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Kayle Build Guide by aquaboi23

Other Mysteries of the Mixed Kayle build

By aquaboi23 | Updated on October 21, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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~Before you read

Your text to link here... Awesome Kayle picture <3

Hey guys,in this guide i will be guiding you guys about my personal kayle build. I call it,the mixed Kayle. Basically,it involves mixing in AD,AP,tank and support items into one build. It might sound weird,but it actually works out fine for me. The guide will be fairly short,but ill try to make it as detailed as possible.
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What is mixed kayle?

As i said before,mixed Kayle is basically AD,AP,tank and support items mashed into one build. The skill build can be varied depending on your team composition,the enemy team,and your team's needs.

If you need to support,take 2-3 levels of your heal early,then max out your E.
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The item build is fairly simple. You start off with 2 wards to prevent yourself and your lane partner from getting ganked,and 2 health potions to stay in lane. Then,you get berserkers greaves for the AD part of kayle. Then you get a guinsoo's rageblade to give you damage AND ability power,aswell as the AWESOME attack speed passive+ AP passive. Then you get Aegis of the Legion,for some armor,magic resist,HP AND an awesome aura. Then,your next item is the Blood Thirster. It gives you awesome damage,and lifesteal. Your next item is Nashor's Tooth,because it gives you insane attack speed,ability power,mana regen AND awesome cooldown reduction.Your last item is,Banshee's Veil,because it gives you HP,mana,magic resist and an awesome passive.

All of these items provide you carrying potential,support,and an off tank.

*Note* The item build can be varied! This is just my personal way of building kayle. For example,if they have stealth champions,you can always carry an Oracle's elixir,so you can see them,and,you might have a chance to destroy wards,and teemo's annoying mushrooms :]
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I decided to leave the pros and cons list after the items,because i like it better :P

-Awesome lane harass with Kayle's E
-Awesome slow,that can save you or net you a kill
-Awesome Heal,that gives you speed
-Life saving ult,can be used on yourself or an ally

-Jack of all trades,master of none
-Ultimate,if used at the wrong time can get wasted,and teammates will rage at you
-Your heal dosen't heal as much
-Hard to get close into teamfights when your E is on cooldown.
-Very item dependent.
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Summoner spells

I apologize for having this chapter far into the guide,but here it is nonetheless.
Flash is a pretty good spell,on all champions because you can escape OR chase down an enemy.
Exhaust provides you with another escaping spell,or chasing spell,in the form of a slow.

Instead of exhaust,you can take clairvoyance if you will take the role of a supporter.
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The runes that i recommend provide you with damage and survivability,which is why i recommend those runes for mixed kayle. Always keep in mind,its just MY recommended runes,and you don't have to use them all if you don't want to.
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Skill sequence

It's fairly simple. I start out with E for the amazing harassing ability,then get 1 level of my slow and heal,then proceed to max my E out,getting some levels of the heal,and of course,taking the ultimate whenever possible,and your slow is maxed out last. At level 1,the slow slow's enough for you to escape or chase,and if you think its not enough to escape you have your ultimate,and the bonus speed from the heal!
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The masteries for kayle are just my build,you can always vary it to fit your tastes.

The utility tree provides you with utility,with less time spent dead,1 second less on your recall,increases the vision of wards AND allows you to level up faster. At the end of the utility tree,you get 15% COOLDOWN REDUCTION!

I put 1 point into offense to improved exhaust,and the rest goes into defense for more durability.
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Team Fights

Kayle is really good in team fights, and in this chapter,ill provide you some strategies on how to perform well in team fights,and make it out alive.

1-Always go in after the tank has initiated,you are an off-tank.(Make sure you have your E on!)
2-Attack the AD carry,and use your slow on a fleeing enemy.
3-When one of your tank has about medium HP,use your heal on him so it heals him AND gives him bonus movespeed.
4-When one of your teammates is on the edge of dying,use your ultimate on him.
5-IF,and only IF your tank has died,tank for your team. My item build/rune build/mastery build provides you with some survivability,enough to be an off-tank.
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As i said,kayle is really item dependant. Farming is an important thing,so try to get as much farm as you can before level 11. If you push too far,you might aswell have the support buy some wards,or you can ward yourself to farm safely.
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Lane strategies

This chapter will be short,but will provide some tips in the laning phase.

Have your E on at all times,its great for harassing and keeping the enemies out of the lane,plus,it has an AOE!

Use your slow to get a kill if possible,and always use your heal for escaping,or chasing.

And of course,use your ultimate to save yourself,or an ally.
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-Extra Chapter,my overview of Kayle-

In my eyes,kayle is an off everything. Basically,what i mean is:

Kayle is an off carry:Kayle can carry well,AD or AP,but other champions do much better.

Kayle is also an off tank: Kayle can tank well with my build,but other champions will do much better.

Kayle is ALSO,an off supporter: She can support with wards,and with the clairvoyance summoner spell,but other champions will do much better than Kayle.
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Well,thats my personal guide,you don't have to follow EVERYTHING,but it just gives you an idea of what mixed Kayle is,and you can make your own item build. If you play on the north american server, hit me up.

My main is: Meteor Strike23 or AYODATFLOCKACRAY. My level 30 account got banned,so i'm using these two.

Thank you for taking your time to read this guide,i greatly appreciate it,i hope you get better with kayle :]