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Nasus Build Guide by Jeanschyso

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jeanschyso

Nasus 3v3 no killing oath

Jeanschyso Last updated on September 25, 2011
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Hello, I'm Jeanschyso. This is the first time I write a guide for any game. I started playing Nasus in 3v3 after the game bugged out and wouldn't let me choose a champion. I'll have to thank for this blessing. After trying it out, I saw a great potential for being just like Poppy, a unique role, out of the boundaries of Carry, Tank, regular DPS and Support.

The goal I had set in mind was to create a champion that would not need to kill his enemies to become hellishly farmed. So far, I have been successful becoming the scariest of my team with 0-0-2 as a score at the end of the game. I'll have to give credit to noob been feed and Fergy qc for being such good partners and accepting this way to play that I am going to lay out for you

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How do I win without killing the enemy champion?

The awnser is simple. Dragon.

When you git level 6, you should ask someone bot to come and tower hug top while you go back to town. That's when I usually buy my philostone and first boots. Get some more potions while you're at it, you always need more potions before second dragon kill.

Your ult and a potion will let you kill the dragon with 35% of your health left (approximation)

Take another potion and go back to your lane. Right now, you can one hit caster minions when they're under SF, and you'll HAVE to use SF to push back, as your friend probably wasn't lvl 6 yet.

Then it's rather simple. Heal up on minions, wither and SF-SS the enemy champ to get him running. Don't run after him, you'll be wasting at least 2 Qs that could be used on killing minions. After 5 minutes minus 20 seconds, go back to base and buy your items, get your mana back, and go kill dragon. Push back, lifesteal the minions, scare the enemy champ and keep farming.

When 30 minutes have passed, you'll have given dragon buff to your allies at least 4 times. If they failed to take down a turret, you'll have to break the oath and leave your lane. your Q should be close to 300 if not above, accounting for enemy harrassement in earlygame and bad luck. You'll be downing enemies by at least half their health, and slow them.

Give the kills to your bot laners, as they have been having trouble and you seriously don't need to kill a champion as much as they do.

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Flat health and dodge are both necessary for surviving the gankfight at bot. Of course this depends on your partners, but many teams will target Nasus first, esp if you got, say, Teemo and Xin as allies. Teemo's invisible, so you're the easiest to kill.

Marks are for the minions, the dragon and the harassing. You want to down the enemy by 75% in a short time when lvl 5 and almost 6, so you'll need those to boost the damage.

Seals can be swapped for cooldown, but I feel like mana is a real problem with Nasus if you're fighting someone like Fiddlestick or Brand, who will burst you while there's nothing you can do. All you'll be able to do then will be Spirit fire to at least not have to tower regen for the win!

Same goes for glyphs. Try keeping one of them on mp regen though.

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Masteries are pretty simple. You want to use ghost for getting around the map faster, and you want exhaust to keep the enemy slowed after Wither ends. I run cooldown for better Q farming, and I feel it's enough to cope for the lack of cooldown runes.

The minion killing mastery is obviously to start the Q farming without the pain of missing your 2 last hits because you're being harassed and you hurry too much. The rest of offensive speaks for itself.

If you're just starting and are scared of dying alot, get the death timer mastery.

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I run Regrowth Pendant and a potion for early game because of that early gank fight. If you die in there when you have Ghost, you'll have to read the game better.

Usually after giving the first hit and exhaust for your team to get first blood, you should run the hell out and use that potion. If they kill the one with exhaust on him, that's one assist for you. if you hit someone else on your way to run, that's the one who'll be next. I almost never see an ace at that stage of the game, as there's always at least one player with better judgement.

So after you got those 2 kills, go back to base. Minions have not yet spawned, and you're sitting on enough gold to buy the faerie charm (the other item for Philo stone recipe). Youll love having it as it will allow you to wither the opponent at top lane to buy time for your last hits or for running away.

The sheen is to ensure caster minions one hit q farming.

Spirit visage is for cooldown, but also for the increase of health you'll gain from your passive. Excelent item, I never play without it.

Then get Phage first for the increased damage and to be scary. If you play right, you'll be able to almost kill anyone by then with phage slow, wither and exhaust. You don't need to attack faster, and you got your tabi so you run fast enough. Crit is nice but I don't like relying on luck.

If you ever get more money(if your opponent are turtling like champs) you should look for either a frozen armor or a thornmail.

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The end

I know this is not yet well written, the formatting isn't good, but I intend on formatting this guide over the time, as I don't have much time to write and I want to share my build with others.

Ending a game with 0 kills and getting complimented by the opponents for being crazy dangerous feels so good...

one more thing, Nasus is not a tank, he is not viable as a tank. Did you ever see a tank not being able to snare, stun, knock airborn? Amumu can do almost all of these. Taric can too, Rammus too, and Sion is in that group also. If you can't stop the enemy, they'll run past you and ignore you.