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Build Guide by troy iz n ur bed

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League of Legends Build Guide Author troy iz n ur bed

New New TF...DPS

troy iz n ur bed Last updated on May 20, 2010
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This is my first guide and am still learning the formatting for this, so bear with me. any criticisms would be greatly appreciated, and i will be updating this shortly when i figure out exactly how i run this build.

So i have been unable to find any good dps tf builds after the nerf, so i thought i would share mine and see what everyone thinks.

-BTW- i do not remember the level at which he can upgrade his skills, but i do q at start for harassment if in the solo lane, or w if top or bot with a partner. i then pick the opposite skill (q or w) next. from this point on, r>e>w>q.

I start my game with a dagger or null-magic mantle, depending if the team is full of casters or not, as well as a health potion. harass solo or gold card in team if you're trying for a quick kill, as well as exhaust and ignite. try to keep your distance and push, keeping a safe distance while farming. do not over-use your mana, as a gold card may be your last choice in a bad situation.

Push the lane until you have enough money for your first item, which is probably going to be berserkers greaves, and then working on wits end for casters or sword of the divine if you choose the dagger. Keep your lane under control and don't get too brave, as i have been ganked many times because the enemy team gets annoyed at the rate i farm. don't be afraid to use a red card as a farming tool, and again, keep a safe distance.

once your ult is up, try to scope out the other team is needed and pick off any weak enemies. at this point, you can get your next item. i usually work for madreds bloodrazors because of the awesome stack of damage it does with your other items. keep your gold cards ready and dont be afraid to run into a team fight and pick up assists or kills.

once you level up far eonough, get the stinger for additional atk spd and cooldown for your pick a card. keep farming gold and watch the lanes. If the enemy team is together on one side, don't hesitate to leave your own team to push an opposite lane and possible destroy a turret. once you control the map enough, your team will be able to move the other lanes and push to the inhibitor.

At this point in the game, you are able to back door and do some damage to the enemy team. Your bloodrazors do additional damage to towers, so you can take one out solo at level 18, no creeps. If you push the lane to the inhibitor, take it out with a gold card drawn. As of right now, there is a glitch where the gold card stays drawn, dealing additional damage to inhibitors (not towers). Build the remaining items and gank any lone enemies.

Now, the game is over and you have another win under your belt.

Don't be frustrated if you feel as if you are too squishy at the start, because you are. use your judgement and try not to feed, as this will effect the rest of your game greatly. this build works completely off of gaining your items early game, keep on farming or jungling if you fall behind.