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Nautilus Build Guide by dembri8

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dembri8

Nautilus unstoppable force

dembri8 Last updated on August 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hello summoners

This is my first guide and please comment if you think there are points of improvement.
I am mostly playing with Nautilus because of his health and area control so if you want to roam and go on without retreating every time choose Nautilus.

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The thing you try to accomplish with this items is durability in the fight and make the best use of your skill's
After the effect of you're runes and masteries wearied away these items will give you the final boost to being a unstoppable force.
If the enemy team deals more magical damage buy first the negatron cloak and then the chain vest.

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Skill Sequence

with the skills this is the priority you have to upgrade them.
1.depth charge you're ult and deciding thing in team fights and chases.
2.titan's wrath this will shield you and let you deal some lethal damage.
3.riptide these will slow you're enemy so you can escape or kill him and will deal some damage to.
4.dredge line not the dealer of the most damage but try to get it in lvl 2 because of his effect of grabbing enemy's or escaping ganks.
also the passive can really help you with the first blows of a fight.

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Your masteries are the thing that do the big thing because they will help you survive the early moments of the game.
These will help you with keeping you're health high.

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Summoner Spells

the summoner spells will help you in you're times of need.
ghost will help you chase or flee when you need it.
exhaust will slow the enemy and let them deal less damage.
Of course you can choose you're own but these are the ones I advise.

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I choose these runes with an eye on your first 10 lvl's after you can only improve by stacking the same runes.
It is a mix of mana,AP,health,armor and magic resist to boost trough and get some early kills.
If you aren't lvl 30 yet try the same sort of runes.

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Team Work

The thing is with Nautilus that all this spells have effect on the team.
tips for team fights:
don't use dredge line on an enemy while a friend is fleeing the way you are coming from.

The shield you can use for tanking turrets and baron it is also a nice damage dealer so the enemy team will attack you sooner. when a enemy champion does a skill you can sometimes catch the damage with the shield, and the friend can flee.

riptide will slow the enemy and do some damage so it is nice for overcrowded fights or while a enemy is stealth also a thing to retreat with.

depth charge I advise to do that one in the beginning or the end of a fight.
the beginning to stun or knock the enemy team so you can do damage while they can't. (use it like this if you have a lot of assassins in you're team.)
the end to deal the final blow. (use it like this when you have a lot of tanks/supports.)

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with the shield and riptide you can clear a lane of minions really fast.
look out when you must not push to hard.

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The main thing in this build is keeping health high and magical damage go's after that.
and remember his skills are for crowds and don't try to solo an heavy AD/AP champion.