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Nautilus Build Guide by bananabunny123

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bananabunny123

Nautilus the Tanky Jungle

bananabunny123 Last updated on June 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there and welcome to my jungle nautilus guide. I play nautilus as a jungler because I find that this is the best role for him. Now 2 things I need to tell you is that I mostly play blind pick games. I'm not sure if this is a HUGE deal, but if it is maybe you should try a better guide more suited for draft or ranked games. The other is fairly standard. Don't down vote because of small little thing (x.g. Disagree with item, Rune, or mastery). I can always go back and add it in if I think it needed. Also don't down vote until you try blah blah blah. Ok now that thats out of the way I would like to show you my build.

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Pros / Cons

- Great ganks
- Can tank damage mid-late game
- Can secure kills with dredge line and/or depth charge
- Can gank at level 3
- Good CC

- Slow
- Slow at killing creeps early
- Dredge line takes some time to get good with and pro player will know a way around it
- Depth charge same as above minus last bit
- I don't get a lot of AP BUT, I have never really had a problem with this but up to you to decide if it ok or bad

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For runes I tank Mostly standard tank minus the marks. My marks are unique because I take 3 alacrity and 6 strength. This is aimed and helping me jungle faster as Nautilus is a bit slow at that. With these he becomes a bit more equal with most other junglers. My glyphs are a bit different to as I take 3 warding runes (shielding i consider standard). This lets my take a few more shots from mid lane if I level 3 gank it. If you don't think you will do this switch them for shielding.

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0/21/9 I take the tanking mysteries like most tanks. I take good hands, swiftness, and runic efficiency in utility. A few this though is that I take CDR instead of more MR. This can be changed if you like but I like it so I can get my stuff off cool down faster. Also i take a point in Improved recall. If you think you want flash instead of heal go for summoner's insight instead.

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Skill Sequence

Some people like to max riptide before titan's wrath and that's ok. I just think titan's wrath is better. This is because it gives a shield and AoE and over time damage. When jungleing if you put up your shield you take no real damage and it makes your basic attacks so much better. Plus if you aren't ganking till level 3 you will have all your abilities anyways so you can still get s slow off then. If you really want to get another point in riptide before my build says then go for it. The rest I think is standard. Get dredge line last and at level 3, Get depth charge when you can.

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My items are aimed at getting more gold and tanking. This is done with the heart of gold. This keeps my gold income up so even if a gank fails I will still have more money then i would without it. If you are going to give second blue to mid consider taking a philosophers stone so your magic ,health regeneration stays up and then some more gold. Also if you find you want more AP then tank go for a rod of the ages. The rest I don't think needs much explanation but if you want a bit more in death look at my items leave it on the comments and I'll see what I can do.

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Summoner Spells

- Smite is obvious

- Heal is becoming more popular everyday. On tanks it can be very nice and can save a team mates life or your own if a gank goes bad

- Flash has it's place if you want to be chasing every one down but I think Nautilus doesn't need it as he can slow, stun, drag and make enemies fly in air to catch up to them. It can however help you get away for a bad situation better the dredge line sometimes. just be careful when using both as flash interrupts dredge line so make sure to wait till after if it still need to get away

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More will probably be added at a latter date if people start liking the guide. Other wise it my become like my TF build which i just added a warning section to because it so old and unloved. I really hope that doesn't happen again. If anyone knows who to add those responsive picture ( for items and stuff) that would be great. Other then that hope you like my guide and maybe you will be able to love jungle Nautilus as much as me one day. Or if you already do this may open up more possibilities for you to try. Thanks for reading