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Nasus Build Guide by SuperPotato

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperPotato

Nasus: The Curator of the Sands

SuperPotato Last updated on October 5, 2011
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Nasus, in my opinion, is a fantastic champion. Nasus is extremely viable, and can be played any way from Melee carry, to the team Tank. This guide however, focuses more on nasus's ability to do as much damage as possible, but without being able to be focused down in team fights so easily.

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I take Greater Marks of Desolation (armor penetration), and then armor and magic resist Glyphs and Seals. Grabbing 2 more armor penetration quintessence. The defenses help to sustain you since this build does not focus as much on defenses other than health. The armor penetration helps you take down the tankier enemies or just taking down EVERYONE easier.

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Why these items?

BOOTS OF SPEED, HEALTH AND MANA POTS ~ In the beginning, I grab BOOTS OF SPEED, with two health pots and a mana pot. This allows nasus to get in and farm with his q, before he is driven out, and giving him much more survivability in lane.

( Berserker's Greaves are the not the only option for boots for Nasus. Many other boots are viable, including ionian boots of lucidity, Mercury Treads, or Ninja Tabi. Lucidity is very nice and was pointed out in the comments by Misty Inferno, "You get CDR to farm up Q which is crucial, and 10% might not seem like too much but believe me, the 10% on your slow and ult make you extremely hard to kill off in team fights"

SHEEN AND BERSERKER'S GREAVES~ I then rush SHEEN, maximizing my damage early on, if you have enough money for both BERSERKER GREAVES and SHEEN, i recommend recalling, otherwise try to stay in lane as long as you can before being forced to recall (Low health). I choose BERSERKER GREAVES because late game it really helps you dish out as much damage as you can.

TRINITY FORCE~ I build TRINITY FORCE each item at a time, Nasus is pretty much the poster boy for this item, it works so well with him, and is really excellent for getting damage early on.

WARMOGS ARMO~ I grab warmogs starting with GIANTS BELT. The extra health in this gives nasus more sustainability, and really helps lead into the next item.

ATMA'S IMPALER,~ is a fantastic choice after warmogs. I mean, now you have tons of heealth, armor, and now you do over 200 damage. WOW! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY MAKE THIS BETTER?!

~BLOODTHIRSTER. ~Bloodthirster makes it better. With nasus' passive already giving him about 20% lifesteal, plus bloodthirster's max of an exra 30%, THEN throw in the possibility of over 100 extra damage. You will kill. A lot. Like, A LOT, a lot.

WHATEVA YOU WANT!~I leave the final empty space because it really depends on the enemy teeam and your team's situation, if the other team has a bunch of Attack Damage, or Ability Power champs that are doing well, you thorw in Armor or Magic Resist Accordingly. I however often use Guardian angel to reak more havoc and generally just become tankier. Another option that was pointed out to me by Fox Rage was giving Nasus a hextech gunblade. The extra damage, ability power, and already with the bloodthirster and his passive. The hextech would really giev nasus an excellent buff in his damage output and survivability.

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Gameplay/ Skills

IN THE BEGINNING, you should focus on farming your q, if you can, you can help zone your opponents with your E and W. Your lane partner obviously should assist you in this.
HOWEVER. In a solo lane, you should focus on farming, and not dieing. If you can do that you in good shape.

Once you have wither up to around 2. OR if you have both berserker and sheen, you and your lane partner can then go for kills. Exhaust one, wither the other, focus the bigger threat down. If you've harrassed, zoned and farmed, feel free to punish the opposing players who just pushed a LITTLE too far.

PASSIVE: SOUL EATER: Nasus gains lifesteal,and the percentage increases per level starting at 14%, and at lvl 18 i believe the bonus is 20% lifesteal. This is what allows Nasus to jungle, and what allows him to be so sustainable. Plus all this damage from this build? It'll take some crazy focuing to take you down. Which your team can use to devastate the other team.

Q: SOUL EATER: Main damage dealer, gains 3 extra damage every time you kill an enemy champ, or minion with it. FARM THIS SKILL. FARM THIS SKILL AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Early game, this farmed skill can devastate that underfed lux from all your awesome zoning. Late Game you ask? LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT LATE GAME! Late game this skill is what makes Nasus such a formidable opponent. Even a tank nasus is a HUGE threat with his extra 300 damage he's farmed.

W: WITHER: This slows the enemy champ's movement speed, and attack speed over time. Both the slow and the lowered attack speed increase after time. This skill can be used to iniciate a fight, weaken a carry or a a high damage enemy champ in a team fight. Or to slow an enemy champ chasing you.

E: SPIRIT FIRE: This is a AoE circle that deals damage over time, as well as decreases armor. Placement of this skill in teamfights can literally, turn the game around. The armor reduction is a great help, plus the damage doesnt hurt either! Using WITHER with this skills can maximize you damage output with it. This is also a great skill for farming minion waves, or keeping enemy champs zoned, or attacking under towers, or THIS SKILL CAN DO ANYTHING! ITS LIKE SUPERMAN ON CRYSTAL METH IT HAS SO MANY USES.

R (ultimate): FURY OF THE SANDS: Nasus grows in size. Gaining bonus health, and a percentage of enemy health over time to nearby enemies. The drained HP is then converted into Attack Damage for Nasus to use. HOLY BALLS THIS IS AWESOME. This skill can turn a 1v1 around for you. Right when your about to die?
600 health and bonus damage plus a % of their health gone per second.
OR use it in teamfights. The cluster of enemies with take the full brunt of the aura of doom that is the health % drain. Plus more targets to drain, more damage, more kills!

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Ending notes

Yup. I use this strategy in my gameplay for nasus and it works for me fine. If it does not work for you, i apologize, i probably could explain it better. This IS my first guide for Mobafire so i would really appreciate any feedback for future guides i attempt. Or tips to improve this one.