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Morgana Build Guide by XLZ

Natasha Bedingfield -

By XLZ | Updated on September 4, 2011
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Hey there!
After the great success and positive feedback I have recieved from my first guide I've decided to share with everybody how do I equip and play Morgana. I hope you find this info interesting and useful.

Feel free to take a look to my Panth guide; "The Hybrid Theory"

"Feel the pain on your skin no one else can feel it for you"

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Gear Explanation (step by step)

1) To start with you can buy a dorans ring to have some more early HP, however when you become more confident with morgana I suggest you get directly an Amplifying tome plus a healing potion.


2) Stay in your lane until you've farmed 1150g. When you do so, go to base and complete your first item, the Mejai's. You'll spend the other 350g left on a pair of boots.


3) In third place, we will adquire Ionian boots (cd reduction) and a Blasting wand. In order to do so we will need 1560g; (700 for Ionian boots and 860 for Blasting) wand.


4) Earn 1600g and buy a large rod.

5) At this stage you should have already stacked 8-10 Mejai marks (aprox). We will now complete our Rabadon's Deathcap which will boost our AP. Nevertheless, we will wait until we've earned 2000g, before getting back to base.


6) With 1435g you will complete your void staff; a relatively cheap item which will give us a nice amount of AP plus a 40% magic penetration. Perfect choice to maximize damage on hybrid champions or tanks.

7) Earn 1600g and buy a large rod.

8) Wait for 1700g and complete your Zhonya's Hourglass. This Item is extremely useful to avoid being focused during your ultimate's channeling.
It also prevents you from being murdered in late game by these crazy AD champs which autoatack at 2.4 AS.

9) If the game lasts long enough, our next and final Item will be the Rylai's Scepter. A very nice item which gives us 500 HP plus 80 AP and an effect which we dont give a **** about xD as when we aim our dark binding we already stuck them to the ground. We want this item because of its nice HP and AP.
As you will only have one slot left in your item bag I suggest you buy Giant's belt for 1110g and finaly complete the Rylai's when you've earned. 1995g

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Runes Explanation

Quintessence: For Quints we will take base AP ones as we want to have some nice early AP in order to put some damage on targets when we aim our Dark binding.

Marks: Marks are quite straightforward; we will take magic penetration ones to put more damage on targets with magic resistance.

Seals: For seals I really like to take HP per level. They help quite a lot as you no longer feel like a creep or a meal for someone ^^

Glyphs: Morgana has some mana issues in early game, that's why we take mana regen per level glyphs plus clarity.

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Summoner Spells

I personally love this spell. I think it is one of the most useful summoner spells there are atm. (although it became nerfed long time ago)

What is it good for?

- Flash through bushes to avoid a gank
- You can use Flash to get in range in order to aim a Dark binding (maybe someone escaping)
I've done it many times, it's really annoying xDD
- Flash is also great when combined with Morgana's ultimate. Flash right inside of the team
fight, then instantly cast your ultimate + Zhonya's = KBOOM!
- As one of Morgana's jobs is to aid the team with its shield; I've managed to save in many
occasions my team mates by flashing near and cast on them black shield.

Clarity is essential for Morgana. While laning, you may not have mana problems, however when you engage combat Morgana needs to use every single ability, the four of them. You don't want to run out of mana in the middle of the fight.
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How to aim your Dark Binding

In this section I will try to explain as detailed and clear as possible how do I use Morgana's main ability, Dark Binding.

For those who haven't played Morgana yet, you must know that this champ depends on aiming its Dark bindings, whether you use them:
-to initiate a fight
-to ran away from a gank
-to save a team mate

There are two ways in which you can use this ability:

1) Cast Dark Binding right to the spot where the enemy champ is standing at:

This method is only effective when you are hiding in the bushes or when you are able to see the enemy but he doesn't see you. I mean if the enemy champ doesn't see you, he will not expect the Dark binging and therefore he is likely to stay on its spot farming minions or doing whatsoever.

2) Cast Dark Binding when the enemy champ is on the move:

This is my favorite part when playing Morgana. You must have the ability to analyze your enemies' movements. I mean, you must be able to anticipate to their movements. Try to think where will he move and cast Dark Binding to that spot.
This is sometimes very easy as your enemy runs in a straight line.
If you are able to reach this point you will save many lives as well as making possible that your team mates erase the champ you've trapped by being smart!

Disclaimer: Sometimes it will not work as your opponent is so dumb that will not move where he is supposed to move in order to save his life (and get trapped by your binding too ^^)
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Team Fights

Morgana is a key champ when engaging team fights. You must look after your team mates with Dark shield at the same time you try to initiate with a Dark Binding.

If your tank is going to initiate cast Dark shield on him before he does.

You must use your shield cleverly as it is an awesome ability which saves lives by absorbing magic damage and every single effect in the game, including: stun, slow, silence, fear, daze...

I usually cast my ultimate followed by a Dark shield to avoid any kind of stun or silence.
If I already have my Zhonya's up, I would cast ultimate followed by Zhonya's and save my black shield for a team mate or for myself when Zhonya's effect disappears.

**TIP** Remember: you can take a nice and easy killing blow by casting Tormented Soil on a target runing away at low HP as its first tick or DoT causes instant damage. In late game when you've got 750-800 AP aprox one tick of this ability does about 250+ dmg to the target!
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Black Shield is OP!

You can avoid ultimates with this ability.

If you cast Black Shield to yourself or a team mate, just before you think the enemy champ will use its ultimate, you can simply avoid it.

A very common example takes place with Malzahar. It is so funny when you get in its ultimate's range and you instantly cast on yourself Black Shield... INMUNE xD
The same happens with Warwick's, Ashe's...

Now that I think of it, Black Shield stops Chuck Norris from killing you!!!
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