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Nasus Build Guide by Drukkar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drukkar

Nasus Jungle

Drukkar Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide on how to play Nasus as an AD melee bruiser jungler. Being my first guide and all I'm sure I'll make quite a few mistakes but please do bare with me. Any comments / suggestions are always welcome!

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Pros / Cons

[*] Easily Sustainable Jungle (Almost always above 3/4 hp)
[*] Wither is an awesome opener for ganks
[*] After some good farm, Q hits carries like a jumbo jet in the face.
[*] Amazing farming ability
[*] You're man's best friend

[*] Difficult to make a kill happen solo once wither is on CD
[*] Very important to try to land your Q's early game while the enemy is in your E (Ganks)
[*] A horrible start is going to make for a horrible mid game.
[*] Not tanky until mid game.
[*] Requires a lot of farm, which takes away from your carries farm at times.

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I go with the runes I have picked above for best late game synergy.

Armor pen marks and quints for obvious reasons, it scales with your Q.
Flat armor seals for jungling purposes.
Atk Speed glyphs for a sustainable / faster jungle, or you can go with magic resist glyphs, which ever you prefer (I'd recommend the atk speed glyphs though).

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21/0/9 for a fast jungle / early game phase.

I've also played with 1/14/15 but that's situational dependent upon the opposing team as well as your own. For example if the opposing team has a lot of AD champions then I may go with this mastery set up for the added damage mitigation from dodge / armor / mr. Also if say you are the only tanky champion on the team then I'd recommend going with this setup.

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As for items, I've pretty much set up for yall a basic layout of what I usually go for.

There's only a few things to note as to why you may want to change some things up.

Depending on the opposing team you can either go with Merc Treads for heavy CC teams, or Ninja Tabi for heavy AD teams.

I left the last slot open for you guys to decide since it's situational.

MR Choices:
Banshee's veil for heavy CC teams / FoN for faster movement speed or teams that don't try to shut you down. The FoN helps with catching up to those pesky champs trying to run away. The keyword here is trying, because they may try to run, but they're only prolonging their doom by a few seconds.

Armor Choices:
Randuin's Omen or Thornmail. The added build in slow in RO is nice if you're having trouble sticking on a person / people, not to mention it helps out a lot in team fights and saves you're mates lives sometimes. The thornmail is if the opposing team is focusing you a bunch, the dmg return helps mitigate their AD carry's lifesteal.

DPS Choices:
LastWhisper is an awesome choice for teams that stack armor.
Infinity Edge is another possibility, but personally I very rarely go with this route.
TheBloodthirster is my favorite choice due to the added lifesteal which just makes you godly. Not to mention all that base AD which just makes your Q hit that much harder. With a bloodthirster you're pretty much looking at about 53% lifesteal without killing any mobs to stack it up. Without ignite / constant CC's on you, you will not go down.

The other items I have set in the build are my core items, and I never change them because they all work so well with Nasus. Sometimes though I may delay building the full trinity force for some more tanky items to keep myself alive. For example, building a sheen, then going straight to Guardian Angel or Aegis.

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Skill Sequence

I get 1 point in Q at level 1 so that I can start stacking the extra 3 dmg per mob killed. Make sure you try to last hit as many mobs as possible with it.

E is your faceroll farming ability. Once maxed you can clear out an entire wave of minions with one cast. Also, the armor pen it gives is awesome for annihilating champions. When coming out of the brush for a gank I usually open with W on the enemy champion, then wait for him/her to flash. If his/her flash is on CD, the I place E right beneath him and proceed to Q his face off until dead. It's that simple.

I only ever use Nasus' Ult for team fights, or if I'm really low on Hp. The problem with popping it early is that unless the enemy you're fighting is a noob, he/she is most likely going to take off because that % hp aoe dmg is pretty ridiculous.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost/Flash + Smite.

Depending on the enemy team, I either go with Ghost or Flash. Lets say the enemy team has a few ways of keeping me in place like Jarvan's ult, or Anivia's wall, or even if they have champions that can chase a person endlessly if played well of coarse, such as LeeSin / Skarner, the I'll go with flash.

However, I like to take Ghost as well just to chase people down a little faster, get to a tower's defense faster / intercepting Baron / Dragon and so on. Personally I like Ghost for it's early game / mid game use. However I think that late game flash would be better.

Smite. If you plan to jungle Nasus and don't use smite, I'm gonna have to **** slap you. It's benefits far outweigh any benefits you may have from taking ignite / exhaust or any other summoner spells for that matter. Securing a Baron / Dragon kill is extremely important.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start at your Wolf camp > Wraiths (smite big wraith) > double golems > Base > (purchase cloth armor + 1 hp potion) > Blue Buff > Wolfs > Wraiths > Red Buff > double golems.

Depending on how well your team's lanes are doing feel free to gank once your lvl 4+. I say that because wither (W skill) is extremely important for helping to lock down an enemy.

I'm going to repeat myself, make sure you try to last hit as many mobs as possible with your Q while you are leveling up. The damage buildup is just insane, and besides don't you want people to be like wait wtf, where'd 1/3 of my hp go!? Hell I've even 1 shotted people numerous times when I've gotten extremely fed ;D

As for counter jungling, you could start at the enemy wraith camp, smite their big wraith, kill 2 of the small wraiths then proceed with the usual jungle route. Get your team's support to CV where the enemy teams jungler is starting and make a note of when his/her blue/red buffs go down and try to get in there to steal them when they spawn in 5 minutes.

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I'll try to update / change w.e is needed. Thanks for reading :)