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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wice

Nasus - The planewalker

Wice Last updated on January 7, 2011
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Welcome to my tank guide for Nasus.
As many already know, Nasus is one of those melee dps that is amazing for tanking if he is build correctly.

I haven't played Nasus for that long, and I started out with a great guide "Nasus - The tank of the sands" by DavidSS. I enjoyed playing with his build, but I couldnt really get it to work with my kind of game style. First of all it was my first melee champion and second of all my first tank champ, but after a few games and a lot of time used on pros vs cons i decided to make changes in the DavidSS build, but still kept the things that i really liked.

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Sheen? but you are tanking!

True Sheen is not a good choice for a tank, but combined with Nasus Siphoning strike, Sheen is an unbelievable item. The base dmg combined with the stacks from Siphoning strike and the +100% base dmg from sheen can result in easy 500dmg.

Even though I know many of you would disagree on a tank doing dmg, I must say that a tank that cannot deal any dmg will be ignored and the dps will suffer for this mistake. I found Sheen very usefull in these situations since the huge amount of dmg (as a tank) combined with the low cooldown on siphoning strike, made it possible to be feared by squishy champs, which made them focus me alot oftener, there by tanking the way I should be tanking.

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I do not like Sheen, do you have other suggestions? (Yes - Warmogs armor)

Ok i respect that some people don't like the idea of a tank doing a lot of damage and sometimes i can agree. If the team has a high amount of dps, then it is possible to get rid of the tiny dagger known as sheen and replace it with something that makes Nasus invincible.

My advice would be a Warmogs armor. The armors hp is based on permanent stacking which is easy for Nasus since his Siphoning strike is already used to increase his damage output + Spirit fire which is an awesome AOE for minion farming.

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Many other builds for Nasus is based on Mana since Nasus is a big mana spender, even though i agree on Nasus being a big mana spender, I disagree in the use of mana runes.

If you want to build up a tank, you need to provide him/her with health, armor and resistance. In some cases you can choose a little dodge.

I decided to use Health pr. level Marks, dodge seals, magic resistance Glyphs and Health Quintessences to provide a tough and long lasting tank for early kills as well as being capable of protecting a squishy lane dps.

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Pros / Cons


Great for debuffing the enemy team and towers
Able to lane long and protect squishy lane dps
Is often targeted in team fights and can resist the damage for a long period of time
Can tank towers early at lvl 6


Can easily run out of mana early game
Can have a hard time against two ranged dps

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Summoner Spells

For Summoning spells I have chosen Ghost and Ignite. These spells are often great for nasus since his Siphoning Strike has a small cooldown he is able to chase an enemy that would normally be able to get away.

Ignite is good for both chasing aswell as taking out hp potions or Mundos ulti. If ignite is used correctly when fighting mundo, Nasus will be supperior in team fights

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A few last words

Since this is my first build I hope you will give it a fair chance as well as my writing and lagg of pictures ( I do not know how to implement pictures of items in my chapters).

I hope you will enjoy this build as much as I have and please give me a respond on how you have done with this build.