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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soeh

Nidalee AP "You cannot cage me"

Soeh Last updated on October 28, 2010
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Ap Nidalee

1 Javelin toss can kill any squishy, like ash/ezreal/teemo/missfortune.
You get the point i think

Note: For some reason I couldn't remember she levels when you get ulti, hope I made it right.
Build order
Start withThen buyAnd
Now the fun part begins:
you'll notice how you get more and more mana and heil riot games cuz' they've made a item
called archangel's staff..
The archangel's staff noobfriendly:
The more mana you have = the more ability power.
+ the percentage of the mana converted to ability power is Stacking so if you buy more Archangel's staff you'll get more of your mana converted into abilty power.
So now you buy 3 archangel's staff in a rowAfter that you want to buy Zhonya's ring wich gives you 120ap + 25% of your abilty power as extra abilty powerSo now.. if I'm correct you should have around 600~700ap depending on how much mana you have gained through the Tear of the godess ( A tip is to go into Aspect of the cougar and jump alot (w) ability, that will give you much mana)
And now finally if you get this far in the game... BUY LICH BANELich bane
After you have used an ability your next normal attack will deal 100% of your ability power in damage...

And now some simple math:
Javelin toss ~ 1400dmg@max range
Lich bane effect = ~600-800dmg
So in 1 second the dmg output equals:
2000 or 2200.
If the squishys aint dead by then
Go into cougar and jump on them and use the q ability :)
And just spam the javelin toss as often as you can!
an extra benefit of this build is that you heal more than 1000@lategame

and now: A excuse for my bad english. (I am not english).
If you downrate please leave a comment why you downrated
Good luck huntin'
"Fear the wild"