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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ggitsnidalee

Nidalee , Fear the Spear. For the advanced Nida player.

ggitsnidalee Last updated on October 12, 2010
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This Guide is intended for the aggressive, accurate skillshot player, if you are new to nidalee this isn't the build for you.

If you downvote my build please, explain why in clear context.
this build never fails the Advanced player, and covers a wide variety of aspects.
so i'd really like an explanation as to why you decide to downvote it.

Hello and welcome to a nidalee build I designed for maximum effectiveness with maximum safety. of course, going 21 points into the defence tree, is actually also very viable,

The reason this sort of build hasn't been seen on mobafire, is due to nidalee being a "lower tier" champion, she isn't often picked, and when she is , it's some horrid player using sheen or guinsoo's acting like cat form nidalee is still viable.

The purpose of this build, is that basically, you will not die, period. ever. unless your team are unsupportive, and even then, if you put yourself in a risky situation , it wasn't necessary.

Summoner spells:

other nidalee builds can use a wide variety of summoner spells, but cleanse and flash are essential for this guide and style of play,

trouble>cat>cleanse>pounce>flash>turn and javelin gg.

alot of nidalee builds suggest getting heal as your first skill, this is relatively foolish, yes, nidalee CAN mid, however, she performs her role alot better as a support/nuke in side lanes, than she does in mid,

So, make sure to get Javelin as your first skill, off the bat with the rune page and the offensive mastery talents, your jav damage is already ridiculous at rank one,

focus on hitting minions, but when the enemy champions start to get overconfident, dont hesitate to send a jav there way, however remember, try to conserve your mana, as this is not a mana build, three javelins, and you'l almost be oom, so time them well, never aim at the champion aim infront or behind them or , slightly to the left or right of them , depending on where your standing, try to anticipate corners aswell, if not alot is going on, experiment, time how long it takes you to walk around "x" wall or "x" brush, and use your javelin in accordance with the champions going through it, and your estimate of where theyl be by the time your javelin has traveled,

You want to start of with Dorans ring, I'm not really going to listen to anything else, you DO NOT need a pendant, a sceptor or any of that trash, dorans ring is a great item for the majority of the game, and youl keep it until near the very end
grab a mana pot, NOT a health pot as you should be skillshotting and last hitting , not picking at the enemy champs, the point of this build is to make the enemy champion feel overconfident until they slip up and it costs them dearly,

I know alot of people bring up contraversy over nidalees movement speed aka "you need swiftness or mobility" you don't sorc shoes are what this build is about, your not ganking, your initiating for your team, you will be getting kills, but they won't be ganks, you'll be straight up raping them with spears. right infront of them.

once you have sorc boots, with a dorans ring, rune page and summoner masteries, if you hit a champion at the 250% range on your skillshot, you've already knocked out half of there Health literally, or in the case of morde, at least a third,

you want to rush mejais as your first item, the way i see it, games either go two ways with nidalee , really well, or terribly. some people dislike the risk of mejais, however most nidalee players will average less than 4 deaths a game, less than 8 if the game is an hour long,

you want to build your void staff there after as soon as possible, stay in your lane as long as you can , and last hit when you can,

use your traps early game, they're just as good as wards, ward every bush in your lane, and the ones on the river, and it's near impossible for you not to see a gank attempt on nidalee, at around level 6 champion play might seem more aggressive if this is the case, stand back behind your turret, it doesn't matter if it eventually falls, because late game, you wont be leaving your team, focus on keeping your mejai stacks to carry you mid game.

you should be always be aiming to hit them with the very TIP of your skill-shot

why? heres why, if your javelin is dealing 350 damage or so at rank 2 or 3, and that very tip lands a hit , the damage is increased by 250%, you will literally send any non tank in your lane back at least 4 times before they hit level 12 at least,

once you have 3 or 4 stacks of mejais look at the map, are any other lanes starting to crumble? if so help them, you might find the champion your playing against has gotten smart and is focusing on dodging your skillshots and nothing else, if this is the case, simply swap to another lane and beat on the fresh meat for a while,
you'll probably land a few stacks, your heal is your most useful skill, why? certainly not for the ratio, but because if you heal an allied champion , they gain the attack speed buff from heal, if they enter combat while the buff is active with another champion, it wont matter if it wears off, your going to get a free assist stack for absolutely nothing.

once your void staff is up, you should be travelling the map, it doesnt matter how much magic resist they have, with your boots, rune page and void staff, it's still going to hurt, you'l find your spear will knock almost anyone down at least 500-700hp. even with resistance in the 250% range, on the plus side, if you had a bad team pick, and have a weak, or no tank, your spear, once it lands, will usually send the other team running or scattering, and is a great initiate for aoe teams such as fiddle and nunu javelin>nunuflash>ulti> free mejai stack.

always make the most of bluebuff, don't get it until after level 6 or so, a) because nidalee is a slow jungler, and B) because others will complain "QQ cat form doesn't need mana", now remember even though your going for magic penetration and flat ability power
your going to be doing considerable damage with pounce takedown and swipe, , dont initate in cat form, unless its early game, you'll find its probably what causes the few deaths you have, always chase as nidalee, you're one of the fastest even without swiftness boots or mobility, just know when your going to catch them, and when your being baited. otherwise you might aswell just run up mid with a target painted on your face.

by the time you have a Z-ring the game should be ending, or pretty close to it, if you find you have a huge wait in cash between items and you're lacking just that little bit of ap, buy an elixir of brilliance, if it gets you the mejai stacks, it was worth it, late game , this build will generate around 500-600AP (if it lasts that long) and you'l be ignoring 40% of magic resistance and have a magic penetration rating of somewhere around the 80 mark, which in otherwords spells instant hammering,

to summarize, always make the most of your traps, be conservative with risky skill shots, anticipate where the enemy will be / is going, and aim for the 250 zone, if you arent competant or fast enough for the microing of nidalee, you can actually just run around skillshotting and you'l be dealing so much damage, you'l be asking why you ever needed kitty form, any further questions , please let me know, as I stated, this is an advanced guide for the skillshot player, it's fruitfull , you will never die, (literally ever) and you will carry, support and nuke, with little to no effort, it may seem iffy now, but give it a try, and you'l find that nidalee is one hell of a force to be reckoned with