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Nidalee Build Guide by Linua

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Linua

Nidalee How to satisfy your inner cougar

Linua Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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It seems that no one likes to play a cougar like i do. So i wanted you guys to know how i play with my cat. I have mana problems early game but if i don't just spam your spear and your heal you'll be ok.

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+Great farmer whence you get your cougar form
+Almost never dies if careful
+Great chaser
+Can support teammates while dealing decent damage
+Melee AND Range
+Great harraser
+Good zone control

-Rather squishy
-Early game mana hungry
-Lack of CC
-Easy to play hard to master
-No decent aoe damage

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Get in to a lane. You need bushes so mid is not a good option for you. You can either solo top or lane with someone. Keep your bushwacks in bushes and do not facecheck. Get your creeps and harass the enemy when available. Try not to be in a position where you are face to face with some enemy. You are much better far away.

Use your cougar form when there is no enemy or when you can kill them. It is also great for mobility. Other than that i wouldn't recommend it during laning.

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Your job is to poke before the fight. And try to keep this time as long as possible. When the actual fight begins immediately heal your ad carry because it gives huge attack speed and keep poking with spear. Remember to put some bushwack here and there.

You can go kitty and deals some damage too. But do not stay in the middle of the fight. Just do your job and get out. As long as the teamfight continues your spells should be on cd.

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Magic Pen seems the best choice since i like to play her a little more like ap and a little less like a support.

AP per lvl is chosen because i stay at lane a long time and with these my heal with hp5 from masteries keep me sustained.

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Going deep in defense means you loose %3 ms, %5xp, &6CD reduction, %15summoner spell cd reduction and 3mp5 from the utility tree. However, you gain 48hp, 6 armor and magic resist, %2 dodge(just some good luck), %4Ap and %4damage reduction.

I say it's a good trade. The only part i miss is the lost ms there. Yet i get by just fine.

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Doran's ring is a great starting item for her. If you keep out of trouble and poke when available you stay full health almost all the time.

First trip to home means you have enough money to get your sorcerers shoes. I like them because, you know, 20 magic pen.

Rush to Rabaddon now. When you get it your spears will hurt like a mother lover. This is where you shine. Remember not to spam your abilities since you still don't have any mana item.
Tear of goddes and archangels. You can spam now. Just go ahead get in the cougar form and hop like a little kitten.

If the game still continues and you have some spare money get a morello cd reduction and mp5 helps your spam a lot.

From now on just get whatever you want. Maybe a banshee or a guardian angel for defense or keep stacking AP. You can even get a Lich bane for kitty.

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Skill Sequence

I start with bushwack since you can just put them everywhere and it is very cheap. It annoys people and says you will have the bushes. When you go to your lane start putting some to bushes and keep them going. Just watch your mana.

Always get your q when available. This makes them fear you. You don't have to hit them every time. Just keep them on their toes. And if they try to get in the bushes just throw one. And get in the bushes. Kitty loves bushes.

Heal is pretty easy. Keeps you and your lane partner at full health and in team fights heal your ad carry just before the fight since it gives huge attack speed buff.

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Summoner Spells

You are uncatchable.

But try to make them believe they can. When they (i mean the whole team or 3-4) start chasing you pop your ghost and keep running. Remember kitty loves bushes. You can throw a spear now and then.

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Annoying little maid

They can't catch you so try to annoy them. (Video doesn't belong to me but it is just so good)