possible to keep farming those creeps and more importantly to deny your opponent in lane and also make them fall back or loose alot of health.

Also let it be of note that not alot of people buy the blue elixers anymore, these are very helpful to Morgana as they provide both AP and cooldown reduction to her for short periods of time when your building mana and no ap items such as frozen heart, investing in one every so often during your laning is advised.

This is all for now I'll add more as follows.

This guide was done as a request for someone I know, I know there are allot of morgana builds and I'm not saying my one is any better than any other on here.

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Other Items

Sometimes, when you don't need all that extra health a Tear of the Goddess can replace the Rod of Ages but make sure you grab this early in order to max out it's mana early. Upgrade this into an Archangel's Staff and you will have quite allot of ap from both the Tear's mana and the Frozen Heart.

Of course if you feel you don't need that extra armor though I strongly advise you take Frozen Heart because it has not only saved me on more than one occasion against that AD Ranged or Assassin like Talon, you can swap it out for a second Deathcap or even Morello's Evil Tome.

Some people even take an Hourglass but honestly it's not that useful on Morgana, unlike Fiddlesticks or Kennen you generally aren't going to be surrounded by all 5 champs at once while you dive in to do your ultimate so unless you are getting ganked allot there's no real opportunity to activate the passive. You can do more damage on your own by spamming your abilities, you get more mana from frozen heart, the same armor and that nice reduction of enemy's attack speed therefore that's why I think it's better.

Arguably yes you will get in the middle of people with your ult during a team fight but honestly you are not the engager, if you are the first into a team fight by activating your ult, you're doing it wrong, the sequence is generally, tormented soil/dark binding, shield either yourself or the squishiest ally about to get focused by disables then jump in with your ult to prevent them from escaping.