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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dr.Acula

Nid AD carry?

Dr.Acula Last updated on December 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I am Dr.Acula again and this is how to play physical carry Nid.

First of all, why Nidalee?
Nidalee is and will continue to be one of the higher tier heros in LoL for several reasons.
1.) She has a total of 7 different abilities which gives you a lot of versatility
2.) She has the potential to be a very strong melee or ranged attacker and you are encouraged to switch between both often.
3.) She has a self heal that buffs her attack speed
4.) Catform has really awesome spamable attacks
5.) She provides a lot of map awareness
6.) Has no long cool downs so she is always ready to fight(this also means in fights she can sustain the same amount of damage if it drags on.)

Summoner Spells::Exhaust is nice because of the slow (which nid doesnt have on her own) as well as the blind which will let you easily take out any physical dps that decided they wanted to fight you.
: I personally like ghost because it makes slow characters fast and fast characters even faster. Trust me your pounce + ghost will let you chase down whoever you are going after or safely escape from danger depending on how you use it.

A build I use specifically for physical Nid. Offense is obvious for damage and defensive up to nimbleness because with the dodge runes and tabi you can pretty safely fight enemy players or farm creeps and the speed helps with ganking or escaping if you need to.

Attack Speed Marks: basicly you are gettingearly and rushing your heal so you have fast attack speed and hit for a percentage per hit. the more attack speed early on the better.

Dodge Seals: Nid is all about synergy with herself and her moves. while her offense is great, she is vulnerable in those 3 seconds after you leap and you will be leaping into enemies, so you need the dodge from the masteries, ninja tabi, and these seals.

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs: I use these on pretty much every hero. Cooldown reduction is awesome on any champion and it does help alot especially with Nid since you need to be using your spells a lot. But if you prefer the flat cooldown reduction glyphs as opposed to the over 18 levels one that I have in my guide, those work well too but I find it more beneficial to have it over leveling because you dont need to spam your spells early in the game (and you dont even get your cat form with free spells till lvl 6.)

Flat Health Quints: I also use these on pretty much every champion. its a big difference being early game with 610 health as opposed to 410 health(another bonus added because of dorans that you start off with)

Starting items:Okay so when you first start the game you want to get these 2 items. Health potion in case you get low on health, and Doran's Blade for the health bonus extra attack damage and that little tiny bit of lifesteal.

Early Game:
You can head out to lane either solo or with a lane partner it doesnt really matter, but as solo you will farm faster. Your early game playing will be a lot like you play. You want to stay back away from danger and last hit creeps and harass enemy champions. When you see a good opportunity toss a spear and do some good ranged damage or if you need health, use your primal surge to give you some health and attack speed and burst down a couple of creeps. Try to last hit as much as you can so you have money to buy all your items.

Middle Game:
Explnation: Okay so on your first trip back to base you should strongly consider getting ninja tabi first since you are either lvl 6 or probably close to it. Once you get your ult you can start hopping into cat form and spamming your spells. they have low cool downs make use of them to farm creeps or gank. Once you go back to get sheen the buff monsters are now really easy to kill so feel free to go get the lizard or golem buff depending on which one you prefer at the moment.

Late Game: