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League of Legends Build Guide Author shvdeath

My thoughts on Karth

shvdeath Last updated on December 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So my thoughts on this are...

1)Mana is needed early for spamming your q ability

2)Mana means lots of harass which equals kills with Requiem (later adds to your AP)

3)Magic Pen is king...the more magic pen you have the less time you have to sit there thinking "will this kill that little bugger" You only have a few seconds of sight by your team when you are checking on a side lane fight. To have to think
- Champ X has 500 health
- I have 25 magic pen (points)
-He has 45 magic resist (points)
-So I will do x damage to him takes WAAAAAAYYYYYY to long to process. I have done this in protracted skirmish fights and waited for the enemy champ to get down to X health but for most fights this isn't reasonable.
This also has the added benefit of being able to just nuke champs that typically get away thanks to health regen i.e. garen, mundo At the end of this depending on the build you will have switched out you can be doing 800- 1100 dmg with your ult (raw dmg no resists). This means a garen/ mundo running away at 400 health is still easy pickings as long as you ult fast. Remembering that you have to wait 3 sec which is a pain...

4) Things like zona's ring are a great way of stopping karth's ult....having people run and pop the ring is annoying. But make lemonade out of lemons and remember they have to stay still for 2 sec while this is going on =) So it can be useful in a chase....die by Requiem or die by the enemy team catching you.

5)I choose tele because Karth is meant to get into the thick of battle.
-You will go squish....but death is not the end for this mean fighting machine
-When entering battle you do have some modest life-steal which allows you to stay alive against low dps toons or even tough harass.
-The best thing that can happen to you is that the enemy calls you first and your team engages on your dead body (if they are smart or you know the players). Karth can deal incredible damage when in a static location. So fight on after death, I have prob gotten 1/3 of my total kills from people killing me and sticking around to long afterwards. Your AOE depending on the variations of this build will be doing 250-300+ raw dmg a sec. Q spells and your ult will do even more.

6) Clarity will allow you to lane longer or keep running your AOE spell (e) for a long period of time (ONLY IF NEEDED)

7) Dont run your AOE for the hell of it. Even at the end game with blue buff you will feel the burn of your mana pool calling.

8) Ideally you want to take mid lane for Karth all the time. Karth has a great ability to harass with his q spell. I spam it for the first few min of the game and use clairity to keep me up until i buy the tear drop. Tele allows you to get back into lane quickly and clarity has a shortish cool down. Remember that clarity does NOT fill up your pool so use it as soon as possible to top yourself off and get the cool down ticker running. This is a mistake i see many people make and I have to point out how dumb it is. When your clarity is still on cd and you need mana now use a mana pot. Or you can go b and tele back with a full load of mana. You only spend 5-10 sec out of lane and getting the exp.

9) Kennen has nothing on you for harass. Your goal is to hid behind minions for champs that need to hit you to deal dmg (kennen, lux's stun etc) or stay to the side (trist, malz etc). Choosing which one to do is a big deal. It makes the enemy champ split dmg to you or your minions. Remember that your q has decent range so it leads to great harass if they stand in the minion ball because they are a close range champ (lawlz to close range champs mid. Also remember that if they are a fat champ like Grag then they might not even see your sneaky deathcap under them until it goes pop and takes their health away.

10) To deal with a kennen or such do a few things in this order...
-The moment Ken goes into a ball of energy throw on your AOE. As he runs towards you, you will already start doing dmg to his sorry health bar.
-Just as ken is about to hit you throw your wall up behind him to sandwich him next to you. This wall is a godsend. It will reduce enemy resists and make them decide to go around the wall to get away or stand and play with the AOE karth that is spamming Q on them. If they run through the wall (which last FOREVER) follow to keep doing dmg with your AOE and lead them off with Q (they are slowed). Allowing you to do max dmg and make the lame Ken reconsider doing that in the future.
_P.S. Dont over-extend or you will die.
-If ken decides to stay and fight you great! Most players do not move AND attack at the same time (to hard or something I guess) so your Q will be doing full dmg as there is only one target and they are standing on it=p Further even when you are dead keep your AOE on and try to finish him off with Q spells.
-Should all else fail, count to four when you are dead. At four seconds use your ult if you can finish the enemy off. Because of the three second activation you can NOT use it between 5-8 sec after you die. The game won't let you as you are about to die and can not cast spells while dead.

11) Turrets are the grit of the game... you need them to win. So to keep the enemy team from doing a last min turret rush to save their turret you simply have to throw your wall up as far back as you can. They won't want to run though it and become food for your team once the turret is down (since they are slowed and have lowered resist).

12) Team fights work the same way. To start a team fight use your wall to split one or two off from the others. This gets your team to go in for the kill and start the fight. If the enemies team comes to help they are slow and have lower resists ftw=)

13) Keep your AOE on during team gains health and can do killer dmg. If you have to use your rings 2 sec invul keep your AOE going. Your AOE keeps working even though you can't move. Gaining you health and still dealing dmg to the enemy.

14) Use your wall to block enemy escape routs. This will force them into stupid fights because they don't want to run away the long rout.

15) You can flip out Clarity for Flash. But since it is going away soon I don't recommend you use it too much =p

15) You can switch out the Abyssal Scepter if you don't need the magic pen and want to go with another Archangels staff. More raw dmg and less magic pen still wins against squishy toons.

16)Gunblade isn't needed. If you want to go with the other final build off the Hextech Revolver go for it. I use Gunblade because hit has more AP and life steal.

17) Don't rock to much as a Karthus or to many other people will buy him -_-