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Nasus Build Guide by Peratus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Peratus

Nasus, beginers guide to farming addiction.

Peratus Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Salutation summoners.
This is my first guide, so please be nice.

The reason for doing this is that I feel that there is no good Nasus guides out there, and my build have won me a huge majority of all my matches, be it dominion or classic.
(Even if there is changes for dominion)
And many of my friends have asked for my advice on build order, specc etc etc. And most of them have been grateful.

This guide is rather then a manual of this is how you play him, a guide to help you find your own playstyle with Nasus, and I try to make this guide out to those that are not new to the game, but rather new to Nasus.

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English and abbreviations.

English is not my native language, and will therefore result in some gramatical errors. I do not think there are so many that one will not understand my guide, but I ask you to overlook these simple mistakes.

Abbreviations. I will have used some abbreviations in this guide, here is a list of the most important ones.

Greaves: Berserker Greaves, the boots.
TF: Trinity Force, core item.
Q: Siphoning Strike, core abi.
W: Wither, slow.
E: Spirit fire, remover of armor.
R: God Mode.
Dorans: Dorans ring.

There is most likely some more abbreviations but I will only cover these, cause I find them most important.

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The next best thing after doing, in order to learn.

If you find any problems with my guide, please let me know, do you find any grammar errors, wich really makes you rage, let me know. Do not find any problems with my guide, but feel I can imrpove please let me know.

But I do not want any bad criticism, only constructiv.

For example: THIS GUIDE SUCKS!

That is a bad criticism

For example: I dislike this guide, and think it can improve if you do this, and this. But this part was nice, and I think you can expand on this part, etc etc.

This is good criticism, and I will love you if you give it to me.

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Pros / Cons

Nasus pros and cons.

Can deal TONS of damage if properly farmed, and can manage to one shot other champions.
Can take quite the beating.
Built in life-steal, for a sustainable lane.
Can help alot in teamfights, removing armor.
Hard to outrun thanks to wither.
Can cause panic with Ulti.

Nearly worthless without a proper farm on Q.
Can have hard to deal with ganks in start, seeing wither is a single target spell.
Will most likely be focused in a team fight.

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As you can see I have just spammed loads of crit dmg.
Why? Just because I love high crit. I'm well aware of that it is not a "good" way to go with Nasus. But I feel that runes are personal, and are meant to fit your playstyle, so I think you should find your own set.
Because I have created this guide in such a way that it is meant to help you learn Nasus, and I have only given one of the ways to play him.

Tbh, when it comes to runes there are three ways to go by my meaning.

Way one: Pure damage, Armor pen, and crit dmg. This will really help your farm, and will help you becoming a "God" extra fast.

Way two: Tanky, you stack Armor, magic resist, and health. This is if you feel that you personally have hard to keep an agresive playstyle without receving a huge punishment for it.

Way three: A hybrid, if you feel you are a litle weak, and that you die easily.

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My masteries are very damage orientated, with a slice of being a martyr.
Martyr i say is because you shall go into the fray, wreak as much havoc as humanly possiable. And then death, therefore I took the more tanky masteries, and the reduction of death.

My damage masteries is optimized for being a farmer, and is meant to help you last hit easier with your Q (not that it was hard anyways)
If you feel you really want more farm, you can always take 2/2 in butcher, 4 dmg does not seem so much, but with all the bonuses from % dmg increase, it becomes more like 6. And if you have played this game alot, you know that even 6 dmg can tip the battle into your favor.

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I start with a Dorans ring, to give me mana reg. One could argue and say that you should take hp reg. But your built in lifesteal removes the need.

Second, depending on my money. I will go boots, or chalice. Boots for movment speed, wich is allways nice. Chalice to give me even more mana reg, so i can start spaming my E. Wich is really nice to zone people, and help you with your farm.

Third. I either go Chalice, or Berserkers. Boots are ofcourse allways shifting, depending on the enemy team. But I like the attack speed from Berserkers, seeing that they help you with your farm.

Fourth. Sheen, it stacks really REALLY nice with your Q, and is your core iteam, except trinity wich it transcends into. If you had some decent farm with your Q, you can one shot most minions at full hp the moment you get it. And it will really help you with your harass.
Going up to someone when you get them, and give them a good slap is a feeling that is most satisfying.

