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Lee Sin Build Guide by freezeflames

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League of Legends Build Guide Author freezeflames

my take on lee

freezeflames Last updated on February 19, 2012
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hello, and welcome to my lee sin build, i've played quite a few champs, but lee is one of my all time favorites because of his diverse playstyles, in this guide, i will be highlighting the slightly tanky dps side of him.

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pro's and con's

-early game dominance
-good all round stats
-godlike if fed
-hard to push out of lane
-really dependent on early game feed
-no magic resistance
-may be expected to tank

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the reason that i went with these masteries is to give a boost in attack damage to make up for lost ad from starting with dorans shield, the defense part is geared at giving you that little armor boost that will let you lane longer

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the reason i went with these runes were, again, to give you enough feed early game to carry you into a godlike late game. though the reason i went into these marks specifically is a little more complex. i got armor seals because they're cheap, and amazingly strong for the amount of money they cost. flat ad marks on an ad champ should be self explanatory, same with the armor pen quints. the only weird choice that's here are the attack speed glyph's. i get these for my glyph page because i think personally it does the most good there, i mean, im not going to sacrifice my armor or damage for some extra atk speed, not as lee at least. and what does lee have to gain from regular glyph's,i find the energy ones are worthless, and the rest don't even make sense.

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dorans shield
-i absolutely love this starter, mainly for the extra sustain early game that an ad carry desperately needs
Berserker's Greaves
-no surprises here, i just get it to fill the attack speed gap for when your passive isn't enough early game
-great item for tanky ad, and because of the slow, i snap it up as my first item after boots
wriggle's lantern
-amazing synergy with lee sin's w key, makes you a ****ing stone in lane
trinity force
-as dufftime put it, it is one of the most efficient items in the entire game, so i take it after wriggles.
-one of the best weapons an ad carry can have, tanky or not
frozen mallet
-say hello to the holy grail of ad carries. attack, hp, and the biggie, the slow. with your e key, only someone like yi or teemo can run from you
infinity edge
-a great item, but secondary to more tanky, efficient items in my eyes
if this isn't working in any way, try to swap out items as you see fit, for example, if you're being cc'ed a lot then grab a quicksilver sash.

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skill sequence

no surprises in store here, i max resounding strike first for chasing power and dueling capabilities. tempest second, and safegaurd last (taking 2/3 points early for sustain) the reason i did this is because resounding strike (rs from here on) is meant to chase, or take down solo or duo in lanes chasing down that slippery champ on the other team that just keeps getting away.. i max tempest so when the laneing phase dissolves, i have a large slow, debuff, and the resonating strike and tempest combo. to take them. the reason that i take safegaurd (sg) last if because with the early life-steal that your getting eliminates the urgent need for another 10-15 percent plus some armor, at least not over getting slows/damage

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summoner spells

the summoner spells you should get vary greatly on the type of playstyle you have, and your enemies too. but no matter what, take flash, i know you've heard this a million times before, but flash is a lifesaver. the only bad thing about it is that they probably have flash too. i like flash and ignite, or two of the basic spells you see on non supports. is you are going tanky, or jungle, swapping ignite with heal or smite is what i recommend.

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you and your team

in your team you should act as a carry that happens to have some more hp than usual. i cannot stress this enough (but im damn well gonna try)


you are an ad carry, but with more sustain, so you can take some hits for your team, but I've seen too many tanky ad's run into battle like they could handle the other teams focus. though if, for some reason, your team gas no tank, you can switch it up bit and go offtank. you can find the guide for offtank lee here->

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this is not a jungling lee build, but he is a good jungler. for this build i recommend you to use the jungle for hp recovery with wriggles after fights, or getting that extra cc from the lizard buff. long story short, the jungle is your hp recovery system when your low, afraid of laning to recover hp because of ganks, but not ready to go back to base. or when a buff is needed.

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ability combo's

there are multiple ways to combo your abilities, all of them serving an acute purpose. as lee, part of your strength comes from your passive, so even in high paced team fights, make sure to leave room for two hits in between abilities. your combinations are as follows
1. the damage combo, resonating strike, 2 auto attacks, tempest, 2 auto, cripple, two auto, safegaurd out, ideally, this should all happen before the enemy can fully react and get a lot of damage in
2. the chasing combo, resonating strike, tempest, cripple, and auto attack to your hearts content
3. defending team, safegaurd onto ally, tempest/cripple, making sure to auto attack, and ult if necessary
4. defending self, fire sonic wave into the wall to try to hit the creep camp, if it works, then you should pretty much have a free pass (only works in certain area's) if you don't, tempest, safegaurd, flash will stop them in their tracks

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this is my first build, so leave some tips and ways to improve the build in the comments section.