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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkarSkar4Life

New Gamemode Idea For Season 4

SkarSkar4Life Last updated on November 10, 2013
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Gangplank Build

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Hello and welcome to my idea for a new game mode for season 4 which is coming out tomorrow on 11/11/13. So this idea came across me while I was working on my Gangplank guide. When I joined League of Legends the first champion I ever played was Shen, obviously he is a ninja. I've loved all the ninja's for awhile until I came across Gangplank, obviously he is a pirate. I've loved him since I played him. So I got thinking of a really good match up for Gangplank and Shen came to my mind right away. Pirates vs Ninjas, So I came on here to share my idea with all of you mobafire folks. I will explain how the game mode will work in the next chapter.

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How would it work?

So how would this gamemode work? Their would need to be a new map, a 5 vs 5 size, say the pirates size is lots of water and ships and the ninjas side dark and lots of shadows. Well you would queue up for Pirates Vs Ninjas then you would go into a champion select. It would be like 5 vs 5 draft mode, everyone would have the choice of the champions shown above. If your on the pirate team you can only pick pirates if your on the ninja team you can only pick ninjas. First pick would have the choice of the 5 pirates or ninjas deciding on which team your on. Then 2nd pick would have 4 and so on. The skins shown above would automatically be added on the champion and if you don't own the champion it will let you play it like a F2P champion. I think this be a very cool gamemode and I would love to play it myself. Riot please, if you see this throw the idea around a bit? Thanks, that's really all I have to say please comment with ideas and upvote if you like the idea. Thanks!


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