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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GamerZMugge

Nasus - New jungle king Remade (no pots needed =)

GamerZMugge Last updated on January 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a 5v5 guide, Does not work 3v3!!

Words you might not understand that I whrite below: SS = Siphoning Strike, Slow = Wither, AoE = Area of effect = Spirit Fire, CD = Cooldown

Pro's And Cons:
Pro's: 1. Good HP even without any items.
2.All abilities is worth getting (none is a waste).
3.Great Passive lifesteal, 20% is alot if you compare the passive to others.
4.Can take bosses fairly easily since his ult is procentual DMG.
5. No end in power since Siphoning Strike never ceases to evolve.
6. Good Teamplayer since he got Fury of the sands that is very good in teambattles. Just like mordekaisers Ultimate, just that your's is AoE, and instead of getting a copy.. You gain massive Attack Damage boosts.
7. Possibly the best creep FARMER not pusher Farmer, In the game since his Spirit fire got a huge AoE and in level 5 it kills creeps with only 1 ability.
8. Somewhat underestimated by other players. You can often times go to a lane with 1 person, get him to attack you, run away like you're loosing, Go into a bush. when he/she closes in you activate Ultimate and maybe Heal if you get beat up before, then go out just as he/she get to to bush and BAM dead. (has to be low hp char ;))

Con's: 1. Kinda Squishy without his ultimate (with this guide)
2. Really need to have a good team to be great, You're nothing without your allies.
3. Has no ability power whatsoever. so Spirit fire always remains the same.
4. This was harder than I thought to find con's...
5. Has to rely on the Golem buff.

The thing that made me want to make a jungle guide is because his passive gives him 20% life steal at level 11, by that time you've got lantern. And that summs upp your Lifesteal to a stunning 34%. This also works with SS if u crit ss on a champion or a minion u gain like 3 bars back. This is also the reason why you can kill Baron at level 11!

Okay so this is my first guide ever made so don't expect anything top class. I copied all of the midgame / Lategame items from Nasus - DPSNasus. With this guide I belive you get a jungler that can match the great jungle king WarWick. And I think that Nasus is alot better lategame than Warwick since he got his ultimate witch drains HP for Attack dmg and a slow, kinda nuke ability and great AoE ability. I'd prefer Nasus over Warwick on the team

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Summoner Spells

Spells to get: Heal. I think this is a very good spell for Nasus overall. especially since you will be jungling all the way to level 8-10. Except for if u gank someone. (that's why I choose Wither at level 8 and not earlier) Ultimate followed by heal will just devastate whoever you're up agianst.

Smite. Well.. I don't really need to comment this one rly, I'ts A MUST

Spells u can get except for Heal: Nevermind this anymore, Heal is a must with the new items

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Creeping / Jungling

On beforehand: Remember that when you "suprise" someone with your ultimate from behind, the more creeps near you, the more attack damage you will gain (and HP if you choose something like spell vamp) And Remember the items is just a guideline, except for the Wriggle's Lantern there's prolly alot better items end game for this fellow


I found that Vampiric scepter is enough to keep you alive and at the same time you'll save alot of money and be able to creep alot better!

I hope i can show you a video later if I get the time to do it
GamePlay: Okay so I removed the cloth armor and the 3 pots. That's becouse I found out that you could just buy a Vampiric scepter and get the same result just with the ability to survive easier and save alot of money on pots.

So Start off with a Vampiric scepter and NO pots, just go down to the 2 golems that spawn 2 and 2 (bottom spawn = to the Right of the base) (Top spawn = to the Left of the base)

Now right as they spawn put smite on one of them and use your siphoning strike on him. I know it'll be close but don't worry. with vampiric scepter and the new defence masteries you will survive. Okay now as you're level 2 just use Heal on yourself and choose your Spirit Fire, move on to the ghosts near the middle of the map. Put spirit fire so all of them is affected and use Siphoning strike to kill the small guys first. Now kill the big guy. (yes I know it takes some time but be patient)

Now as you move on the the wolfes across the middle lane you should have about 2 bars of health without runes. Don't worry, Fighting the wolfes will acualy heal your health rather than getting it down. Just put a Spirit fire if you got the mana and then instantly Smite the big orange wolf. If you don't have mana for spirit fire just use a regular hit to kill him. (1 hit with his life after smite) Don't worry about saving mana you can waste all you want on the wolfes since you'll be going back to base right after.

Now buy a Cloth armor and 1 pot if you feel like you wont be able to take golem without it. (you will with all the masteries right) ((no runes needed))

Start off with a Spirit fire on the golem and his minions and when the smite is off CD use it on the golem, before that or rather After that just focus down the minions BEFORE you kill the golem. After minions is dead just kill the golem with Siphoning Strike. Also no need to save mana since you'll have golem buff in a couple of seconds.

After golem you go to wolfes agian, Wait a couple of secs to let them spawn and kill them however you want. Now move on to the ghosts across the lane agian and as smite should be coming off CD you can use it on the big ghost or if u want u can save it for lizard elder or a golem. Now they shouldn't be a prob with your new Armor and ability uppgrades.

Move on to the golems that spawn 2 and 2 and kill them. now go kill Lizard elder and if Wolf's have spawned yet you can go kill them or just recall for now.

Now you prolly have Wriggle's Lantern if everything went according to plan (no KS no Gank)

Okay now you can go kill Wolf's if you didn't kill them before and after that ghosts if they spawned yet and just keep creeping til you reach level 6. That's when you go and kill the Dragon for the first time in the game. That will grant your team a comfortable 280 gold to everyone. Now recall and buy yourself some boots.

Time to finaly get back to your lane. I shortend the Creeping level to level 6 since I've noticed your teamates need you more than you need the jungle gold. Try to gank someone or "surprise" them from behind with your ultimate and wither (also try to get your teamate to know that you wanna gank them.) Try to kill the golem everytime he spawns since he will be your greatest source of mana regeneration.

A tip is also that when you're level 11. You get second ult, you and 2-4 teamates can Easily kill BARON! (OMG) if you just get your golem buff and use ult go in and cast aoe (for Armor Reduction) then SS the **** out of him. (if nessecary u can cast heal) ((This will be VERY quick)

Now if u killed Baron your Team got the clear advantage both gold wise and Buff wise. (try to get the dragon as soon as he spawns, same with golem and Lizard) When you reach level 16 and if you have Trinity Force, you can easily SOLO Baron without any teamates.

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Hope you liked the guide. Please don't Rate Down without a comment =) I can always change it

PS: Don't choose nasus if you need a tank. With this guide Nasus is DPS and tank only if he got Fury of the sands activated. You'll also see that you need to have 2 solo chars on the team, and 1 that is willing to go up agianst 2 since you'll be missing.