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Nasus Build Guide by DwayneMCarter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DwayneMCarter

Nasus, an interesting experiment

DwayneMCarter Last updated on April 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This Guide is built around a Nasus that can farm with his Q. He can deal great burst damage alond with being very tanky. This is definitately not the standard way to build Nasus, and I know this. Please at least try before downvoting. It really deals great damage and synergies pretty well. A lot of the statistics on this build of Nasus come from passive bonus such as Manamune, Atmas, and Warmog. I am a pretty low elo, but I know this works in public, which I tend to play. I would love if some higher elo player could test this build and see if it would work. Thank you in advance for reading through before voting!

Dwayne M Carter

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Got to have that good ole armor pen Quints. Such a huge difference early game. As for the glyphs, if you spamming Q early, you need all the mana help you can get before you go back for the first time. These mana is DEFINATELY NEEDED. And for the seals, armor is just my favorite choice, but it can really be any defensive item, whatever fits your style.

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21 Offense, with the key being able to make you burst well. the 9 in defense is a nice bonus, but could just as easily be 9 in utility, but I prefer armor.

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Pros / Cons

almsot unkillable unless focused in team fights
very tough to kill 1 on 1
easy farming
one of the best slows in the game

no true gap closer
a little fragile in the beginning
early game mana dependent

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Start of by building the boots, getting health pots whenever you feel the need. You need to keep Nasus from being CC'd and your boots will make a huge difference early against all those pesky mages who will stun/snare/slow you. I know a lot fo people will hate me for this, but I rush Manamune for two reasons. First, it gives you a great mana item right away that ends your mana problems early. Second, with you spamming your Q to build that awesome damage (hopefully at least +250 by the end of the game) you will get to 2000 mana VERY fast. 2% of 2000 is 40 bonus AD to go along with the 20 already given, making it a 60 AD item for a measly 2k gold. Feel free to later sell it for a bloodthrister if you dont want it late game, where you have almost 3000 mana, which makes it an 80 AD item. Next item is Warmogs Armor. Nasus needs to be a tanky DPS, and with his farming ability, he reaches full stacks on it very fast. NExt is your killer two, trinity force and infinity edge. Between the two you critical 40% of the time with +110 AD and 150% base damage/250% critical damage. Now you are tanky and deal a ton of damage. Now to cap it off Atma's works PERFECT. Your Crit chance goes up over 58%, you get a nice armor boost to help against those pesky AD carries, and you get ANOTHER huge AD boost from your approximately 3.5 k health, which translates into 70 more attack damage! So lets do some math here....
health---check 3200 plus whatever your bonuses are from Warmogs
armor--- 135, enough to make those carries think twice before they take you on with your wither
Critical chance--58%, could be better, but hey, we arent a carry.
Attack Damage---116 base + 80 from IE + 30 from TF + ~70 from Atma's +~ 80 from Manamune
this is.......~350 AD while being nice and beefy.

So in the end your auto attacks can do, using the buff from TF ~1025 damage.....and when you use you ulti (max bonus 240 AD)......along with his passive lifesteal...DO NOT FIGHT HIM!

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Skill Sequence

You Need the farm with Q, and although a lot fo people love Spirit fire, I tend to like wither for disabling enemy carries for mid game team fights, keeping them from getting fed. Also you dont lose kills in chasing with wither. You can farm later int he game with spirit fire, making all minions 1 hit for your Q.

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Summoner Spells

I pessonally like any combo of heal, ignite, exhaust, flash. exhaust allows you to disable 40% of a team in a team fight, which is veyr nice for a tanky DPS like you. heal will give you jsut enough time to let that ulti and lifesteal take full effect. ignite obviously is a killer spell, especially early game, or against a team that relies on some sort of heal. Flash can save you, from getting caught unaware while farming alone. Not to concered about this part, personal preference IMO.

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Team Work

Early Game: farm farm farm farm. Get that Q damage up so you can w->e->q to deal a nice little nuke if anyone wants to challange you early. Your passive lifsteal will give you a huge advantage farming if you have ranged partner to protect you or are soloing vs another melee champion. Do not play aggresively, and do not push too hard, since you get better the longer then game goes.

Mid Game: Now that team fights have started, try to wait until your tank has initiated, then pop your ult, wither the enemies carry, exhaust another AD champion, drop your E, then charge in and use all the people around you to absolutely run house. Get the carries asap, the chase down the stragglers with your W.

Late Game: Now thing are nuts. Remember that Trydamere the other lane fed? now he is right in your face....But no worries, wither and exhaust should make him useless for about 5 secinds, more than enough time for you to teach him who is boss. When he pops his hated ER, you simply put up your E and keep him with you with wither. hoepfully some ranged teammate will finish his sorry hide. Or what happens when that pesky yi comes zooming in with ult up? That is why we have armor and health my friend, and let that E tell his armor who is boss. A couple of hit should finish him unless he is insanely fed, in which case the game is over anyway.

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So you by the end, if well farmed, you have a beast of a Tanky Dps who has as much tankyness as an offtank, and as much damage as a second carry. You can disable a team in team fights and destroy people 1 on 1. Overally a very strong champion who can be built multiple ways, this is just my version. This is not meant to be trolling, so be constructive in your comments