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League of Legends Build Guide Author Naiit

[New Updated] A.R.A.M Guide

Naiit Last updated on February 24, 2012
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This new guide is made for the players who still uses the old outdated rule

X's = Do not Push/Destroy/Kill marked places
Lines = Where you are allowed to be on the minimap while playing A.R.A.M

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What is A.R.A.M?

A.R.A.M is a contraction of All Random All Mid which kinda tells it self. in this mode you will be given a random champion and be sended mid to fight in a 5v5 match. the lanes Top and Bot are not accessible in this gameplay. neither is Jungle or Bush allowed to enter. entering these areas will be considered CHEATING.

Neither is it allowed to recall. if you recall to buy in a A.R.A.M you will also be considered a CHEATER. buying items is only obtained by doing suicide or getting killed in a team fight.. BECAUSE buying items are only allowed when u are dead. u can stay in spawn after you respawn to finish you purchase. after you left your base area you are not allowed to re-enter the spawning platform to do new purchases or restore lost health and mana untill you die again.

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How do i join a A.R.A.M game?

The game mode is a custom game mode.. which means it's not mode where you can join a queue. like Dominion.. A.R.A.M is found in the "Custom Game" section in the launcher

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Anything special about A.R.A.M (Items, Skills etc.)?

Yes. some items are banned in A.R.A.M. the following items are banned: Mejai Soulstealer, Leviathan, and Sword of the Occult, Guradian Angel and Vision Wards

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Why are those items banned in A.R.A.M?

The Snowball items: Mejai Soulstealer, Leviathan, and Sword of the Occult. since they gain “stacks.” for each kill or assist they are not allowed in the general A.R.A.M games, since the team that first gets an ace will recieve a high amount of stacks making it easy to win the game in a short time.

Guardian Angel: Used to be allowed in A.R.A.M but players changes. there is no specific reason for Guardian Angel to be banned in my opinion. as said in the outdated A.R.A.M Guide "players that have GA can either be killed quickly after it is used or be used for offensive pushes" this is kinda the same opinion i have about Guardian Angel but the time have changed so this item are mostly banned in A.R.A.M games now.

Vision Wards: Since some changes have been made to Eve and Twitch people are started to ban Vision Wards since then will completly out lane Eve and Twitch making the fun A.R.A.M 5v5 match to a 4v5 instead. This rule is kinda new. and not all knows it yet. this is the 2nd reason i made this updated guide

Vision Wards might be banned but this don't mean that its not allowed to buy Oracle Elixir.. this is a more balanced Anti stealth items. also a more fun item. because if anyone buys this. they will be focused so that the stealth champion can stay at lane, and it might not be best to give the oracle to the tank on the team since the tank might not die. which forces etc a Carry who died first to buy it. so that the team is able to kill the stealth champion. and neither is the Sight Ward banned from A.R.A.M

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General A.R.A.M Rules

1. All Random
2. All Mid lane ONLY
3. No Buying until death
4. No Recalling/Teleport to spawn
5. No Bush/Jungle/Forest/Red- Blue Buff
6. No Snowball Items
7. Guardian Angel Not Allowed
8. No Vision Wards
9. Oracle Elixir and Sight Ward Allowed


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