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Yorick Build Guide by Whitenoise

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whitenoise


Whitenoise Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my second build on mobafire.

Yorick is a tanky dps/support champion. I say support since you use your ult to help your carries. Yorick currently sucks, but hopefully he will be buffed.

Please give it a try before you downvote.
Any constructive criticism welcomed.

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Marks: Armor pen. Most of your damage is physical, moar arp=moar damage. Nuff salad.

Seals: Your choice between mp5-lvl, HP-lvl, and armor. I personally go mp5-lvl.

Glyphs: CDR (you can go CDR-lvl but I don't find them that great)

Quints: If you find you can't catch up to people, go with move speed. If not, go with armor pen.

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12/17/1. You will probably think I'm ******ed but these masteries seem to work better than pure offense, defense, or utility masteries.

In the offensive tree you get many perks, including armor pen, cdr, and archaic knowledge (since your w and e deal magic damage) The extra attack damage point is just there because I had one point left and everything else was pretty terrible.

Defensive tree gives you resists, hp5 based on max mana (which is great since manamune is a core item on him), and some hp which is also great because of atma's and because your ghouls get more hp from your hp.

1 point in utility for ghost. Why not.

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Yorick has great synergy with health and ad, making him a decent role for tanky dps.

Start off with a meki pendant and 2 health pots. This will allow you to get off some more abilities, and in turn healing you (if you use your e)

Once you get 955 gold go back and buy boots of speed and a tear of the goddess. This will allow you to start building up your mana pool early.

Sheen/Triforce are also core items with yorick since he spams his abilities. Get sheen when you can, and a Heart of Gold after. HoG gives you much some health so you won't instantly die in team fights, abd needed gold you won't be able to earn from farming (his farming is decent once you get a **** ton of ad but until then it's mediocre, just like him ;_;)

Manamune allows you to get a decent amount of ad from your mana pool, which is perfect for yorick.

Boots of lucidity allow you to spam your skills more, in turn giving you more damage from your passive. If you don't take cleanse, get merc treads instead.

Now here is when you get tanky. Warmogs is very nice on yorick, since it gives him a large amount of health, which helps his passive, and gives him more ad from atmaa.

Triforce is a key item in tanky dps builds, since it provides bonus damage every 3 seconds from the sheen proc, and a **** ton of bonus stats. As well as slowing people. Very nice.

Atma's gives you 65-80 ish ad when this build is complete, along with some crit and armor. Very cost efficient for tanky dps.

Lastly, sell your Heart of Gold for a Banshee's veil. This gives you health, which gives you more ad and your ghouls more hp/ad. It gives you mana, which gives you more ad from manamune, and more hp5 from the strength of spirit mastery. Gives you magic resist, which is always nice. Also blocks 1 spell, which stops you from being cc'd, and if you think about it gives you an effective 200-600 ish health.

With this complete build, you should be able to solo baron no problem.

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Skill Sequence

You start off with your e, a ranged spell that gives you health back helps you establih early game dominance compared to your q, which requires you to be in melee range. And at level 1 theres no point in running up and smacking your opponent with your q since you will take more damage from minions than they will from your ability.

Then you level up your q. It is your main ability. It gets significantly better with each level up. It also resets your auto attack timer, so use it after you get a melee hit off. Also useful for pushing towers. The ghoul doesn't do that much damage early on, but it is noticable.

Your next priority is your e. It's a ranged spell that heals you for the initial damage and continues to heal you each time the ghoul attacks. IMO it's better than the slow you get from your w since your ghouls don't move that fast and it isn't a guaranteed slow.

Your w is your last priority, but make sure to put a point into it at level 4 to help with your combos. It has a small range, and spawns a ghoul at the target area, dealing aoe damage and slowing nearby enemies. It can also be used to stop rammus from power balling, and can block skill shots such as eqreal's mystic shot.

Your ultimate is pretty tricky. Take it whenever you can. Learning to master this ult will help your team greatly. Do not go into a team fight with this right off the bat. You want to use it on your ranged carry (melee carry is fine but ranged preferred) This creates a double of the person, which slowly dies. Lasts 10 seconds. If there's a team fight going down and your carry is being focused, ult them a few seconds before they're going to die. This allows them to come back to life for a short time and deal some damage. You can control your minion thingy by right clicking, just like morde's ult. You can't control someone who died and came back to life however.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost allows you to chase or run away. Yorick is useless if he isn't within melee range smacking *****es. Also helps you run away if need be.

Cleanse allows you to break out of cc and catch up to people. Very useful on yorick.

If you don't like cleanse, you can take exhaust or ignite. Both seem to be decent on yorick.

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This build seems to be the best I've found after testing him in numerous games. With full a full tank build, you have 0 damage, and are no threat to the enemy team since you have no initiate or cc (except the slow from your derpy w). If you build staright dps, you die in seconds and still don't do that much damage. This build is a combo of both, and rapes **** if you can complete your build. At the moment I would not recommend playing yorick since he is extremely terrible, and needs numerous buffs to be considered close to decent. But if you just wanna **** around and have fun, yorick's the champ to play. Have fun.