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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kapu

Nasus - The Terror of The Sands

Kapu Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Everyone :) Here's a Nasus build i've been experimenting on. It's mainly about damage but also a lot of survivability.
With This build Nasus becomes a bit like the old Mordekaiser, hard to take down and incredible damage at the same time.
This build is also very 'farm required' meaning that You will need a lot of last hits with Siphoning strike for it to become effective. I can say that with only Trinity Force, Infinity Edge & Banshee's Veil i managed to crit 1274 with Siphoning strike.

Okay.. enough chattering let's get on with the real business :)

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Pros / Cons

High damage if farmed well
Very strong mid/late game
Powerful ultimate
A great anti-Ad carry ability
very Durable
very nice Passive

kind of squishy before lvl 6
No real escape ability like Rift Walk (if someone cal tell me how to place small icons in my discribtion then please leave a comment and tell me how :P)
Very bad joke & Dance

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For Runes i have chosen
9x Greater Mark of Desolation
9x Greater Seal of Vitality
9x Greater Glyph of Celerity
3x greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Mark of Desolation
I have chosen those because of Nasus main damage coming from Auto Attacks.
Yes his Siphoning strike isn't just an "ordinary" ability. It's only an empowerement to his next Auto hit. And because of that, The More Armor Penetration you have, the more damage you do (thank you cap'n Obvious <.<)

Greater Seal of Vitality
Who doesn't like some survivability?
The Main Reason for these runes are simple, You need them to survive(again, Thank you cap'n Obvious <.<) About those there's really not much more to say, more health = more surviving :)

Greater Glyph of Celerity
Greater Glyph of Celerity.. aah Nasus' good friend :)
The Cooldown reduction you get with those + Ionian Boots of Lucidity grants you around 23% Cooldown reduction, Bringing your Siphoning strike down to only 3,01 Seconds Cooldown. and with 600 damage normal hits with Siphoning strike, it really hurts. + with your Wither & Spirit Fire. They got very low Armor & very low movement speed + Attack speed. So just begin bringin them down :p

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For Masteries i take a 21/9/0.

In Offense I make sure to get points in everything that can increase the damage against my opponents. +crit chance. +crit damage.
And also Archaic Knowledge, Regarding this though. i still need to experiment some more. Not really sure whether or not it increases Siphoning Strikes Damage. (it does increase Spirit Fire's though)

In Defense i take 3 points in Hardiness, 1 point in Resistance, 4 points in Evasion and at last 1 last point in Nimbleness.
I take those last 9 points in Defense instead of Ultility because this is as mentioned a dps/Offtank build.

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For Items i take
Trinity Force
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Infinity Edge
Banshee's Veil
Atma's Impaler And
Randuin's Omen

Trinity Force
More or less the most common item for Nasus, having this & your Boots will enable you to spam Siphoning Strike (almost) and get a lot of last hits (hopefully :p)
It also increases your mana, movement speed, survivability, slow, crit & Attack speed.
And of course, the god-like trinity proc. This is your strength! Increases the damage of your next auto attack (after using an ability) by 150%!

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
I just love those boots with Nasus. Just a nice amount of CD reduction = more Q-spamming :D Not much more to be said :) In the end, boots come down to preferences

Banshee's Veil
Want Survivability? There you have it, Banshee's Veil. one of my favourite tank items. Works incredibly well with Nasus aswell. +hp +mana + Magic resist. And the lovely Spell negate. always welcome :D

Infinity Edge
Every Ad champs wet dream.
Ton of +AD, +25% Crit chance, And then there is the wtf big cherry on top of the motherf*cking big icecream: the Passive, 250% critical strike damage instead of just 200%!

Randuin's Omen
Not enough survivability already? Well okay Here's your Omen!
Another of my favourite tank items. +hp +armor and health regain. And of course. the active ability: slows attack speed and movement speed for all enemies around you by 35% + 0,5% for each 100 armor and magic resist you have for 2 seconds. combine this with your Whither (or even Exchaust if you really want to overkill the chase) and any AS/AD champ won't be able to do anything about you.

Atma's Impaler
Got enough survivability now.. Time for some more hurt :D
Atma's Impaler, a really powerful item for someone such as Nasus if he is Offtank/Dps like he should be in this build :)
This item grants you 45 bonus armor (making you even harder to kill) 18% critical strike chance, and the godlike passive: 2% of your maximum HP converted into Attack damage.
Now let's take a look. With fill build you have around 3200 Hp.
3200/100 * 2 = 64. Might not sound like a lot but with already 221+ attack damage you do hurt. and with 64 more? well let's just say 285 AD. Now it does look like a nice amount doesn't it? :)

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Skill Sequence

Siphoning Strike
Your bread and butter. YOUR STRENGTH!
This ability is the key to your power, it has base damage of 110 in rank 5. + 100% of your AD + any amount siphoned from last hitting minions/champions. With full build you have 110 + 285 + 3x your amount of last hits in damage from Siphoning strike. multiply that with 1,5 (and if crit) 2,5 again. Now doesn't that hurt?
let's see. 110+285+370(around 120 Siphoning last hits) = 765
765 * 1,5 * 2,5 = 2868,75
2793,75 damage in a crit with Siphoning strike and around 117 last hits with it. is quite a lot. Remember to reduce the damage you expect. Your enemy got armor afterall :) Against a normal carry or squishy or something it should be around 2k crit then.

Your Anti carry ability. great slow / reduced attack speed.
epic for chasing & escaping.

Spirit Fire
I wouldn't suggest using this ability to farm minions. Use your Siphoning strike to farm minions instead. will increase your damage later.
when in team fights. or generally just fighting this is a great ability though. Combined with your armor penetration runes you will reduce your enemies armor by a lot. Meaning more damage for you :)

Fury of The Sands
Your Ultimate. Your size is increased. your Hp is increased. And all enemies around you suffer a percentage amount of their HP each second while near you. This damage is converted into bonus attack power for Nasus in the duration.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i chose Exchaust and Clarity.

Many people might wonder "why Clarity?"
I chose Clarity because Nasus tends to be a bit mana hungry early game. Eventhough his Siphoning strike doesn't consume a lot of mana, it does eat a lot of your mana when you literally spam it to last hit & gain strength.

Exchaust, I chose this one because if your enemies have Cleanse your Whither is pretty much useless. Then just throw your Exchaust and HEY! they're slowed again.
Not only is it great for escaping but it's also great for 1v1 fights or even team fights, and of course for chasing.

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Very short describtion of this one. Last hit minions with your Siphoning Strike. As i've already said two or three times now: it makes you stronger over time! :D

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it's about the end of the describtion for this guide.

All i have left to say is that i wish you all good luck :)

Remember. This is only an Offtank build with a very high damage. (trust me)

Please give feedback :)

And i hope someone will be able tell me how to make Images in describtion :D

Kapu-Chuuuu :D