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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Nidalee Build Guide by Illusive Lycosa

AD Offtank Nidalee - AD Queen of the Bush

AD Offtank Nidalee - AD Queen of the Bush

Updated on November 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Illusive Lycosa Build Guide By Illusive Lycosa 4,285 Views 1 Comments
4,285 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Illusive Lycosa Nidalee Build Guide By Illusive Lycosa Updated on November 11, 2012
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000. Navigation

Let's talk about the Guide:
This guide will go over Strategy, Movement, Skill Use, Appropriate Game Times and the Build itself. I have had several games as Nidalee and am very familiar with how she works. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with her game play.

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000. Navigation
001. Skills
002. Movement
003. Strategy
004. Game Times
005. The Items

Side Note: This guide will be short but brief, read thoroughly.
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001. Skills

Let's talk Skills:
Nidalee has a very diverse set of skills but are divided into two sections. Human and Cougar. Cougar being the strongest for AD and Human the strongest for AP.

Human Skills

(Q) Javelin Toss ~ AP Skill Shot that does more damage the farther the hit. Scales off AP.
Javelin Toss can be used to pick off distant enemies with some health left.

(W) BushWhack ~ AP Trap that increases Nidalees damage and acts as small wards.
BushWhack is great for warding your area and it provides extra damage for attacks.

(E) Primal Surge ~ AP Heal that well heals yourself or another player. Scales off AP.
Primal Surge is the true Steroid for Nidalee. Great for Tower Pushing and Survival.

(R) Aspect of the Cougar ~ Turn yourself into a smoking hot Cougar.

Cougar Skills

(Q) Takedown ~ AD Attack that has increased damage on opponents with low HP.
Takedown will be your finishing move in Cougar. The attack itself is very satisfying.

(W) Pounce ~ AP Jump that launches Nidalee in the direction she is facing.
Pounce is great for chasing and running away. Use it in these purposes the most.

(E) Swipe ~ AP Attack that acts as a small area of effect attack.
Swipe is a great way to farm several minions with low health or attack multiple opponents.

(R) Aspect of the Cougar ~ Turn yourself into a erm... smoking hot Cougar.

Side Note: Nidalee uses the Human Set before level 6.
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002. Movement

Let's talk Movement:
Nidalee can easily use W (Pounce) to leap over ledges, walls and other obstacles. This interesting move set only has one flaw and that is the direction of your jump. The direction of your jump depends on the way Nidalee is facing. Let me explain.

Directional Jumps
  • Jumping in the direction you are currently facing will make Nidalee jump without warning.
  • Jumping backwards requires you to click behind her and then jump to go backwards.
  • Jumping forward requires you to click in front of her and then jump to go forward.

Easy enough right? Well there's one more flaw. Jumping over an obstacle will either be very successful or you will fail miserably and probably die. Here's how you can jump over a wall with caution.

Obstacle Jumps
  • Click as close to the wall as possible, click once and not several times.
  • As soon as Nidalee is very close to the wall, tap W and pray you jump it.
  • Clicking multiple times may cause her to face the wrong direction.
  • Click Once, Save Yourself.

Hopefully that clears up some very unsuccessful jumps.

Side Note: Always be in cougar on your way back to lane, it is much quicker.
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003. Strategy

Let's talk Strategy:
  • Strategy is used to outplay your opponent as much as possible and Nidalee is great at this.
  • Nidalee has a high burst on opponents with very low HP.
  • Think of Nidalee's Q (Takedown) as a Darius Ultimate. (This is in Cougar form might I add.)
  • Below I have listed a few strategies I use throughout lane phase.

A. Basic Attacks (Lane Phase)(Pre-6)
  • Keep an eye on your creeps and ensure you last hit them to obtain the gold.
  • While creeps are losing health to be farmed, attack your opponent often.
  • When you attack your opponent, ensure to keep an eye on their movement.
  • (Hit once and back up.) This is the general strategy Pre-Level 6.
  • If your opponent gets upset and begins to attack you, use the method below.
  • (Backup, Heal, Poke, Backup, Poke, etc.) Rinse and repeat, just do damage.

tl;dr: Attack between creep score. Back away when approached by opponent but poke furiously. Heal yourself for faster attack speed and health.

Side Note: Only run away without poking if their jungle is in your lane.

B. Cougar Attacks (Lane Phase)(Past-6)
  • As soon as you reach level 6 assume you can win against your opponent.
  • Nidalee is the tower dive champion and it only takes a few Qs (Takedown) in cougar to rip them down.
  • Approach your opponents through the bush, this is a very effective use of her passive.
  • Always save your W (Jump) for escapes unless your opponents health is less than 500.
  • Any opponent with very low HP will be your easiest target, so keep auto attacking as human.
  • Always try to finish your opponent as Cougar as your Q (Takedown) will easily diminish any sum of health.

tl;dr: Play aggressive as cougar and constantly burst. Run away with your W (Jump). Save your W (Jump) between E/Q (Swipe/Takedown) attacks. You can finish an opponent off with your Q (Takedown), the burst is higher if opponent has lower health.

Side Note: You can easily take on two opponents if played carefully. Go for the lowest one first but always try to escape if you fail.

C. Combination (Lane Phase)(Past-6)
  • Combine your Human/Cougar form to constantly harass your opponent.
  • Spears are great for poking away at their HP.
  • If they approach you in human form, switch to cougar and burst them with E/Q (Swipe/Takedown).
  • W (Jump) to move away.
  • Always use the bushes to your advantage and your jump. You will be fast with the combos.
  • Always remember that you have ranged attacks as human, use this to run and gun.

td;dr: Use Human to poke at a distance. Counter attack when approached by opponent with cougar. Use the bushes to play aggressively and gain movement over your opponent. Run away and attack at the same time to gain a stance to their attack.

Side Note: If the jungle has appeared in your lane, furiously poke at him while running away, especially players such as: Garen, Skarner, Lee Sin, Udyr, etc.
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004. Game Times

To Be Added
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005. The Items

To Be Added
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Illusive Lycosa
Illusive Lycosa Nidalee Guide
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Nidalee - AD Queen of the Bush

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