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League of Legends Build Guide Author JockePettersson

{Nasus} - madcritz

JockePettersson Last updated on January 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello every LoL players out there. Ready for the ultimate Critter nasus? Well here it is! and yes, it is tested by me in alot of different ways but i find this one to be the most fantastic and really funny build aswell.. dosen't cost so much either so that's great.

when the build is done you should critt up to 1.9k or higher..
when the build is done you should heal over 300+ with a siphooning strike critical..

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I did go for ArP , Dodge and Cdr as runes.
ArP: Brings up that higher crit just as you want.

Dodge: With the 4 points in more dodge and the 1 point in increase runspeed while dodging in masteries this rune will be very very good! and it will save you from getting damaged from some hits at lane.

CdR: Well.. the lower cooldowns the better right? hehe well this will really help you out.. your siphooning and even wither, trust me you won't get disapointed.

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As Masteries i choose 21-9-0 because you wana have the most damage,critdamage,ArP as possible and you wana be able to handle spells pretty awesome so they don't hit you to deep red hp in just 2-3 spells.

Nothing much to tell really.. really awesome with the dodge masterie so is the 10%crit damage because it stacks with infinity edge, and you will just get way nicer crits :)

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I always start of with buying brawler's glove because if it happens that you get a chanse in getting a kill you can get crit with siphooning and you will deal up to 200+ damage at just level 2. when you finally reach 1260/1610 then Return back to buy sheen and a pair of boots(if you can afford). next i just keep continue taking last hits with Siphooning strike until i reach over 100 - 170 damage on it (that really depend much on what you lane against) next time when i have to go back i'll buy boots of swiftness and then i start buying zeal and after that phage and then trinity force. Once bought trinity force you will now crit about 600 - 700 it depends. and you can pretty much gank with your team mates just don't get to greedy. Anyway after ganked a few and killed some minions you can now afford the B.F sword! after B.F sword you should go for pickaxe and then cloak of agility and then you simple buy the infinity edge. After infinity edge go for warmogs armor as it gives great hp and it will be helpful with your atma's impaler aswell. So yeah you probably guessed already that you should buy atma's impaler after warmogs armor and now you will have over 300 damage. your crits should be over 1.5k if you use spirit fire. and the last item that i love is the bloodthirster and then you might wonder why bloodthirster? well that's because you will get a great ammount of damage and also! a really great ammount of Lifesteal and nasus passive is lifesteal so it is just great! you will heal over 300+ with.. after bloodthirster just buy elixirs.

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Skill sequence

I would say.. max out nasus siphooning strike first and second wither 3:rd his ultimate and 4:th spirit fire because you want to crit the highest possible the fastest possible.. simple as that.. change if you want.

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Summoner spells

Teleport and ghost.

Teleport: if there is a big creep wave coming up you can teleport over there and get alot of last hits with siphooning strike and farm up your cash and probably gain a level. and it is really nice with laning aswell.

Ghost: this is probably my favourite summoning spell. chasing or fleeing it dosen't matter this one works with both! :D and with your wither you slow your enemy down so you don't need exhaust on nasus.

Possible summoning spells:
Heal: Well i wouldn't say no to this one.. but still i don't like heal.. if you like heal you can go for it but i would never do it.

Fortify: well ofcourse always good to help your team.. but this is more tank or support so no thanks anyway.

Clarity: never with this build.

ignite: well if you want to have ignite you can choose it but then you won't have the great damage output as if you had teleport :).

excexcexc actually you can choose what you feel like but Teleport and ghost is defn the best for this build :)

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This build is desperetly needed of creep kills with your SS (siphooning strike).
Every single last hit you take will give you 3+ damage with SS and in later game that is just so so so nice! trust me.. one game i had over 400+ damage on SS + my normal weapon damage + the SS damage. really nice. you can also take down the easy creeps in the jungle for example the ghosts , wolfs , golems , even the small red rune creeps and blue rune creeps, btw red and blue rune is very nice for this build so take it to :)

one game i farmed pretty much i teleported from bot to top to take down the creeps and i runned around and killed in the forest.. i were level 16 when my team mates were level 12 - 13 and i had a huge advantage of my enemys with my level 3 ultimate and huge crits. So it is really important for Nasus to go for creep kills :)

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From Early to late

Early game: Take all creep kills possible with SS and kill the enemy if it is possible. Get a quick sheen for a greater hit and crit. (260+)(crit over 350) nothing much to say really.. tell your lane partner to don't get overgreedy as you aren't the best ganker in the beginning.

Mid game: you should by now have Boots of swiftness and trinity force and your on your way to buy infinity edge. You should have over 200+ of extra damage to your SS and you should still farm and get all the possible close kills. help your team mates out if it is needed.

Late game: now your a cutted diamond you will sparke and be shining all over. with your ultimate and high crits you can take down pretty much anything. and with your extremely nice hp for such a high damage is just really awesome. about 3.5k health =)

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Apologize much for bad langugage you will probably find a few wrongs but try to understand :).