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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ryze Build Guide by alextv123

Middle New CRAZY Bruiser Ryze Build With Season 12 Items

Middle New CRAZY Bruiser Ryze Build With Season 12 Items

Updated on November 16, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author alextv123 Build Guide By alextv123 10 6 24,462 Views 0 Comments
10 6 24,462 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author alextv123 Ryze Build Guide By alextv123 Updated on November 16, 2021
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Runes: Runes

Phase Rush
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Future's Market
Approach Velocity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Only Good Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide

New CRAZY Bruiser Ryze Build With Season 12 Items

By alextv123
You start Tear and 2 red pot
First item always Winter's Approch this will make you tanky and will give you mana so you will have a good dps and a good rezistance FOR ONLY 2200 GOLD!! (ik is broken)
Sorcer's Boots or Ionian or Tabi Or Mercury (you decision here but im go in generaly Sorcer's)
2Rd Item Crown Of Shattered Queen (every time from this item you build first Sapphire Crystal - > Lost Chapter - > rest of the components - > full item) this item give literary all ryze wants from this game , hp ap , a tons of mana ah and rezistance
3Rd can be Morellonocom if you see ignite antiheal is not sufficient , but is preferable to get a Rabadon
4rd if you was go Morellonocom go RABADON IS A MUST if you was go Rabadon , go Demonic Embrace
5rd , if you was dont need antiheal , you have 1 slot open so go a Cosmic Drive
After all slots are full you have 2 options:
-I was need antiheal item - sell boots go Cosmic drive
-I was dont need antiheal item - You have already Cosmic Drive , so go Void Staff
If after this things , game is still not ended Buy A Elixir Of Sorcery
(Note:in early game when you inventory is kinda empty , if you start snowball you can buy a mejjjai ring but dont upgrade this , you will sell it later when you will build rest of the items)

{"title":"Ryze Bruiser","associatedMaps":[],"associatedChampions":[13],"blocks":[{"items":[{"id":"3070","count":1},{"id":"2003","count":2}],"type":"Start"},{"items":[{"id":"3119","count":1},{"id":"3020","count":1},{"id":"4644","count":1},{"id":"3089","count":1},{"id":"4637","count":1},{"id":"4629","count":1}],"type":"Core"},{"items":[{"id":"3135","count":1}],"type":"6 item (sell boots)"},{"items":[{"id":"2139","count":1}],"type":"60 min game"}]}

Strategy (Beta Version)
try to poke so much with the next combos:
Free q combo : e w q
Poke Enemy Hide in Waves : E q Combo
Poke Enemy who stand far from wave : e w
This are all the combos who i have in mind when i write that , but are more muches
Also bettwen combos use aa alot , is a strong damage pre lv 3
Dont fight too close before you are some tanky , use run combo ( e w aa if you cant hit q e w q if you can)

Here , with thiis builds you have 3 roles
1.Team Tank
You will be the champion with the most big rezistance or the 2rd one in generally (90% of games)so you can be aggresive , start fights or be a semi peel
You e w is a guarranted point and click cc , so abuse that and use this combo to make ally land cc more easy , stop enemy engages or catch enemy off positions
3.Dps Mage:
Dont forget , you are not a tank or a support , you are a ap bruiser , you damage is so big and good (especially after rabadon)so when a stun is not that wow and team need dps , use you e q to delete enemy.

Ryze Flux is one of the best clear wave abilities from whole game if not the best , so you need have every game the most big cc from both teams

How to use R:
Ryze r active is not most wow ability , but can be used at 5 things in genneraly:
1.Lane recall
You will not have tp , so you can use the r for come more speed in lane
You can tp back a enemy and use e w for a free kill for you ally or you
You can use this ultimate as a escape tool from the bad situations and tp in a save spot
4.Dive Towers / Nexus
Never forget , R tp also ally units not only champions
5.Start Teamfights
You can use this r as a engage tool (Is a bad ideea in 99% of cases , but some times can work)

Details (Not So Important Things :) ))
Build Created On Pbe Server Patch 11.23 day 03.11.2021
Mobafire Guide Version 1.4 Beta

Details About Me:
Main Servers - Eune and Euw
When i was start play - In the quarantine / early 2020
Languages who i speack - English at a good level and Mother Language Romanian
My Best Caracters:
Urgot - Top
Ryze - Mid
Udyr - Jg
Jhin - Adc (im suck with him but with rest im such more much :)) )
Leona i think - Support
Main Roles :
Top - Jungle - Mid - Sup - Adc (in this order)
Ranks Peaks
Top and Mid - Gold 3 (Pray Urgot)
Jungle - Silver 1 (Udyr go Brr)
Adc and Support - i think bronze , i was play so little this roles :)
Where i was Born - Bucharest , Romania
Age - 15
My Current must bans :
Top - Nasus ( Delete him pls)
Mid - Yasuo
Jungle - Shaco
Support - Leona
Adc - What team want
Other Questions can be asked in Discussion section , have a great day :)

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alextv123
alextv123 Ryze Guide
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New CRAZY Bruiser Ryze Build With Season 12 Items

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