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Nasus Build Guide by SunwardPinguin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SunwardPinguin

Nasus: BOOM where's that hp bar?

SunwardPinguin Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I SUCK at writing things so i want to keep it short but with enough info to give you a look in my nasus build, any questions and/or additions/advice is welcome ;)
Well, nasus... All I say is that he is actually a very strong champ, especially late-game.
I once saw someone write: WTF NASUS 1500 Q CRITS!?
I answered: why not? Nasus is very underestimated, and especially how i play him you get 1000+ q crits... He got mad!
Let's get started!
As i said: I SUCK at writing so don't flame me for not being a good writer pls :)

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Masteries, summoner spells and runes!

Simply for the masteries: It gives a good boost to crits, normal dmg, armor penetration and bonus dmg for finishing off plus a boost to the passive. It gives a defensive edge too, so works just fine for me ^^
Summoner spells: Exhaust: it just slows and gives a great chunk of debuff to the enemy, in a lot of situations! Ignite: it counters vamp or life steal, and deals a ton of dmg without even doing anything at all! So i use it in every game.
Why not flash or ghost? I already got CC skill and exhaust, so don't need the flash AND ghost, and besides, the zeal of tri force gives me bonus movement as well!
Heal: I have an awesome passive! no need for heal! As for the rest. I don't jungle, i don't need surge since i play ad... That's it for the summoner spells!
Runes: Armor penetration for increased damage, and if i happen to crit exactly that q, it deals tons of damage. Crit damage runes for that extra bonus: masteries+10% and some odd 10% again for the glyphs, combined with infinity edge it's a lot more damage!~
The attack damage runes for the extra damage, won't hurt ^^

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I start with a cloth armor to reduce the basic damage of minions AND ad champs alike, i build it into ninja tabi for the small dodge and the extra armor. I immediately start building up trinity force, and after three recalls i either have phage or sheen, depending on how much damage i take when I'm in lane. If it's much i take Phage first, then Sheen, then Zeal. After that I hit for more damage and crit with infinity edge. I hit for frozen mallet or bloodthirster, depending on how much gold i have, or how much damage i take. If i go well i build bloodthirster first and then frozen mallet. I finish with atma's impaler for bonus damage...
I usually hit 400-450 dmg with that build if it's into the game for that long.

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Pros / Cons

Naus has a few good pros:
Good farm with q for largely increased damage.
His ult works perfectly for the bonus health, damage, and actually gives a boost to health.
CC skill totally blocks some ad carries like yi, xin, tryndamere (if he plays with a lot of attack speed).
You can play him very agressive depending on the lane you're in
Life steal passive!

Enemy champs might run away or focus you when you toggle your ult (OMG BIG DOG THING!!!)
Relies on good farm

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Team Work

It's easy: Take the brunt of damage for your squishier teammates like teemo, fiddle (if he plays ap>hp) and veigar etc. The 'w' skill absolutely slows and decreases enemies, so in lane you can pick the squishier and take him down quickly combined with champs like Nasus/Vayne, Nasus/Xin, Nasus/Morde etc...
There's not much to say about it elsewise, but any additions, suggestions and explaining is welcome, so I can put this build better...

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Just kill those minions, try to last hit with q as much as possible for biggest effect! Since the cooldown on q is 3-5 seconds (counting down 5-3 the higher the skill becomes).
I usually get 300-400 bonus damage on my q every game that lasts long enough for everyone to get a good score (usually 30-40 mins). If you get higher, then you're good, but don't put everything into damage or you'll get fried too quickly!

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As i said before: I'm not so much of a good writer, my grammar sucks and i can't explain things clearly... But i still hope to get a good feedback on this build to work it out ;)
I usually get 10+/max 5 deaths each game... My worst game ever was 4/3/16 just for getting stolen and killed before getting assists... You don't really need kills if you're a good farmer because the q dmg will only stack higher!
Hope this is an inspiration for ye guys and gals ^^
If anyone can get me better grammar or feedback you're welcome ^^