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Nidalee Build Guide by Yami no Kirin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yami no Kirin

Nidalee- BOOM! What happened to their tank?

Yami no Kirin Last updated on September 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a very efficient Ability Power Nidalee guide. Please don't downvote before trying it. This is my first mobafire guide, so I hope you have fun!
I'm really sorry that I don't have any pics, but I do not know how to put pictures.
P.S.: It's a GUIDE not a BUILD. Please don't downvote just because of the masteries, items, or runes. If you downvote please give an explanation.

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Pros / Cons

Great damage
Huge range
Nice survivability with primal surge
Traps provide vision
Your Q is a skillshot
Not very good in team fights

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I don't really have special runes for every character. I mainly use Attack Speed runes. I REALLLY hate it when I have like 1 hit every 2 seconds. For me attack Speed is everything. Remember, your W (jump) in vougar mode is not affected by CDR. I would recommend using flat magic penetration runes, maybe some Dodge chance seals or quintessences, because in cougar mode, you get some dodge chance (that is one of the only reasons I level my ultimate).
So: Dodge chance Seals and Quintessences with armor penetration Glyphs and Marks. Unless you hate slo-mo attacks that is.

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Summoner Spells

I pick flash. Even though cougar mode jump is a very good escape mechanism, you need the extra boost sometimes. And since you have Presence of the Master and Blink of an Eye Masteries, your flash cooldown is quite low. I like clairvoyance a lot. That's what I use. I like to keep an eye on the baron or check in bushes. Since wards are a pain in the *** to buy an place, they only last 3 minutes. Mystical Vision in my masteries is reallyly good with Clairvoyance. I also picked some bonuses in the mastery tree for other summoner spells, since lots of people tend to replace CV with ghost, ignite or exhaust.

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Nidalee is an ability power champion! With enough AP you can drain 60% of a tank's HP in one Q. Make sure you dont miss very much since your mana problems are quite big. A longer time ago I used to get another Rabadon or a Morello's evil tome instead of Chalice of Harmony, but I had to port back every 5 skills or so.

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Your Q is your bread and butter skill. Use it A LOT. Since you have chalice of harmony you can use it quite a bit with small pauses. I like skillshots a lot more than the ones with targets cuz if i click a bit lower the skillshot will still fire and probably hit. If it's target-like and I click lower (like Pantheon who I also like and have) can hit a minion or a different target, or maybe it won't even fire. Remember: The farther you are the more damage ypu deal!!!
You W, the trap, is very useful to prevent ganks. If you place these traps in the right place you are going to escape and wont have to curse those guys that "don't say ss".
You E. It's heal. Do I need to EXPLAIN? It also gives you bonus attack speed so if you are destroying a tower USE it on yourself or if one of your allies is low on hp then on them.
Your ulti: very useful to pursue. If you are in cougar mode YOU DO NOT USE MANA. use you abilities freely! I use this mainly for farming. When running away be sure to be in cougar mode and try to get in as many brushes as possible Unless you have an enemy teemo or caitlyn)!!! Cougar mode grants dodge chance and movement speed.
Your passive: Useful if: running, pursuing, etc. It gives you additional movement speed while you are in brush.
Q (cougar): Deals damage based on the % of health the enemy is missing. This is a great Finishing Move.
W (cougar): Jumps. Used to gain some terrain when running. Also deals damage. You can also jump over smaller walls.
E (cougar): Claws in front (like Amumu). Deals damage to enemies in front.

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Farming is pretty easy with Nidalee after level 6. You can go into Cougsr Mode, jump on the minions and activate E. Wait for cooldowns. Repeat. Before level 6 you can use your E for bonus attack speed, but i wouoldn't recommend it. It drains too much mana.

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Ranked Play

In Ranked Games, the enemies think about you more. They will buy magic resist. You might want to rush Void Staff and leave the boots for later. You're pretty fast in cougar mode anyway.

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Team Work

Teamwork. If by teamwork you mean let your teammates do all the damage and then steal the kill: Cougar mode Q is for you.
If by teamwork you mean do a big part of the damage and get the kill, Use your Q from afar in human mode, then turn into a cougar, jump in, use Q and get the kill.

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This is not a jungling guide, but if you REALLY need it early game you can get the blue buff at around level 6-7. Don't get cocky and do it BEFORE level 6 though.

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You can see movement on the whole map if you place your traps accordingly. They are green so they are VERY hard to see if placed in a bush. You can put as many traps as you like so here are some key locations:
BARON: Fill up the whole entrance to the baron with traps so if the enemies by any chance see them they cant avoid them.
DRAGON: It's never bad to gank the jungler... Plus the dragon gives all the killer's teammates 190 gold + 25 gold to the killer.
AROUND THE JUNGLE: Spam you traps!!! Don't be afraid to leave your lane to place them. Controlling movement on the map CAN SAVE YOUR AND YOUR TEAM'S LIFE. You can prevent ganks this way and counter-gank the enemies one by one. Also, knowing where your enemies are and when, can win you the whole game.