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Nasus Build Guide by Mango_nerrrrr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mango_nerrrrr

Nasus Anubis : God of Death

Mango_nerrrrr Last updated on May 1, 2012
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More than a build this is a Guide to mindf*cking your enemies. Let's face it, Nasus is powerful in skilled hands and can easily survive a 1v3, if this is your first time playing Nasus i do NOT reccomend you start with this build and suggest you go with a tankier approach.go here for such buildNasus has built-in surviveability so i don't like wasting much gold on tank items, i believe that restricts his full potential as an AD nuke.I Can't prepare you for specific outcomes but usually playing Nasus leads to the same scenerio. Since you have continued to read I'm assuming you have experience with this dog fellow so I'll skip talking about runes, masteries and skill sequence.

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Team Work/ Sidenotes/Items ect

Nasus doesn't need a team, your team needs YOU. Be aware of your power. Don't be afraid to enagage an enemy or two, but do NOT go in for a 1v5 on purpose that IS suicidal. Do NOT get c.o.c.k.y. You can still lose if they feed off of you like you fed off their carries. Most of it is in your hands this is just how i play my enemies with Nasus(yes i said right).(if you have too, substitute items to match your enemies.)
Core Items for

[*]Trinity Force
[*]Infinity Edge
[*]Blood Thirster
if you do not like these items or prefer to play more DEFENSIVE you are welcome to try another build, this isnt the guide/ build for you.
And im telling you if you play smart you can win 90% of your games with Nasus. Don't be to critical (first guide) i am not responsible for the outcome of your match, you win some(most) you lose some its the way of the league! Have patience. Farming isn't easy but personally im obssesed with creep score. So farming doesn't bug me too much. Most importantly have fun!

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Summoner Spells

Now, Let's get straight to the point.
[*] If you are solo-top i recommend Teleport and Ignite because you will find yourself going back for mana very often
[*] If you are top with a team mate(no jungle) then i recommend Ghost and Ignite. I'm pretty sure you can figure out how to play from there.
[*] People like to use Exhaust with Nasus but i find it useless because his skill Wither does the same basic thing and it gives you room for some other ability such as Flash to catch up to coward enemies.
[*]All in all, use spells that will help you keep up with running enemies and stray from using such spells as revive, heal, surge, ect.

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Priorities/ Summary

The build i suggested will require A LOT of farming so you have to set your PRIORITIES. Though the build is crazy and probably suicidal the trick is to KEEP FIGHTING.Once you stop attacking you can get shot down if they focus you right. Your lifesteal and ult should keep you alive long enough.

    Farming Q is your top priority. Why? Because this is your CORE ability thats why! Q can save you by giving you a Hp replenish due to its high damage and Nasus' passive lifesteal. It can also 2-shot their AD and AP carries at early levels. So stay in your lane and farm for as long as you possible can. A trick i found for easy farming is to let them take your first tower, USUALLY this will force them to go gank your team mates due to the fear of over extending.Lose-Lose situation right? WRONG! Your team might get mad at you but don't worry,your mid/late game will more than make up for it. Now, i bet you are wondering why team fights aren't your top priority, Because thanks to the new "handicap" in a recent update you can catch up to your enemies scores and even out the playing field by simply killing those who are on a killing spree and you can't kill without farming! The enemies will think you are trolling and go fight your team 4v5, leaving you to farm at will. tell your team to tower hug those fight and wait for you.(this happens every time i use Nasus its almost fool proof.)

Ok, so you are done farming( for now, make sure you have at least sheen, full boots, and heart of gold.) and its time to begin the "team fight" phase of the game. They will greatly underestimate you ( winning is all about how you play their mind. usually i die 3-4 times in lane)so when go in the fight they will most likely ignore you or engage you, big mistake, because now you can deal more damage than they thought giving you the element of surprise, like you should, ignore tanks and go straight for carries and squishies. (if executed correclty you can get up to 2-3 kills in your first fight.)continue in team fights for a while. now you are fed. good.

Towers. Nasus can litteraly obliterate towers with his Q and Sheen (trinity force) go back to your lane (ignore teamfights once more) and try to take the first tower if you havent already. 1 of 3 things will happen. 1) they will engage you because they know you destructive power and try to defend their tower. if its 1 person, good. FREE KILL for you. if two people go after you it isn't neccesarily bad because now your team can engage the rest of the enemies who DID NOT go after you and easily out number them 4 to 3. if they do not fight, at least they can get a few hits or even take a tower easily. 2) if they ignore you, GOOD free towers until they realize they have to stop you. 3) (usually after #2) the ENTIRE enemy team will go after you. GOOD. why? cause now your team can push the other towers without having to worry about getting zoned by an enemy. "the needs of the many outweight the needs of the one" or something like that.dont worry you will go down a hero. (now you have complete control over your enemies actions.) if you are rocking the game (which you should be) you can repeat the prior priorities (hehe) to pull the fights in your favor. if you aren't. you need more experience with Nasus -.-'

Now, about the build. Looks bad right? Well assuming you aren't a complete noob you should be able to pull of that build easy. It has really HIGH damage and has medium surviveability. IT OWNS. Don't judge it until you have tried it. IM the type of person who "glass cannons" Nasus because your best defence is a great OFFENSE. they wont engage you if you can 2 shot them. which you will by this point. Like i said, its all about how you play their mind. Tactics. They wont be able to kill you unless they have about 3 to 4 people on you and your ultimate is on cooldown. team fights are now in your control, forcing them to either ignore your team and kill you, or ignore you and kill your team, either way you win the fight. Again, i cant prepare you for every outcome but if you FARM that Q there is litteraly no way you can lose (unless you solo que and you get paired with noobs who surrender at 20)

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This entire tactical build/guide depends on your farm ability, and your knowledge of the enemy team. Keep on eye on them and quickly figure out their playing style. Some are incredibly aggressive, others are passive, and some are highly defensive meaning they hardly engage and hug the same tower most of the match. Your play style should counter theirs. Play defensive agaist early aggressors, play aggresive agaisnt passive players, and play passive aggressive agaisnt tower huggers (poke them often without entirely tower diving) to force them back and out level them at which point you can go full aggro on them.