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Nasus Build Guide by FenominalFenomin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FenominalFenomin

Nasus , for those who seek the deathbringer |Tank| [Top]

FenominalFenomin Last updated on September 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to this build for Nasus. In the Introduction i'll be talking about why nasus .

Why Nasus?

Nasus in my eyes is a tank. The best part about Nasus is his (R) Fure of the Sands and
(Q) Siphoning Strike . His (Q) Siphoning Strike allows him to get 3 physical damage on every minion/monster or champion he kills with his (Q) Siphoning Strike . This gives him loads of damage to people with almost no armor. The good thing of his (R) Fure of the Sands is he gets health and does Area of Effect damage , which is really good combined with the Sunfire cape and his (E) Spirit Fire.

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I took these Runes cause well they are tanky and most of the time you'll need the extra health, armor , magic resistance and health regen. Especially in early game. But aslong as you farm enough it doesn't matter cause u do just as much damage back.

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These masteries have a simple explanation , they are tanky and you need them. You don't need any offense masteries cause your (Q) Siphoning Strike and (E) Spirit Fire will do the trick for that .

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Why this items?

You will on the first look think that this might be a bit weird, but when you check it out, you are legendary. Unless Nasus is not the champion for you. Now the boots are just if there is more AD then AP and less CC if there is alot of CC and AP you should take the Mercury's Treads.

You need the Frozen Heart for the early and late game armor and mana. It is also helpful for an extra slow to chase - and outrun people.

The Sunfire cape is realy just for the extra health and damage when u are not spamming your Q.
It also works really good when u have your ult and u slowed people and u just can't hit people but your Sunfire cape is just in distant to kill them. The place of when you buy the Sunfire Cape can also be different and instead you take Warmog. Its really just what you think is best.

The Warmog Armor is just for the health and HP regen . Yeah...That really is all. The place of
when you take this can also be changed with the Sunfire Cape. If you rather wan't that extra damage take the sunfire cape.

The Force of Nature a nice piece of armor for when you need HP regen and Magic Resistance.
The HP regen you need for when you get ***inated or when you just had a teamfight and your team wants to do Baron or something. The Magic Resistance...even a monkey knows why .

The Guardians Angel this really helps you with some armor , magic resistance and ofcourse teamfights. Now normaly i don't like the Guardians Angel because people will camp your body. But Nasus has a good defence and a ult to back him up if he needs that.

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Skill Sequence

Why would you start with your (Q) Siphoning Strike? Well simple the earlier you get your
(Q) Siphoning Strike stacked up with the extra damage the faster you do more damage. Some people start wtih (E) Spirit Fire , now this is optional if you are bad at last hitting with your (Q) Siphoning Strike to still get some gold rolling.

Then for his second abbility his (W) Wither , this is good for early jungle ganks of the enemy team so you can slow one of them or if your jungler wants to gank them you can slow them and you might get First Blood. Now taking this as second is also optional , you can also take (E) Spirit Fire as second.

His (E) Spirit Fire as third , purely cause it takes lots of mana and with not that much mana regen you are not gonna get much done. Besides its not really for spamming, but for farming. Which you can also do with auto-attacking and using your (Q) Siphoning Strike

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Summoner Spells

I chose Flash for coming away or applying a ignite or Slow or Spirit Fire to end the job
I Chose Ignite for people that come away to kill them and not risking your life early game

Optional other Summoner spells :

Exhaust : For those who likes slowing
Ghost : For those who like chasing
Cleanse : For those who like not getting Stunned and slowed the whole time.
Clarity : For those who likes to spam Spirit Fire
Teleport: For those who like to be there quick.

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Why not much Mana Regen? Well simply because you should not spam your Spirit Fire and Wither .
The spells are like that cause your Siphoning Strike and Fury of the Sands are the real damage.
Thats all for the summary.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
He does not die that fast
He does massive damage with his Q
He can annoy people with his W
He is good in teamfights
He can push good with his Q
He has a awesome Joke and Dance

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As you might know your Q gives you +3 Additional Damage on your Q. You should try to last hit as much as you can with your Q, so you do tons of damage in late game. Which can help you in teamfights as you are tanking.

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Team Work

Nasus is good for tanking, like i said in Creeping / Jungling while your Q is getting stacked u do tons of damage while in teamfights, and gives your team the oppertunity to kill the low enemies you made low with ur Ulti and Q.