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Nasus Build Guide by pinguinofuego

Nasus: OMG Q

By pinguinofuego | Updated on October 24, 2011

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Hey MobaFire community, welcome to my first guide! Be gentle :)

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, is an often underestimated option for an AD carry. This build will show just the STUPID amount of damage he is capable of.
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Runes are fairly standard AD runes, Health Quints, ArPen Reds, MR/lvl Blues, with the possible exception of Dodge runes. These are just a personal favorite of mine. If you really would like to stack dodge, take Ninja Tabi rather than Ionian Boots, but doing so will sacrifice a bit of your DPS. If you prefer, take Armor or even MP5 yellows.
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I go 0/21/9, taking up to GP10 in Utility and all the way down the defense tree. Dodge is nice, and Strength of Spirit will help your sustain a bit.
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Open with a regrowth pendant, building into Philo stone for lane sustain and GP5. From there, take CD boots to make your Q go off more often, and Sheen. Sheen is very important on Nasus, as it greatly increases your Q damage. From there, finish Triforce and Atmog's. This is the core of the build, and if these are all the items you end up with you will still be fine. From there, I go Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer. If you end up full build, with some decent farm on your Q, you can deal FIFTEEN HUNDRED damage every ~3 seconds. Take some time to let that sink in. Go ahead, ill wait. Also, keep in mind that with your significantly large health bar and natural life steal, you will still be quite tanky despite taking only one real defensive item.

Seriously, if you manage to get this build off, you will be absolutely wrecking the other team.
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Skill Sequence

Q. Q whenever possible. Taking this as early as possible will make the cooldown go down and damage go up. Keep in mind that every time you last hit with this, you gain 3 damage per Q. It is entirely reasonable to have a bonus 300 damage on it by late game. After Q, prioritize W, then E, of course taking your ult whenever possible.

The reason for this sequence is that your Q will literally do 1500+ damage once you are fully built. Lets look at the math here (courtesy Leaguecraft)

Attack Damage: 302
With a crit (88%) and IE that's 755
Add your Triforce proc (302*1.5) that's 1208.
Add your Q extra Damage (assuming 300 bonus from farm and lvl 5 skill)
THAT'S 1618 DAMAGE. ON A 3.4 SECOND COOLDOWN. It's a beautiful thing. You will 2 shot absolutely any squishy, especially considering your regular crits do 755.
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Summoner Spells

I take Teleport and Flash. TP will allow you to go back to base in lane and instantly return, keeping you from missing those precious creep kills with your Q. Also, late game Nasus deals absolutely ridiculous damage, so being able to appear anywhere is very useful in turning around a teamfight. Flash is... well necessary in the current meta. Flash will give the opportunity to jump on someone and wither them to bits, while your Q just makes their health dissappear.

Alternatively, Ghost isn't terrible, and can allow you to catch up to someone long enough to land your W.

Exhaust really isn't necessary; you already have one built into your toolkit.

Cleanse can be viable, but only in very particular situations, and honestly I find replacing one of your late game items (preferably Phantom Dancer) with a Quicksilver Sash to be superior.

Heal can do in a pinch, but if you have the option for the other spells, take them instead.

Ignite isn't bad, but honestly there are very few times you won't outright kill the opponent with Q.

Don't take Revive, Rally, Clairvoyance, etc. Just. Don't.
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Nasus is ALL ABOUT FARM. If you can keep to your lane and farm your Q, you will strike fear into the hearts of the enemy team. If there is ever an opportunity to farm, do it. You should be looking for at least 300 damage, preferably more, on your Q once the late game starts.

With that in mind, Nasus should be solo top. Top gives you an opportunity to farm by yourself, and makes it so that you usually face a more manageable opponent than mid. Try to make the laning phase last as long as possible with your team. The more farm Nasus gets, the more effective he will be once teamfights start to happen.

Nasus should never be auto-attacking creeps, unless he needs to push his lane away from his tower. Just last hit with Q every time it is off cooldown.
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Well, I hope you have enjoyed my first build guide. Please comment and vote, and I'll see you on the Fields of Justice!
League of Legends Build Guide Author pinguinofuego
pinguinofuego Nasus Guide

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Nasus: OMG Q