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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bish

Nasus the Destroyer

Bish Last updated on August 22, 2010
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Hi everyone. I'm not an expert or anything but I really enjoy playing LoL. I also like to play a whole heap of different characters to keep it interesting and get a feel for them, so when I play against them I know exactly how to go about destroying them quickly and farming IP, you with me so far?

I've looked at some of the builds on this site and liked the look of them so I tried a couple. 2 of the best I used so far are Shen, The Flaming Ninja and Ryze, The Glass Cannon. Both work extremely well for me. But one of my favourite champions and very underrated it seems is Nasus. He was the first champion I bought so I got to know him quite well and most people don't seem to really know what to do. Go for DPS or Tank, or AP or whatever? Personally I go for a Tank/Carry build that makes a solid foundation for a team fight.

Build Descrption:
I like to think that Nasus can be built whatever way you want but the truth is he MUST have health to survive. His natural lifesteal (LS) can only help you so much and needs buffing quickly to help stay alive and win early fights. Also helps so you can heal up while laning and don't have to go back to base as often. I'm also a big fan of the Sunfire cape; health, armour, people die when they get close, match made in heaven for a tank. So u can see where I'm going with this. My Nasus guide is for people who have trouble staying alive, so I focus on a few but simple goals; Primary - Health and LS Secondary - Damage (DM) and Attack Spd (ATKSPD).

-Very hard to kill once up and running
-Spells help fight and farm well (SS fighting, SF farming, SS SF and Fury for fights)
-Team Assist, meat shield and damage absorb

-Prone to early ganking (as are we all)
-Not very effective against ranged, but they aren't that effective against you so what?
-Not good at all against stealth/assassin types
-Low Magic Resistance, hopefully your health is high enough to withstand the punishment

The defensive tree I've chosen should help you stay alive and prevent early ganking, and the offensive tree makes you a feared destroyer at the later game periods. With a solid foundation you should have the entire enemy team running from you as soon as they see you. Don't laugh, it has happened before and helps push lanes and win games. Ganking is fun I'll admit, but winning is a top priority, no one likes losing all the time, well I don't anyways.

Summoner Spells:

The 2 spells I use are Ghost and Clarity. Ghost for getaways or chases, keeps you alive or gets you gold depending on how you use it. Clarity will keep your siphon striking (SS) and spirit fires (SF) going strong in early game, and will also benefit team fights later on. Trust me, your mage friends are going to love it. Others may be saying what about cleanse or cripple? Nasus has wither, which is expensive mana wise but does the job to help team ganks later in the game so you don't need cripple, and I put ghost on as it's a good chase AND escape making it far more versatile than cripple. Cleanse might be better for a tank you might say? The way my Nasus is built it wont matter if they slow him down, or stun him or even take him down to half health. As long as he has mana, thank you Clarity, he can go Fury of the Sands and hold his ground till reinforcements get there. Take it or leave it, he needs the mana and I refuse to sacrifice an Item for it.

You'll want to get the items I've listed in that specific order. You could get Malady before Sunfire Cape but I take the health first every time just to be sure. Below is the reasoning behind each item.

Boots of Speed and Potions- Essential for early game survival
Ninja Tabi: You need the dodge, and the movement, so good combo
Sunfire Cape: To make farming even easier, and to take down your opponents health
Malady: Makes Lifesteal a breeze, keeps you going in a team fight or one on one easily
Warmog's Armour: Beefs up your health and regen nicely, killing you is getting harder
Frozen Mallet: For making chasing a lot simpler, Xin Zhao uses it to effect well
Bloodthirster: Lets you attack solo in a lane and even gank comfortably now

Finish all these and the other team should be considering surrender.

Early Game:
Your spell sequence should alternate between SS and SF, then your Fury of the Sands when it comes up. Only and I mean ONLY put levels into Wither when you have finished SS and SF. It costs a huge amout of mana even at low levels and it doesn't get you kills early on, which is what sets you up for later. Your job is to take the damage for the team, like a true tank, and in a team fight your ultimate should ensure that you get more than a few kills and set the enemy running away. Wins come hard and fast when you get it right. SS should be used as often as you can early on to get last hits and buff up the skill, and SF should be able to help keep your enemy from farming efficiently as well as get you some gold. SF is quite useful for both defending and attacking turrets as it gets rid of minions fast. SS is also effective on turrets, late game you can probably rush a turret solo while your team occupies the enemy team.

Late Game:
Save your Fury of the Sands for the team fights and lure your opponents in close, let your health drop a bit, drop a SF underneath you, then whack it on and watch your health bar go back up while theirs goes down nice and quick thanks to your SF, Fury and Sunfire Cape. You should be laughing quite happily at this point. If they are low on health and run, put on your ghost while you can still catch them and chase them down with your Fury still going, try to last hit with SS, it should be quite powerful by late game if you have been timing it right. Your enemy will more than likely be swearing their head off every time you do this. Click Clarity when its over to regroup your forces, or during the fight if you spot your teammates mana is too low, and your ready to fight again, but try to use clarity for your teammates benefit as well, though you are more of a priority.

Final Comments:
This build is essentially designed to keep not only yourself alive but to enable the rest of your team to gank right in the middle of team fights. Trust me, they will love you, and you should be able to gank solo effectively once the build is finished and if the game lasts that long. Thank you for taking the time to read my guide and GL and HF.