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Kayle Build Guide by TeH_ChRoNiC

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TeH_ChRoNiC

New Kayle (Rework) - On Hit!

TeH_ChRoNiC Last updated on July 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So Kayle got reworked with the latest Wukong patch. For anyone who doesn't know what got changed, and to save you guys from a bad explanation from myself, here's a video. I have yet to see a guide for the "New Kayle" I thought I'd set up a Mobafire account and try make one. So since this is my first guide it may not be laid out as well as other peoples guides. Also if anyone likes the ideas in my guide but thinks the layout sucks please feel free to remake the guide. All I ask is that you credit me somewhere in the guide.

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These are the runes I choose and whether you guys use them or change them please give me feedback.

Marks: So because this is an on-hit build I chose to go for Attack Speed Marks. The 15% attack speed really helps out.

Seals: The Mana Regen per level Seals really help me harass more in lane and I should be able to use Divine Blessing on myself or allies and have the mana used back by the time the Divine Blessing is cooled down. Same goes for Righteous Fury.

Glyphs: I take Flat Cooldown Glyphs as part of my build because when coupled with my Masteries I have 14.89% CDR at level 1. Then when I grab my Nashor's Tooth I have 39.89% CDR. This is pretty much max CDR and it allows me to have Righteous Fury on whenever I want or permanently if I feel like it.

Quintessences: I personally chose to go flat AP but I've also tested flat HP and it works just as well. AP gives me a little extra damage on Reckoning early game since it's 1:1 ratio now. HP will make me look like less of an easy target for harassment and also coupled with the Dorans Ring to start makes me pretty bulky for level 1.

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For Masteries I take a standard 9-0-21 caster page, taking the Blink of an Eye Mastery from the Utility tree for the reduced Flash Cooldown.

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For items I start off with a Dorans Ring unless I know I'm laning against someone with some mega harass like Mordekaiser for example. In this situation I take Boots and 3 Health Potions. If all goes well and I can farm enough gold I take my first trip back and buy Berserker's Greaves and 1-2 Daggers depending on how much gold I have and starting item.
Assuming all is still going well and I'm taking my second trip back I buy a Malady and with whatever gold left over I start on a Nashor's Tooth.

The reason I go for a Malady is because "New Kayle's" Passive lowers enemy's Magic Resist and Armor on hit. The Malady will further lower their Magic Resist and deal extra Magic Damage on hit.

Next item is Nashor's Tooth. Great item which gives me the Cooldown to:
Freely use Righteous Fury whenever I want or have it on permanently.
Heal myself and or team mates more frequently.
Use Reckoning more often.
Have around 36 second cooldown on Intervention.

The Nashor's Tooth also gives me some pretty decent Mana Regen, some nice AP for the 1:1 Ratio on Reckoning and that all important Attack Speed for the On Hit build.

My next item is a defensive one. Normally I'd go for a Banshee's Veil because it's all around a great defensive item, but in certain situations I change it up. For example today I had a game which the other team had Malz, Morde and Urgot. In this situation I chose to go for a Quicksilver Sash. Just the presence of me having this item stopped Malz and Urgot from trying to ult me and it shut down Mordekaiser's Ult/Ignite combo on me.
The defensive item is situational but most of the time I take the Banshee's Veil because it's just an amazing defensive item.

Up next is more On Hit with Madreds Bloodrazor. Great item for On Hit builds, the 4% HP per hit with all of your Attack Speed is huge. Tanky DPS's die so easy.
Madreds Bloodrazor is a great late game item because late game is where I think "New Kayle" starts to fall off. At late game most champs should have at least 2k+ HP. This means the Madreds will do roughly +80 extra damage On Hit.

Last item. If the game goes on long enough (This has only happened once for me) I usually grab a Wits End. This item is amazing for On Hit builds. You get 40% attack Speed 30 Magic Resistance and You're attacks deal 42 Magic Damage On Hit as well as increasing your Magic Resist by 5 per hit which Stacks up to 4 time giving you an extra 20 Magic resist.
I haven't tested it yet but I'm thinking of switching the Malady early game for a Wits End and grabbing the Malady late game. If anyone wants to test this let me know how it works out.

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Skill Sequence

So for skills I start with Reckoning and level that up first while taking Divine Blessing and Righteous Fury up evenly in levels. This skill order is pretty balanced but if I feel I'm having a tough time in lane and getting harassed to much (assuming I'm in a solo lane with no support) I choose to level up Divine blessing second for some sustain while only taking 1 level in Righteous Fury at level 3.
Intervention is taken as usual at level 6/11/16. I've seen alot of Kayle's use this as a last second "Life Saver". I choose to use it as a team fight breaks loose on either myself or a carry. This way I prevent damage from whoever I use it on and force the enemy to switch targets while the immune carry or myself deals damage.

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Summoner Spells


Ignite: My favorite offensive Summoner Ability. Healing reduction is amazing and has helped piss off alot of people that have a heal. For example today because Tryndamere got a rework too he's been tested alot. I had a situation in solo lane where Tryndamere tried to tower dive me while I was low HP. I simply used Reckoning and Righteous Fury to burn out his HP along with the tower while having Intervention on myself. After he got to 0 HP with Undying Rage he backed off. As he was spinning away I threw Ignite on him and it cut his Bloodlust heal and got me the kill.

Flash: With an offensive Summoner Ability already picked up you need a decent escape ability. Intervention and Divine blessing won't help you escape since Intervention doesn't stop Crowd Control and any slow counters the Haste from Divine Blessing.
Flash is all around a great Summoner Ability.

Alternatively instead of Ignite you could take Exhaust and grab the Exhaust Mastery which lowers their Armor and Magic Resist by 10. This works great with Kayle's new passive and Malady.

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Ok so before you guys judge this guide please remember it's my first guide for any champ. All constructive criticism is really appreciated.

Credit goes to:
HeAt for his Kayle guide, I got alot of ideas from there.
Riot Phreak for the Champion Spotlight which I based this build off of.