Fifth. Trinity force, this is your upgraded core item, it give you tank properties, slow, stacking Q, etc etc. And if someone tells you not to get it on Nasus, SLAP THEM.

Sixth-Eight. Bloodthirster, it stacks quite nice with you TF, Q, and Life Steal. Infinity Edge, it stacks with your crit. And your crit stacks with your attack power, wich stacks with your Ulti, Q, TF. And is therefore a necesity by my meaning. Phantom dancer, when people see you. They will run. Let them... But why would you not hit them in the back and laugh? This in combination with TF and wither, will make it nearly impossiable to escape you without using some kind of slow, stun, teleport etc etc.
You can get any of these items whenever you want after TF. And the order you get them in is solely depending onto your farm, and if people can outrun you.

Last item. This is purely optional. I usaly get another phantom dancer, to stack my crit to 100%. But this is ofcourse optional. If you just need a litle more DMG, to one shot someone, BT is usaly nice. If you feel you got problem with stunners, banshees is quite nice. And guardian can always be nice aswell. Just go with what you feel is right.

Chalice and Dorans. These items are beutiful, and you should salute them. But they gota go to make way for progress. Out of the two, Dorans is going bye bye first, then goes chalice.

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Skill Sequence

Siphoning strike (Q): This is the core of Nasus, and your farm with it, is what your sucess in the whole game depends on.
I Max this as fast as I can, for obivious reasons.

Wither (W): This is really nice, either to stop someone to outrun you, and is one of the nicest slows in the game. What makes me think this, is also that it can be used in close combat aswell.
If you face let us say Tryndamere 1v1, just put this at him, and he will hit slower than your grandma.
I take this at level 4, and max it last. Cause I feel that if you execute this build right, you will only need it to slow people down, rather then making them attack slow.

Spirit Fire (E): This is one of the best abilities in game aswell. The damage is not outstanding, but the armor reduction is eating away your armor faster than Gragas drinks beer. This removes the need of armor pen items, wich you can get if you feel you need them, and it is really nice both in team fight, 1v1 and zoning.
If you use it in a team fight, whole your team will benefit, and the total damage your ability does is quite nice.
1v1, cause you will hit harder with Q, and all your attacks.
Zoning, because people tend to not want to run into this. Both because it hurts over time, and can deliver a quick litle burst when it pops up, forcing your enemies to stay on their toes. Being traped in it, in a combination of SF, and Wither, and a Q in the back, really hurts.
I tend to use this alot when i lane, both because that I will have easier versus creeps, but also because using this repeatetly as a nuke versus people really hurts. And with chalice you can use it quite alot.
I take it in level 2, and max it second.

Fury of the sands, aka God Mode (R): This is by far one of the most OP abilities in game. It ticks away 5% of enemies max hp /second, and it also works on minions. And converting this into attack damage. This can give you hundreds upon hundreds of attack damage, and make people fear you. It also gives you 600 bonus hp at level 3. All this in combination makes you near invinicle. And also forcing enemies to attack you, else you will wreck absolute havoc amongst your enemies. Allowing your allies to wreck havoc aswell.
I naturally take this every level it is available.

Passive: This is really nice, and removes the need of hp reg at Nasus, and is also one of the things that will make you last longer in team fights.

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Summoner Spells

This is quite the tricky part.

Most summoner spells will work.

I prefer Ghost and Exhaust, making it nearly impossiable to outrun you.

Seeing I rarely use other summoner spells, I will not give any examples.

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Team Work

What is that?

Just kiding... Mybe.

Teamwork is an important part of the game, seeing that it is a 5v5 game, and not 1v1.
You job as Nasus is to be a pusher, seeing your Q can also be called destroyer of towers.
But also to be an absolute nightmare for evryone with low hp.
You can also be a nobel guardian and a sponge. Going in wreaking havoc, allowing your team to use you as a shield.

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That is your farm, just hit Q over and over.
You can go jungle later if you so desire, but I recommend farming til your Q key is gone.
You know that you have been a good farmer if you have more then 100 bonus dmg on your Q by the 10 min mark.

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Farm Q ??? Profit.

This is how I summerize every good build for Nasus, as long as you have decent farm on your Q, things will look well.
And if you do not get trinity force, you deserve to be slaped.

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Thank you

Thank you for reading my guide.
Dislike or Like depending on how you feel. And please give constructive criticism.

P.s this is my first guide, so please do not expect it to be mind blowing.