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Vladimir Build Guide by zeke0123

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zeke0123

My ranked Vlad

zeke0123 Last updated on November 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Few words for the beginning

Hey guys, i would like to tell you how i play vladimir in rankeds, what tactics do i prefare, what items do i build (why + when) and so on..

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What vladimir is?

Well, vladimir is lategame hyper carry who can deal realy high dmg.
U have to know that when you play him you have to just farm farm farm and farm, now im not saying that you shouldnt help your teammates when they need it but the farm is realy important.

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Vladimirs mid gameplay and game style

Lets talk about mid gameplay with vladimir now. So well, as i sad vlad needs to have a lots of farm, how to do it? its quite simple. Vladimir is champ who doesnt have mana but his two spells (w,e) cost health so u can push hard and take every single mob and when you will be under opponents tower just take his or yours wraits and do it again and again. You can start killing wraits when you will hit lvl 4. But dont forget that u have to care about opponent jungler so you have to buy some wards and be careful a lot, but still if he will get to you you can escape easily with w and flash but remember that it wont work everytime.
You can also haras your opponent with q and with e when you will try to push your lane.

I realy like tower dives on mid with vlad. I must tell you that its realy dangerous and that it is suside almost every time but i realy like it. So, if u haras your opponent to half of his hp u can kill him under his tower.

What you have to care about?

1.) You have to care about opponent jungler (I mean if you dont know his position do not dive)
2.) You have to know CDs of ap whos vs. you (If he has flash or ignite or another spells which can be dangerous for you under his tower)
3.) Its allways better to not to have CD on flash Because you will probably need fast escape.
4.) You can start diving since lvl 6

And how to do it?
Get realy close to your opponent and cast your ulti ten cast ignite and transfusion after it cast tides of bloods (remember that its better to have four stacks when you will start dive)
and then cast sanguine pool. If he will suvive cast q and tide again and then flash away from enemys turet .

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My item builds

I allways start with boots and three health potions then i buy CD reduce boots and Hextech revolver + Kages lucky pickthen i build spirit visage and after it i build wil of the ancients and then rabbadons deathcap after it i build rylays scapter and deathfire grasp

You can also build another items depending on the situation. Which is:
Zonya - If the enemy team has lots of attack damage champions or if u need to suvive a litle bit more time in fights
Abbysals scapter - If u need some magic resist or its also good for your team (it reduses your opponents magic resist too)
Randuins omen - You can also build it agains team whic has lots of attack damage.
If you want to build one of tis items you can change it with deathfire grasp or wit spirit visage.

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Summoner spells

I allways use ignite and flash because they are the best spells for mid i think.
Ghost or heal are usefull too.

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Vladimir in teamfights

Its allways better to go to teamfights when you have four stacks of your tides of blood.
What you have to do when you are in fight? Well, its simple you just need to use your ultimate and spam tides of bloods, try to focus ad/ap carry with transfusion and when ull be more focused or you will almost die use sanguine pool and try to get to enemys carry or run away (depends on the situation)