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Nautilus Build Guide by Grunt

Nautilus (Solo Top) - This Crazy CC

By Grunt | Updated on February 24, 2012

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I´m a German player and I want to show you, how i play Nautilus.

In my opinion Nautilus is a champ who gets strong in mid/endgame.
In early he is relativly weak.
Like all good tanks you need gold.
To go Top is the best way to get a lot of cash in combination with gold items!

At all it isnt your job to push the lane like hell, just try to harras your enemy if possible and lasthit the minions with your amazing passive.
Your "E"-skill also is helpful!
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For Runes i prefer:

Marks: Armor or Magic Pen.
Seals: Armor or Life/Life Reg.
Glyph: Cooldown or Magic Res.

Quintessences: Armor, Life/Life Reg., Magic Res., Cooldown or Magic Pen.
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This kind of masteries is greate to survive at top and makes you unkillable in endgame!
Also u can better lasthit with the bonusdmg. in combination of you passive and a little buff to ur mana and mana reg. is included.
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I have chosen this items because I felt good with them in alot of games.
Adjust them if u got a strange DPS or MD Team as enemy...

This build is for a balanced AD/AP Team what is playing against you!

At first I prefer to buy a pendant + a healing pot.

Stay at top as long as possible!

Next items will be in 90% of all games:
Philosopher´s Stone, Mercury´s Treads and HoG.

Now u need Cooldown, what is very important in my view!
Go for Glacial Shroud and Kindlegem.

At next you shoud go for Magic Res. or complete your Frozen Hearth - team dependent!

Hold you Golditems so long as possible!
Later build a Omen and a Shurelya´s

Last item is optional.

All in all u have a looot of AOE-slow (Frozen Hearth, Omen and your "E"-skill), a new engage for ur whole Team (Shurelya´s), nice magic res. armor, life and
40% Cooldown Red. with you masteries!
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence allows u to stay at top very long.
Use your shield often!

Just say to your jungler he can gank at lvl 4 (Than u will have your hook!).
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Summoner Spells

Flash is nice at the most champs, also on Nautilus.
Teleport allows you to go gank bottom and mid, to help out your team in teamfights (- if you arent there) and to go quickly back to your lane if u went back to buy some stuff.

Greate alernatives are:

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How to Play?

In laning phase you shoud try to get so many la***** as possible.
As Nautilus you can´t harrass the most other top players that good...
Let your enemy laner push over the mid of the lane, use your shield and just try to lasthit minions.
Go back when you have enough gold to buy a gold per sec item - push your minions over the mid (shield and "E"-skill will help you) and port back...

At lvl 6 u get slowly tanky. Talk to your jungle to gank top often.

Nautilus does have a looot of CC and ganks are successful the most time!
(1. Hit you enemy ones [-> your jungler runs in] 2. Slow him down with your "E"-skill [your jungler arrived] 3. Grab him back if he wants to flee 4. Use your ultimate to knock him out - if he is still alife...

In Teamfights focus the one with the most dmg output.
Grab him, slow him, stun him, knock him into the air!!!
If someone wants to flee:
Use your Shurelya´s,
grab him, slow him, stun him, knock him into the air!!!
If your mate is in trouble:
Grab the traublemaker, slow him, stun him, knock him into the air!!!
dont forget your shield =D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Grunt
Grunt Nautilus Guide

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Nautilus (Solo Top) - This Crazy CC